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  1. Use 'Street Cricket Scorer' android mobile app, for recording your own matches. Don't waste time on papers. Its very hectic.
    This app has simple GUI for keeping records for each and every player. This app saves career for each player. It has so many features like Statistics, points table and many more.

    use link below to install :

  2. Interesting. nice interface, a bit rudimentary. I didn't understand why the list only included 5 ways of being dismissed when there are really 10. Nor did I see how it handled things like a side declaring, or a batsman retiring hurt (and possibly resuming his innings later), or a bowler being taken off mid-over. More concerning is the handling of wides and no-balls, unless you are playing a very unusual version of cricket, if runs are taken off a wide or no-ball the penalty for the wide or no-ball does not count. So you were saying 2 runs taken PLUS 1 wide which is wrong, 2 runs taken from a wide only score 2 not 3 as the program added. Also, when runs are scored off a no-ball there seems to be no way to enter if those runs are to be added to the striker's score. If the striker hits a no ball and runs then they are added to his score, if they just run without hitting the ball then the runs are entered as extras.

  3. Salams Mr. Aman. we are using BCS to score our match. Also we are using Team app to manage our team and all our team members use it. Is there way i can link BCS to Team app to give live score update

  4. NO PC VERSION>>>>????? in the mentioned link it shows a google app, no matter if it askes to buy it for 7 SAR but I need the PC Version.

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