Benny the Bat Profile 🦇 | T.O.T.S.| Disney Junior

It’s baby time.Want to meet another
super cute baby animal?
– Yes, please.
His name is Benny the Bat.He sounds so cute!Let’s get some facts straight
right off the bat.
– ( chuckles )
Did you know that bats lovebeing in the dark?
– Freddy, wait. Don’t open–
( shrieking )They also love to fly,and they are able to see
in the dark
by making noises and waiting
for the sounds to bounce back.
– ( shrieking )
That way they don’t crash.Aah!
What’s that in front of me? Whoa, we’re gonna… – Patooie!
– Benny, you okay? Uh-huh.
( chuckles )Open up the official
baby booklet
for the delivery stamp,
Benny the Bat.
Watch “T.O.T.S.”
on Disney Junior.
Say cheese.

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