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Hello everyone, I’m Nellie. Today we’re going to respond to a question
from Dave in Sugar Land Texas. First, we’d like to welcome you back to
the Aldine Tree Service Houston Stump Grinding Channel. We’re almost ready to start today’s: “Ask
Delfino Tree Question segment.” Prior to starting, Delfino would you like
to say anything? Yes, hi everyone, thanks for subscribing,
liking, sharing, and commenting below. It’s as easy as Aldine tree. We have a new red subscribe button at the
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miss out on updates. Thanks! Ok, Dave from Sugar Land asks, “How can
I prepare my trees to survive, and minimize damage from the next tropical storm? “ This is an excellent question, and Dave
we thank you for submitting this to us. Delfino, is it ok if I start? Yes, of course. Dave, honestly based upon our 20 years of
arbor experience, we believe the best way to prepare trees to survive, and minimize
damage from the next tropical storm or hurricane is to have an honest, experienced tree professional
examine your Bellaire hardwoods, softwoods, and red rocket crepe myrtle orchard to help
you prepare a well thought out preventative defense plan. This is one of Delfino’s specialities. Yes, of course, we agree most Tomball residents
don’t plan a budget for a Shummard red oak limb to crash onto their roof, however accidents
genuinely do happen. We’d naturally prefer to help a Stafford
home owner review their post oak weeks in advance of a strong wind event. Wind gushes can result in dead branches flying
into and breaking windows, however we live such busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight
of the importance of consistent water oak maintenance. Ash trees in the Woodlands can quickly turn
into a nightmare during inclimate weather. Times of long hard rain result in saturating
the land like we saw during Hurricane Harvey. This swampy condition creates a temporary
quicksand like environment, and places an enormous amount of penetrating strain and
stress on even the most healthy Bur oak. We’ve seen many New Territory pines leveled,
decked, and literally pulled up by their roots. They leave a dangerous path. The survivors are often plagued by mold, fungus,
disease, and a compromised overall health which makes them more susceptible to insect,
pest and borer infestation. These attack, and advance the death of any
arbor including a weakened swamp chestnut oak. Our complimentary exam and analysis can uncover
many vital signs, and it’s genuinely free. Of course, full disclosure, our goal is to
earn your trust and repeat business. We honestly mean it when we tell you our consultation
has no strings attached. We don’t strive to obtain one time customers. We like to establish a grassroots relationship
built on honesty and trust. We never try to sell anything which isn’t
needed. In fact, unlike some local groups, we try
our best to preserve Jersey Village Palms and palmettos rather than simply cut them
down. If we believe it’s a viable option, and
can convince you to conserve, we will. Speaking of conservation and tree survival
protection preparations, did you know Delfino is an accomplished King palm shaving artist? I’ve seen him shave the dried decay from
the exterior of both a Queen, and Mediterranean fan which appeared to be dead, and he’s
brought life back to them. He’s brought new blooms and shoots of green
development to pineapple palms being prepared for a funeral and trip to the graveyard with
a tombstone reading, “If only they had called Delfino and Aldine Tree, I’d still be flourishing.” Eliminating Pearland silver maple debris,
dried, diseased, decayed sections, and making sure any ailing or ill arbor unable to sustain
even sub tropical depression winds is removed prior to any storm are two of the best preventative
maintenance services we can offer. It’s much easier, less stressful, and quite
frankly more economical to do these things prior to a storm. So, you may be asking yourself….. Well, I live in Atascocita and have several
elms, sweetgums, weeping willows, pecan, Mexican white oak and hackberry trees, how do I know
which ones need to be serviced? This is a great and common question, and it’s
also one of the benefits of being a subscriber or follower of our channel. If you take a moment to click our SSL secure
website , and privately provide us your name, complete address, and
access to the areas you have Sugarberries or any variety, we can schedule time at your
property for a walk around examination. We can do this with you present, or on our
own. Many of our customers love the fact that we
can visit, and provide a short summary report detailing any areas of concern without them
having to take time off from work. We’re insured, and very flexible to your
timeframe. No two days are identical, however as a general
rule, if you provide us access during our normal working hours of 9am-7pm, we’ll be
able to evaluate your needs. If all looks good at your Spring home, we
