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– Okay gentlemen, so today we are doing a video about hats. More specifically, caps. It’s a nice short one today and it’s gonna be the difference between, and the evolution of the
urban street style hat. These snap backs were massively in. One just appeared and
probably hit my microphone. Da-ding. Okay, so there we go. This is what I’m talking about. These bad boys, with their
big shiny sticker, were super cool, and urban, and trendy, a few years ago. And a few years before that,
they were exclusively gangster, but as is so often the case with urban hip-hop street styles, they get totally taken over by people who really don’t know what
the hell they’re doing and make them look absolutely lame. So now the era of the flat rimmed, new era, snap back is kind of over. So, for all you guys here, I regret to say these big boys are over, they’re gone. Dead. Get out of here. So, now I hope another hat’s mysteriously gonna end up in my hand. Ding. Wow, look at, ooh, I like this. Where did that come from? That just popped out of nowhere. Okay, so these are the kind of hats you want to be wearing now. What are they? Old school hats.
(bell dings) This one here has got this little vintage touch on it, and we’ve got, and you’ve seen me wear
these in other videos, the little tag hanging out the back here. Don’t tuck it in. Gives it a bit more of that swagalicious feeling to
have it out a little bit. And this bad boy was
actually from Primark. So the other great thing
about these caps is they’re not expensive. They’re simple, and
they’ve totally gone away from that overdone really
fitted vibe of the new era. I know there are a lot of
new era cap fans out there who are probably gonna be hating on me. Hate all you like, mate. You’re still watching the
video, aren’t ya? You mug. Anyway, so, have a look at this one. That’s the style we’re going for. This one’s from Primark,
and I f-ing love it. I shouldn’t swear. Love the color, love the beige and also, they also look wicked backwards. There’s the style you want to go for. It’s got no gangster
connotations whatever. It’s a lot more simple,
and I actually like these worn-in bits and
this color, especially… And also, the tag out. It looks wicked backwards as well. I personally rock these the whole time, and they’re cheap, and they’re easy. I’ve had enough of this
hat. Get out of here. Oh. Here’s another one.
It’s just turned up. We’ve got another one of these
old school/new school hats, bringing the old school back
and making it the new school, and this one, we’re gonna show you why we like this one so much. It’s got this little skull and crossbones
(goose honking) on the front. I’m thinking it’s awesome. Something very small like that. I don’t want massive branding on it. It’s not like the old
new era hat I showed you with a team on it or anything. It’s much more low-key. If you do want some detail, then get one with something like this. I also own one which
has a panda face on it. My friend has one which
has a pineapple on it. My other friend has one which
has a lightning tick on it. Always smallm and not central to the hat. Definitely not printed all over the place. No writing on the back.
They’re low-key hats. Again, it’s gonna look awesome backwards. Love it. And again, I like
to leave the tag hanging out. We’re gonna flash up a
particular favorite of ours by a London brand, gotta shout ’em out, called Trapstar, so I flashed it up now,
who are doing this hat, which is super cool right now. Real big out here, with the
Trapstar T on the front. So if you really want to
emphasize that urban hip-hop vibe, then check out these guys.
That’s Trapstar, this hat, we’re rocking it big time. All right gen, so, enough
with this hat as well. Get out of here. That was old school hats for the new school era, if that makes sense. I’ve got to stop chatting about schools. I’m far too old for that shit. Anyway, gentlemen, that was
our hats video for today. Be sure to subscribe,
like, and leave a comment. Check out the website Make Me That Guy. I’ll always be fun. I’ll
be chucking hats everywhere wildly now, going crazy. It’s like a club up in
here, except in the club, there’s only me and my two mates. Strange club. Don’t go to this club ’cause I act usually, well, I’ll do something… Anyway, it’s been fun gentlemen. Like, subscribe, leave a
comment, and we’ll see you soon.

20 thoughts on “Best Baseball Caps For Men | How To Wear A Baseball Cap Properly | Men’s Baseball Hats Advice

  1. Never ever wore one of those new era caps. Always thought they were awful, I pretty much have been wearing the same style of baseball caps since the early 90s

  2. When I wear baseball caps the sides of the hat stick out away from my head, I guess where it’s folded? Idk never looks right

  3. Love wearing the old style caps, but as someone who has a long head they never look quite right on me.

  4. I love the Baseball flexfit and fitted style it's timeless, also love the59Fifty and love 47'style of caps I'm not really into worn look fashion caps and when you get cheaper stores selling them which is happening now then they really are not fashionable any more. Each to their own though.

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