BEST Fornite season 10 Hide and Seek Map EVER MADE

I’m here with all my wonderful
supporters and we also have mod Irish and claptrap going crazy on my back over
here we’re gonna be doing hide and seek in this giant modern mansion so let it
begin go go go even off we’re gonna grab our weapons we’re gonna see how fast we
can kill them a secret wings on that team right so we’re gonna wait one
minute here shut up claptrap my right under the rift
right come down here dude we’re gonna start we’re gonna if I’d love to the max
we’re go for a night to go where so we’re gonna rip and we’re gonna come
find you okay last player alive is a winner it might also be useful this is a
little bit of a tip to remember exactly where your teammates might be because if
I give you a chance to grass them in you might feel the grass a little kiss you
want to work with me on this one dude you want to follow me around
don’t kill him if you see him wow you’re not matter kill him Irish where many
kill them together do that I didn’t get to see where he was hiding where is he
hiding Oh what if we find players you have to
you have to call them out so we have to give him a chance it’s right that’s why
I’m like I’m over by the helicopter I’m looking at this nice little fireplace
one quick question is there anyone hiding in a house that’s all I need to
know begin with Oh No everyone outside okay I don’t wanna waste 20 minutes
looking inside the house okay so there’s no one hides in there that’s fine okay
we have to look all over outside the Irish everywhere everyone’s outside what
is clearly blind right Oh what is this I mean it’s not just bushes you know
they hide anyway oh yeah Oh Geoffrey how you doing right look at Jeff you have a
chance here would you like to grass on the teammate
alright would you like to do you want to tell us a location right okay one quick
question was there anyone near to you that’s right okay who’s this who’s
Claire you wanna grass on someone rod you want
to died you want to join us a day all right join they right
yeah show us where they are take this to one take this to only one a little you
know not a ton of all of us sorry one of them take us oh no there’s someone
actually behind you all right would you like to would you like to help us snitches get stitches right we’re
looking for the last players last player is the winner
I’m presuming there’s only one player alive exchange because the two players
alive okay oh dude oh my god dude there is a little pocket area look at this
come out who’s this Oh sacré how come I grow okay I grow listen to this I grow
you you ever you have a chance all right if you worry you pick it up he’s gonna
do it girl no way he’s doing it he’s gonna take us to the other Alex he’s
gonna he’s gonna literally do him no way don’t kill him don’t kill him don’t kill
him we’re gonna do a bit of a seven six all right the first person to fail it’s
gonna die all right Crouch ladies chunk is the winner of the
unlucky a grody this is the the second round I’m gonna be hiding this round we
have the two players who wouldn’t from the last run we got both Alex’s aggro
and where these chunk they’re gonna be trying to seek for us we’re gonna try
and find the best night in sports possible there isn’t going to be really
difficult actually now that you guys have watched us I kind of
behind I don’t know bro you know last Romana if u stream snipe it’s too
obvious you can t hide any egg dude one side is Lauren be found please show us
where seven is seven oh seven there’s no end of the world
wait wait wait wait guys follow me I’ll crush it I’ll grass in Declan right all
I’m saying is decals somewhere on this area let’s say I’m dead I’m a gun at you
guys God beginning and switch to Declan decals the last player alive Declan got found don’t kill him yeah
yeah is he gonna grass is Declan gonna grass or as you’re just gonna oh oh you
take the grass in right you guys decide who’s gonna win it
it was gonna win it he’s used to use pins dance-off yeah do a dance-off guys
is the best dance-off winner is the winner of the Heidsieck round dance-off
dude’s got a handstand I’m always doing it – ha you ready who’s oh yeah we did
it I did it who won was it deck to chose dekins
winner like a bad play my next excellent new deck hey I have a coming for you in
seven six five four three one we’re coming to kill ya gonna check the bush
back here real quick we’re outside no one’s back here okay yeah oh yeah I
reckon there’ll be people in the house no one in there yeah it has to be
someone in the house like I bet there’s at least one for the house was he hiding that’s actually a pretty good spot
alright okay tonight here Irish right any last words we don’t need your guidance there’s two people to get over win
otherwise you die Thank You boys this is down okay I want I want used to
a car care come on one do this is painful watch yeah come on right last
last one out dies well I can’t use get out last want to get out dies the one
come on I mean you’re both gonna die let’s just painful or watch I mean I’m
in the garage oh I found Lauren I found Lauren come on me girl okay
all right Lauren would you like to snitch on someone you have to nod at me
if you want to snitch yes oh she does she’d she nodded she waved
yeah snitching she only gets nervous people she just let us outside for no
reason did you just do that for no reason she
just wanted to die outside she’s probably given another background
oh wow all right GG just what is this you’re out of luck
okay next round starts yes when the last one so we’ve got another hide-and-seek
of the ghoul I have no idea where I’m gonna hide but
I feel like it one’s probably gonna do there’s so many places we can hide in
this is actually incredibly high but you gots to dance mom is that you you
blend in pretty well though to be fair that’s not too bad you know could be
worse Irish no matter how hard you hit your
keyboard you and he’s trying to get his keyboard to get out we stuck like it’s
not gonna work Liam I can’t get out anyway I’m stuck
I’m stuck right just kill him guys he’s failed to grasp
yeah yeah I mean am I the winner cuz I clearly won this round I was I was a
clearly won this one

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