Best Revenge In Cricket || CPL Best Revenge || Kesrick Williams VS Chadrick Walton

now the slot screws around the outside
of the bat strike the point and the captures taken
finally the wicket comes it’s a subdued celebration
but the wicket Falls he’s done and they’re eager as he hit the night look
out look at this me chattering whoa
everything the touches of the market turns to God we didn’t talk about
exceptionally well but he gonna in the gavel and I think he might have been
giving kids a good bit of steam to the boundary yeah do those of this
one for those that are aware when Kendricks
paint a quickest ease by putting numbers in the night box near checkers giving
him a bit bad noxee by the bundle frickin shock
ticks it off again it’s
put the puppy her he’s running out of pages the outside edge
and boundary I love that twist on friendship
well this toy will strike down the grandstand
deliver my petals believe this hi looks like they shot bid 20 from the
iron arnold balls blue wrong he wants to get on the asymptotes hits the battery
rock huge I’m 26 Robin and kidding he cannot believe it
one guys banged an isolated second he wants the line century get the poetry it’s again going going going gone hero maximum
number six now take the nose of it again they run out of room on the front of the
bat he’s flipped

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