Best Game Ever: Little League Baseball Game Surprised with Mob

What we’re gonna do today is, we’ve picked a random little-league game that is taking place here in Hermosa Beach, California. And we’re going to turn this little league game, played by 10 year olds, into a major league baseball game. So we know all the players’ names, we know all their nicknames, know the batting order. The players are not in on it, they have no idea that anything unusual is happening today. So it’s a fun day, and let’s make this their best game ever! Lugnuts! Mud cats! “TNT” is known as spicey mix Trevor is dynamite baby, Trevor is dynamite! And we welcome everybody up her to the boot. Jim Grey along with Charly Todd. A beautifull day for baseball here… [What’s going on?] …We’re first comming to you live from the ? of jumbo trunk. Our big day, the lovenuts at three to two lead. Well Jim we have our field repporter Eric Apel down on the field. He is going to give us a taste of what is going down there at ground level, Eric. Hey how are you doing, we’re gonna come over here and talk to some fans. I can barely hear because people are going crazy. Hey how are you guys doing? We’re doing fantastic You guys know you’re not waring shirts right? No, we got the mudcats, you know. The mudcat spirit keeps us warm! Well, it looks like the mutcat’s spirit is keeping this guys warm. Allright, thank you very much for that report Eric. And we’ve got a player on the field here. Oh, that’s number fourteen, holding a knee. I may just be a cramp. Ok? The croud is giving a round of aplause. Maybe it’s one of those cramps Jim. It might be little bit of an acting job there by Jake Phaeder to get a close up on the jumbo screen. That’s never happened in any of the sports I’ve ever covered. Comming in from out of the fog… [f****] Well Jim, you know it’s a big game when they let the good year appear. The good year ? which travels hundreds of miles a year. Look it’s the goodyear ? Around the country The goodyear ? has a special message for these fans! It says: ” Go mudcats, go lugnuts” It says lugnuts! Welcome to the big leags The mudcats, they’ve got their work cut out for them, because they allmost need everything to go right to pick up these final runs Charlie. Absolutely, the mudcats fans better put their rally camps back on, because what we need today is a rally It was a good experience all the mascottes and the jumbo screen I wanna play baseball when I grow up, so I have to get used to that kind of stuff Can I get your autograph? That was really cool everything that happened I really felt like I was in the big leagues, so The game was pretty awesome, because most kids don’t get a chance like this they don’t get to be on the jumbo screen Allright everybody, we’ve got the game ball, we’ve got the game ball Wa are we going to do now? I mean the rest of the season is going to be boring compared to this. Well Jim, I beleive for both of these teams, the lugnuts and the mudcats, this will go down as their best game ever. So for Charlie Todd and Erick Apel of improv everywhere, I’m Jim Grey for NBC sports Thank you very much for joining us.

100 thoughts on “Best Game Ever: Little League Baseball Game Surprised with Mob

  1. this was 7 yrs ago,, and they're 17 yrs old, I wonder if those used-to-be-10 yrs old are still playing baseball 👍😋

  2. seeing that 'goodyear blimp' i got a nostalgia of cars the movie xD….. "speed…I am speed…" :')

  3. Every time I watch one of your productions, I laugh and cry and think how wonderful Improv Everywhere makes the world a better place to live in even if it's just moments at a time. EXCELLENT productions!!!

  4. I wonder how on earth you managed to get all of this together? Like, did you just rent the Goodyear blimp? How does that even work?

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  6. I love this channel so much and I just started watching these, Most prank channels are about controversial topics and are really not that fun to watch, but this channel is so funny and positive! I love it!!!!!

  7. It's really kind of you guys to grant the wish of these kids and help some to really shoot for a career in baseball.

  8. I look at the number of dislikes and I get a mini heart attack, also because the blimp comes in, I'm like how tf did they afford that

  9. Thanks for watching! Check out the time we turned a mini golf course into a pro tournament:

  10. Im new to this channel. Ive only been watching for the past 3 days. I was glued to the seat in my public library watching their videos yesterday for 7hrs.
    I freakin LOVE Improv Everywhere! The amount of joy they bring people is intoxicating. My cheeks literally ache from smiling so much!!!

  11. One of those kids will one day be a MLB player and everyone who he signed something for will say that they were the first to get his signature

  12. Bro, that's fake news. The goodyear blimp was all separate stock footage with the mudcats shopped in. Notice how none of the kids interviewed after mentioned the blimp? Only the jumbotron.

  13. Great job, it would have been even better if you had enough people to fill the stands and then sone.

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