Best Cricket Stump Mic Compilation Ever (With Subtitles)

Dhoni : If the ball turns, Pujara is standing here for that. Dhoni : He’s not standing here just to clap. Dhoni : Bowl a slower one. Let them hit you for a six Ganguly : No No I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about myself. Ganguly : You take rest. I don’t have a problem with that. Youhana : I’m not taking rest. Ganguly : Even if you’re resting, take all the time you want. But I don’t want to get fined. Ganguly : Yeah. That’s what I said to him. Ganguly : I’m not saying that you’re wasting time intentionally. Ganguly : I just asked him (umpire) to note the time. Ganguly : Because I’ll be the one to take the hit again. Dhoni : Let them hit straight. Dhoni : Rayudu, Wake up. Dhoni : Look at how his foot movement. Anticipate based on that. Dhoni : He’s standing on the crease like he’s playing volleyball. Dhoni : Great! Great! Dhoni : Shami.. come a little behind.

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  2. 4:38
    Can Anyone Explain What was That?

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  5. Explaining a lil extra when he has to explain 🀣
    Challenging as simply as asking to bowl slow and give a six 🀣
    It's so common in a fellow from Ranchi

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