Beowulf – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Word up, playas. This week on Thug
Notes we kickin it in to beast mode with Beowulf by… So. S’all good up in The Land of
the Danes where righteous King Hrothgar dun built a mead-hall for his army so they can
get white-boy wasted on the reg. Them playas ragin so hard that they disturb a stank beast
named Grendel, who start rollin up to the mead-hall erry night to lay a whoop on them
Danes. Grendel beefin wit them boys for
years til one day Beowulf, the baddest muthafu**a in the whole world, rolls up to the king and
say that not only is he gonna waste Grendel, but he gonna show out and do it unarmed. Hrothgar gets all geeked up about
Beowulf’s arrival and go balls-out to celebrate. When Grendel finally busts in and starts scrappin
with Beowulf, that scrub aint no match fo Wolfy, who straight rips his arm off. Then
Grendel cowers back to his spot, where he bleeds out like a little ol bitch. Hrothgar gives big ups to Beowulf
for icing Grendel, but the party gotta stop short when Grendel’s mama gets all crunk
bout her son’s death and start jackin sh** up in the mead-hall. So Wolfy and his boys strap up and
head to her underwater crib where Beowulf straight mercs this beezy. Now that the Danes be rid of all
they monsters, Beowulf rolls back home to Geatland where he shares his bling with the
King Hygelac and Queen Hygd. Later, Hygelac and his son get
shanked in a war, so Beowulf inherits the throne. After years of rockin the crown like
a boss, old man Beowulf hear some bad news: his pad got smoked by a dragon. See, some
wank-ass fool boosted a Goblet from the phat stash of that dragon, and when he realizes
someone been gankin his ice, he start goin HAM all up Geatland. Even though he an old geezer now,
Beowulf gathers his posse and steps up to buck dat dragon. Wit the help of his boy Wiglaf,
Beowulf gats dat scaley scrub, but not before gettin bitten by his poisonous fangs. In the end, Beowulf goes belly up
from da poison. So mah boys build a decked out funeral pyre and send him off with a bunch
of the shiniest bling in the land. So even though the Geats lost a
badass King, he dun left them with a swoel fortune. And in a culture of tit for tat,
the king is swingin a big dick when he’s bank rollin his peeps. Cuz if your pants ain’t
bulging with benjamins, your people ain’t gonna show you no love. Like that hater King Heremod, it
don’t matter how much power God givin you, if you don’t cough up the cash, you only
gonna bring ruin to your people. Let this marinate, son. When it
comes to layin the anglo-saxon poetry game, you can bet that the da character names be
loaded with meaning. So let me tell it like it is:
Homies always debatin bout the meaning of Beowulf’s name, but the tightest translation
is man-wolf- reppin my boy’s human and beastly qualities. Cuz sometimes Beowulf actin chill,
but other times he comin out so hard that he just as monstorous all those beasties he
beefin wit. Like dat uber-mayne Nietzche sayin
in Beyond Good and Evil- But Beowulf’s beef with those
monsters don’t just stop at all dat slangin and bangin. The realest danger is in becoming
a gnarly beast just like them. Cuz on the real, Wulfy’s rampagin is just his outta
control pride attempting to solve the violence of the world with mo’ violence. Even when Wulfy steps up to
Grendel, his head get way too big when he gotta show out and wreck Grendel without his
chrome. Although Hrothgar tells him not to give in to pride, Beowulf don’t listen. Cuz it’s dat pride that keeps
Beowulf from gathering an posse to bust a cap in dat dragon. And its exactly this that leads him to the
greatest monster of all, one that’s so bad, no baller can touch it no
matter how righteous he thuggin- death. Yo thanks for watching Thug Notes.
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100 thoughts on “Beowulf – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

  1. my literature teacher told us that there wasn't any female caharacters but grendel's ma in beowulf and she is a devil my nigas…

  2. I wish this guy was my English Literature teacher in college… I don't remember reading about Beowulf being this enjoyable

  3. do volsunga saga! super old adventure book that inspired many other famous books like lord of the rings, sleeping beauty, and many famous themes found in popular culture. It reads like the a cross generational family adventure. many stories have been proven to be semi-accurate through old cave paintings found across Europe that back up parts of the story. it's old but exciting read.

  4. I alway always thought that with Beowolf in Devil May Cry 3 it could have been the Beowolf, but after fighting monsters/demons for so long, he became a demon himself what with the whole "when fighting monsters be careful not to become one yourself" thing

  5. This man's no different than my sister, though we ain't color folk, or speaking a language that really sounds ridiculous when said. Lol.

  6. I loved this story back in high school!!! I remember by whole class and I had to write an essay about it and we had so much fun.

  7. What about the dragon being Beowulf's spawn? Being seduced by the mother of grendle just like the previous king was. Or is this told by someone else?

  8. This is stupid and it perpetuates black stereotypes. This man should be ashamed of himself. Anything for a dollar right? Those blacks will never rise up with that attitude.

  9. So the 2007 movie changed a lot of the story then.. I still think it was better than the book, as it was more poetic.

  10. I just realized that Beowulf is poorly written. There's no logical narrative progression, it's just "and then this happened"

  11. Wait wait wait let's back way the f*** up you mean he killed somebody's mama that's not cool I don't care how ugly the b** is

  12. I love Thug notes, but I was under the impression that Beowulf translates to "bear" as it fuses bee with wolf. Bears like honey. Maybe I'm mistaken, anybody know for sure?

  13. Also this story can show that comfort and domesticated lifestyle can be more deadly than any monster or battle.

  14. He had the strength of thirty men in each hand. Says it right there in the text. Then, after 50 long years of sitting on his ass, he is called to slay a fracking DRAGON.  Poor bloke just can't catch a break.

  15. Anglo-Saxon!? Hell nah blood! That s**t straight Norse. Even though the anglo-saxons knew the tale and were even former norsemen, the tale itself takes place in the Northlands and the norsemen who remained remember it as well.

  16. "when it comes to laying that anglo-saxon poetry game" is the most beautiful start to a sentence i could ever imagine.

  17. Lemme tell ya, that shit is damn hard to read in Old English. Not Shakespeare style English (that’s Middle English), Old English. It’s damn hard to understand!

  18. As a medievalist I started laughing so hard at his confusion about the author…”Beowulf…by…uhhhh…” Welcome to the Middle Ages my friends!

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