Belle and Sebastian Rate Moby, Dad Jokes, and Baseball | Over/Under

(upbeat drumming music) – Underrated,
– Overrated. – (laughs) I can see
we’re on the same page, I’m the king of Dad jokes in my house. – Yeah, my Dad only ever had one joke, it was, “I’m homesick,” but Dad, you’re at home, “I know, I’m sick of it.” (laughing) – You could say that on a weekly basis and it would still be a laugh. – I think he probably did, yeah. – Funny and true.
– Yeah. (drumming music) – Scotland’s been overrated on… it was the number one… destination for a while, wasn’t it, in one of these trendy websites and so I would say that was overrated. – I’m gonna say underrated, because I don’t wanna get my
head kicked in when I go home. (drumming music) Oh, overrated, I mean, they’re hideous things, I think, I think they should be outlawed. People should do what they want, you know, so now I feel bad, I feel guilty. Have your sports bar, I won’t come. (drumming music) It’s weird, like
sometimes the biggest acts are kind of weirdly underrated, ’cause people just see
the, you know, the pizazz and the, you know, the videos and the popularity and all
that and it’s kind of sometimes just missed the artistry
a little bit, you know. – That’s popular culture, you know, just some things,
– Yeah. – I mean, you know, we might
only be ever remembered for leaving our drummer in a Walmart, that’s what we might take
to the, and the, you know. – Yeah. – That’s fine. (laughing) (drumming music) Moby? The little guy? – Overrated. – Can you imagine if you’re just in– – If you’re in this, this is the point you bring him in, right? – Yeah, I know, but digitally. The chance, the slim, slim
chance, that he would ever, you know, watch this, he’d
say, “Who are these assholes? “What the fuck?” (drumming music) Well, it’s just kind of
overrated rounders, isn’t it? – You love baseball, what you talking about?
– Yeah. – I think he’s being ironic, he’s obsessed by baseball, the only times I’ve been to baseball games is ’cause Stuart’s taken
me, when we arrive in town, “Let’s go to the baseball.” I loved it, it was great, you know. – If you’re sitting
there and it’s 80 degrees and you know, you’re sitting
with a beer and your friends, the great American experience, they could be dancing ballet out there. – Yeah, it has more of a
everyman quality to it. (drumming music) Oh. – Well, he was a hero to most. – But it didn’t mean shit to me. You know, Chuck D actually pointed out that it was the image of
Elvis, that was overrated. People say all kinds of things, it doesn’t, you know.
– Yeah. – We’re all energy, it’s all
changing, it’s all shifting. – I’ll bow to my colleague’s analysis. (upbeat drumming music)

35 thoughts on “Belle and Sebastian Rate Moby, Dad Jokes, and Baseball | Over/Under

  1. I only got into them a couple months ago, but Tigermilk and especially If you're feeling sinister are incredible albums. The latter one possibly being one of my favorites of all time.

  2. Strikes me funny (yet sad) that so many people today still get off on repeating Chuck D's quote about Elvis from his iconic album nearly 30 years ago. A quote that ended up with Chuck getting a humbling lesson after he sat down with BB King along with James Brown, Little Richard, Bobby Blue Bland, Ike Turner and other Blues, R&B, Soul artist from Elvis's era.
    They all basically schooled Chuck on how he bought into a ridiculous made-up rumor that Elvis was racist and was wrong for selling that to an ignorant America.. as if it was truth.
    He also got reminded by those guys that they all had tremendous respect for Elvis. He gave credit in all his interviews, and even beyond that, praised and defended black artists and black music. BB King mentioned in his autobiography Elvis was the ONLY white artist showing up at black charity events to help support poor black folks trying to raise money for the poor.

    In a segregated America mainstream racist white America, including the KKK, they HATED Elvis for that shit. He was not being afraid to show young white America that black was beautiful.

    BB King and many others stated in interviews over the years Elvis had guts and was brave to be doing what he was doing. No other white icon was taking all the hate and harsh criticism that Elvis took.

    Little Richard called Elvis his "kind & wonderful friend", and also called him an "Integrator" and credited Elvis multiple times over the years as being the one that broke down the doors and barriers for all other artists to follow him through.

    Chuck has acknowledged talking to these guys many years ago and he has since come away with great respect for Elvis.

    Most white people today won't do a damn thing and their entire lives remotely close to as individualistic or impactful as Elvis did.

    I think 30 years later one of the big takeaways for people (that have researched this subject) is that we should not get our history lessons from music artists and there lyrics.

    And I think it's time the pretentious snooty white folks like these two in video quit disingenuously quoting Chuck D and saying something that BB King and James Brown would have put them on their ass for saying.

    That white boy took a hell of a lot of s**t from racist white people. And by all accounts, especially the many black folks that knew him over the years, he was one hell of a good man.

    Clowns on this thread saying they loved it when these 2 made the Chuck D reference…


    Here's a thought – Let's not be so WOKE that we actually appear half asleep or stupid.

  3. aye Scots and humour……most folk miss it….go listen to them , end of , underrated toooooo fcuck

  4. Brilliant songs writers, lyricists and musicians, those two. They sing about what they know – simple as that

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