will advise you of such. If your Missouri City Chinese Tallow roots
are invading the territory of your beautiful southern Magnolia, we will write this down
with a recommended action plan. Invasive species can sneak up on Katy yards,
and in order to save your beloved black cherry or Belle of Georgia peach, create an immediate
need for removal. We’d always prefer to see the need to prune
a healthy vibrant violet purple crape myrtle instead of needing to haul one off which has
died due to being choked out, sun deprived, strangled, smothered, or suffocated by an
aggressive landscape takeover from an overgrowth of Kudzu or unmaintained Japanese Wisteria
vines gone wild. Invasive species weaken, and decrease Spring
Valley Village biodiversity, and negatively impact the survival of many native plants. They interfere with the Pasadena ecosystem. During our exams we bring fresh trained eyes
to the scene. We have visited Cinco Ranch to help a homeowner
see if their live oak needed to be trimmed, and upon circling the perimeter realized a
large post oak limb was split, cracked and ready to drop. This presents multiple dangers without hard
rains, and is one of the benefits to contacting us today for your complimentary consultation. Yes, we’ve seen the look of shock at some
of the giant fall hazards we’re able to identify during an initial Kingwood bradford
pear visit. We know conditions on the ground can change
overnight, however we will provide a real time assessment when we arrive to see your
Memorial Cypress forest. We are available all four seasons year round. If it’s a cold winter or hot summer day
outside, we’re ready to assist. You can stay in the climate controlled pleasant
environment of your comfortable home, and we’ll perform all the tough work. If you’d like to maximize the experience,
feel free to film and photograph our work. We love photo and video posts on our social
media pages. Delfino, how am I doing? Nellie, I could not put it any better myself. Honestly folks, it goes back to the basic
formula. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure. It’s the truth. We are here to help. It’s as easy as Aldine Tree. That’s right. Going back to Dave’s question, we’d again
like to thank you for sending us this inquiry. We hope our explanation of how you can prepare
your trees to survive, and minimize damage from the next tropical storm is helpful. We have received many inquiries via Blogger,
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with a friend will likely result in a sincere thank you, because Delfino is a very kind,
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trees. We’ve also created multiple playlists, and
this makes it easier to watch consecutive videos. We take extra time to include subtitles, so
if you’re watching from the office you can watch on mute, and take it all in. We love helping the Metro Houston Harris,
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enjoy our videos, we encourage advancing the conversation. Our channel is open to everyone 24 hours a
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and hit the bell to receive updates. It’s as easy as Aldine Tree. Sincerely, we love hearing your stories. You can share them via your preferred form
of social media, or send us a secure note through our web page. If we’ve previously provided work for you,
and you took photos or videos, please post them to our Google maps listing. Fun fact…..Some of our best Sienna Plantation
customers are folks who tried to work on a river birch or eastern cottonwood getting
close to their gutters. When gutters fill up with sticks and leaves
it leads to clogs, and results in overflow, spills, and leaks. This commonly causes shingle, roof, structural,
and siding damage. Often a well intentioned Greatwood weekend
warrior will try to use a ladder to reach a branch or limb from a leaning mimosa, loblolly
or mulberry touching or dangling over their roof line. Most quickly realize how dangerous this work
is. Sad fact….. some suffered falls resulting in broken bones,
and a trip to the Emergency room. The recovery is agonizing. We know it’s humbling, and it’s why we
are here to provide friendly, trustworthy, skilled help. We understand how difficult this work is. We have the proper timber cutting safety equipment,
and over 20 years of climbing experience. We look forward to continuing our professional
relationship, and receiving additional referrals. When you next see Delfino, let him know you
saw him on Youtube, and tell us if he blushes and smiles. Thanks again for watching, subscribing, sharing,
and commenting. (Delfino) Thanks for watching, and supporting
our work. I have some questions for you. Have you ever tried to climb a tree? If you have ever tried to climb a tree, please
take a moment to share your story below. What kind of tree did you climb? How high up to you go? Did you make it to the top? We can’t wait to hear your experiences. Have a great day!

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