Best Birthday Ever! – Paragliding Adventure at Bukit Jugra – Malaysia – Chubby Cheeks Adventures

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Chubby
Cheeks Adventures. This video was taken awhile back, and it was a surprise paragliding birthday experience for Didie. I hope you all enjoy it, and let us know what you think. Cheers! Are we going now? Alright! Paragliding Bukit Jugra! Woohoo! Happy Birthday to me! Haha.. This is so exciting! Wooo! Bukit Jugra! [Giggles] Thank you! Wow! [Wind noise] [Best birthday ever] [Upbeat music playing] Wow!! Oh my God. Tingginya (It’s so high). Wooo! Wow! You will love it! Woohoo! Are you okay? I’m so happy. I’m so thankful for the experience. This is so exciting. [Loud wind noise] [Giggles] Woohoo! I’m so close to the birds. Oh my God, I’m so close to the birds. So exciting! This is a good start to my birthday. 36 years old. Yeah! [Music Plays] Look at my view. [Loud Wind Noise] Parachute should take from the bottom right? Wow look at that! Whoa. [Loud wind noise] I think that’s Putrajaya. Wooo! Happy Birthday to you! Yay! Happy birthday to me. Oh, look at Icen. 700 feet. Dangling. Oh, we’re higher than you. Try to catch up. We are above Icen now. With Fahrul (the instructor). Wooohooo! Yeahh! This is fun! You guys should try it. It’s really good. I’ll give you their phone number. At first you get like really nervous when they strap you on. And then you like ohhh what am i doing… Wow! Do you see that? Ahh wow! I’m so much higher than the trees. We’re like at the other side of the hill. Rumah Api (Lighthouse) Bukit Jugra right there. Which is far away, you can’t even see it anymore. [Inaudible] Can you see them?? Wooohooo! Icen (Teddy) You can see the Rumah Api (Lighthouse) we were at (when we took off). I don’t know if you can hear me because of the wind, but yeah, that’s how high up we are now. Best Birthday Ever!! Thank you!! Woohoo! Yeah! Look at the bird saying hello. Hi birdie! That is actually an eagle! It’s really cool how high we are. This is more fun than, say, co-piloting a Cessna together, once. I have been on a helicopter as well, once. – What about sky diving? Ah, not yet. Maybe the next one. When you are inside, it’s a little bit different, you are not exposed. You don’t have the wind in your face. You don’t know what you wanna do on your birthday? You should call these people up. It’s really exciting. What river is this? Sungai Langat and Selat Melaka. Where all the ships are. We can see as far, I don’t know, Cyberjaya? Oh look at them. Woo! They’re higher than us now.
Can you believe it? I hope she’s having fun. She’s got a terrible fear of heights. To be honest, I think she’s coping really well. So I am really proud of her. Carey Island, oh wow! And that’s the sea. Selat Melaka guys. Happy birthday! This is so fun. Just wish I can take out my iPhone. Hey, orange team! Woohoo! Oohh yeahhh! Wow. That is so cool! [Inaudible] Dont look down. Just look up It’s not the usual view you see every day. It’s nice to go to the country side. You get to really see a unique scenery. You can see green trees, the sea, schools and kampung (village). And this guy knows what he’s doing. Faizal right? Give me your phone number. You still eligible or not? You see, my friends, he’s still bujang (single), you can call him, I can give you his phone number. Hello people downstairs (making a joke). [Faizal explains the community surrounding the area] There’s a kampung (village) there. Kampung Nelayan (Fishermen Village), a seafood place! We’re landing, I’m actually more nervous about the landing to be honest because we’re so near the ground. When I was higher up, I am not so nervous. Oh look at the cows. I saw the cows earlier. So cute. On our way here we saw the cows earlier and they are really cute. What’s good is it’s not far from Damansara (my home). Was I supposed to run? Sorry. I’m okay. I wasn’t sure how to land. Oh hello. Thank you. Icen say hello. Okay bye bye, thank you Faizal.

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