Best Radar Gun for Baseball – Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review

So I got the Pocket Radar Ball Coach in the
mail today. So let’s check it out and see what we go. A little packing slip. This is
the – looks like the holder, the mount for the tripod or for whatever you’re attaching
it to and here is the tripod, the mini tripod. Well, that’s cool. Nice. So you can set that up on the ground and hook
this right to it or set it on the table or wherever you want to set it. Just screw it
right in nice and easy. Very nice. Boom. Now we got the Pocket Radar Ball Coach. Cool
packaging. Get this other stuff out of the way. Ninety-three. It looks like the guide, return
info, limited warranty, quick start guide. Skip that for now. Batteries, string to attach
to it. Batteries and – let’s see if there’s anything in here. I don’t think so. Nope.
And the Pocket Radar Ball Coach. It has got a nice little case it comes in
with a clip, so you can carry it on your waistband or your belt. Very nice. Very nice. Let’s throw the batteries in and check this
thing out. So I just put the batteries in and took the
radar sticker off and see if we can turn this guy on here. That was easy enough. Let’s
see. Well, it’s radar-ing. Now I just need a pitcher or hitter. I assume this string goes through right here.
I’m guessing, carrying string. And then loop it right through. I assume that’s how
that works. Very good. Easy enough. So for the tripod and the mount, all you’re
going to do is pull this little tab up and it raises up. Make sure your radar part is
sticking out and that your tripod is set up good and then it will squeeze back together
and hold it in one place. So there you go. Super easy to set up! Ready to start taking
pitches. Does that still say continuous? Alright, you ready? Two more. Click it. So I’m in love with the Pocket Radar Ball
Coach. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and as you can see, it was very accurate
within a mile or two, mile per hour on the pitches. Super easy to carry with you, very convenient,
a lot better than lugging around one of those big radar guns and super cost-effective compared
to one of the big radar guns like JUGS or Stalker. So you can’t really beat this.
Man, I love it. The Ball Coach Pocket Radar. This is going to be in my pocket everywhere
I go because I like to check the ball exit speed on my batters every once in a while
just to see where they’re at and see where their exit speed is progressing to as well
as this is great for the pitchers. The other thing I like is that I can break
this out and they won’t even notice it because sometimes when I break the radar gun out,
they start going crazy trying to hit some numbers. So all around, I love this thing.
So go get one. You can get on or find a link on to
where you can get one of these Pocket Radar Ball Coaches.

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