Ben Spotts on Baseball Opening Day

new baseball head coach Ben spotts with
your first season in charge of Bridgewater starting this weekend so
talk a little bit first about how the you know first set of spring
practices is going oh it’s going well I mean we had a good
fall season but you only get four weeks in the fall so now that we’re back at it
everyday in the spring time it’s been good the guys worked hard to put to
working in the offseason in the weight room and did what they needed to do to
prepare themselves it’s a quick turnaround as far as you know pretty
much we’re going to open up on the back end of our third week of practice but
it’s been a good preseason and probably because weather’s been so good we’ve
been outside a lot and we’ve been pretty fortunate that this time of year you
never know what you’re going to get but I think that’s allowed us to here’s
we’re going to open and we can feel pretty good we’re at and it’s time now
just to kind of play and see where we’re at what we need to continue to work on looking at the roster a little bit I guess starting with the
lineup you actually have a lot of experience they’re returning five of the
top 26 you know in the conference of batting average last year so talk a
little bit about your lineup while well I do think that’s a strength for us as you
look at the program and what we’re leaning upon and I think for us we’re
better offensively and defensively and we have some guys that have a lot of experience and they’ve helped to set a tone for us in our preseason and
be kind of you know confidence and strength of our team so when you look
and you’ve got a young guy Jared Biesecker got a really good freshman
year but he had a lot of experience he learned in year one and as a sophomore
now he’s a guy we’re gonna look upon to be a table setter for us but then you
start adding into guys like you know Jake Talley luke paszewski JT creed
matt Laprade kevin Navedo Jakob grabel well I mean we just we have a run of
guys that have a good experience Phillip herber behind the plate so when there’s a
there’s a we’re very fortunate to have that in this transition year to have
everyday players that have been there before they’ve played at a high level they
understand the expectations and the ODAC and
you have to do to compete and that’s certainly good something we’re going to
lean heavily on and there’s some depth there as well what about some of the
young players and transfers coming well we do we’ve got some guys you know I
know we had Tanner Montgomery to transfer that’s behind the plate there
that can catch as well with Philip Herbert we’ve got some young guys behind
the plate too that I think of continue to develop but guys we can count on as
needed and then also yeah we got some good good group of young guys that come
in they’re athletic guys I think they can need to be work themselves in their
roles as opportunity presents themselves or it can be guys that though
you know we get some time this year but really we’re going to look forward to in
the future as we graduate some experienced guys will look forward in
the future there as well you know I know outfield-wise
what we’ve got some versatility because we do have several guys that pitch and
play positions so because of that you never know what you’re going to do on
the mound that day but we do have some guys you know Brett lysohir as a senior
you know brett tharp is a guy whose a sophomore played some in the outfield he’s an athletic guy we got some guys we can move around as need be and I’m really
that’s kind of you know that’s a fortunate
that’s a fortunate thing to have right now and when it comes to pitching maybe
an area the team’s been looking for a little more consistency the last couple
years who are some of the key people to watch in the rotation on the weekends
especially well I know that it’s one of the things that we really made a focus
coming in here and I think I do believe that the abilities here – guys who
compete managed games you know the biggest challenge has always been you
know is being consistent and throwing strikes and being consistent and
trusting your stuff and trusting your defense or some of the things we try to
emphasize you know we’ve had four good preseasons here but some guys that have
of course tucker garrison’s a guy that’s been around for a while and as a
guy that you know we’re going to lean upon to give us innings as a starter
right now I got hunter moore sophomore he’s got a good arm and
got some experience last year warring garber a transfer in for our program
that it’s going to pitch for us can also play the infield and swing the bat so
those are guys we got some guys you know it’s and young guys and whether they’re
freshmen or sophomores that you know we’re going to lean upon
and really try to learn early on who can do what for us and how that works out
but not pleased with the arms we have the work they’ve put in and now as I
tell them would you know we just need to see who can be consistent when the
lights come on you open up with three games this weekend you play a couple
teams Methodist and desales especially always at the top of their conferences
you know what are we looking at for the schedule this year maybe some of the
goals for the season as you get into conference well I think you I think
I have 13 or so games before we get into conference with Virginia wesleyan here on
the back of our spring trip so really our goal is to find some rhythm in these
next 13 games get some answers made it out for us whether it’s on the mound
whether it’s bullpen whether it’s you know the DH spot or a pinch-hitter here
or you know what we need to do defensively move some guys around think
it kind of comes in to figuring that out these next 13 games we you know we’ll
get challenged this weekend going down and playing desales which is which is
a good program and I played it before but they played a high level and played
a good league and arcadia once again is another program it’s that success and
those teams will be ready to play even though theyre northern teams they’ll be
ready to play when they come to attend this weekend and methodist has been a
staple for years and been really successful and you know they’re two and
one right now and got an early start so you know as you look at those things you
look at some of our non-conference games as we get you know moving through our
spring trip and so forth there’s it’s a good schedule prepares for the ODAC
and the ODAC is a really good baseball conference I mean I’ve been here a long
time in this league and you know it’s going from top heavy one or two three
teams from here to here to now it’s you know the 11th team beat the top team and
it’s great parity and there’s expectations to compete not only you
know year in and year out in your league but also at a national level and we’ve had
teams have done that and are in our conference that I think it’s raised the
bar so our league’s really good and we’re got to prepare to go when that time
comes so you know the next couple weeks we’ll try to get ready for that and see
where we’re at

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