9 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Stumps For Democrats In Colorado

  1. The democratic party is in sad shape when the guy they stole the nomination from in 2016 is out there trying to gain support. The past 2 years the Democrats have been insane and disgusting.

  2. What a complete dumbass. I am a registered democrat but this shit right here is why Republicans win elections. Republicans show up and vote in elections no matter who is running. Democrats see their candidate not support ONE SINGLE MEASURE they are in favor of, and decide not to vote in their own interests. How can he not see that Pollis is more anti fracking than Stapleton? How can he not see that if he does not vote for Pollis, Stapleton will win and Colorado will be fracked like no tomorrow? Maybe if he actually did a little research he would have found out that Pollis would sign the measure into law if he were governor and 112 passes, where Stapleton would veto it. He is a complete and utter dumbass. It scares me that he is voting. I would even go so far as to blame Republican election results on him and those type of people.IF YOU ARE IN FAVOR OF 112, IF YOU DON'T LIKE DONALD TRUMP, IF YOU ARE IN FAVOR OF ANY PROGRESSIVE IDEALS GET OUT AND VOTE DEMOCRAT DOWN THE BALLOT.

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