Best Trick Pick-Off Play in Baseball History??

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you are a huge baseball fan and this one is actually on baseball and we’ve seen
the hidden malta rick we’ve seen ubuntu lacking crazy plays in baseball this one
certainly takes the cake on how to solidified in out it takes the team effort and the other deceive the wrote that
based on her so uh… let’s take a look donald by phil gramm happened separates has a backed out right now meeting happened at the club creative z or something that the other thing i wanted to let me
ask you forty baseball their source it happens this is all the evidence and the central
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title this is the annex h este a classic state tentative serious the picture is why short the coaches enrich uh… this was in awesome play because you know what you
got to deceive the base runner as i said it’s a team
after the center fielder has to be involved second days shortstop people have to be on the first base and
third there’s a probably yelling during the plate the pitcher has to look
dumbfounded and they obviously sold it well enough to get a huge out and the
game floods and what you’ll see a with sort of the asking all treks uh… in in major league baseball and
onto the scene in college and i really postero is done when a guy’s tryna come
home an angle stage to throw in and uh… we’ll take a stab her son as it’s
like a it’s grounded third and set up the hill state the threat of first in
the dark tunnel type elemental nail that down at the plate yet so this is just i
you don’t often see it that much from a pitcher who executed
very well but that was that was a perfect playing
dot speaking only eliminated in it was a major league baseball each thirty-first
roaches yet that the jack nelson role that of the states that their interest first intel is one of
those times work may be a pitcher would be able to get away with a little bit
more so it essentially he said they got step up in eighty rate ninety roll back
the second duties that idea i was a great of allah
aryan favor them outlawing the uh… faith there to refer role reinvigorated different than aline
intake should extensive five times in his career and
doesn’t even come close to falling anybody i think guys like belly fighting guys
like nellie have earned the right to you that goes yes i think i think if you’re successful
in it you should be allowed to do it uh… but if you go over a five-year
first time magazine mogul prefer sufficient third base ten no you’ve got
you’ve lost your opportunity to do it again sure did uh… railroading had to be legal
regularly u_s_ out about this for a while ricky
and and usually i thought it was part of the
game it and change the momentum of the game and the more i thought about them i
realize that it’s it’s unnecessary you don’t
need to railroad any of the other players and any other bases why to its
the catcher what they capture should be able to deal with is not block a plate and you can still clients like tax
itself what article earlier what about the hawk
harrelson to say you know what you’re taking away a big part of baseball in
the history of baseball players the players so exciting when one guy tries and tries to block
the played in the other one goes in on playing devil’s advocate i agree with
you but what do you say to that i think you can still have a really
exciting play at the plates what it’s like to add visa letters sent
to see a guy turning around data coming home there’s a can be a threat to the
place you necessarily have to railroad to capture over and there’s so many good
catchers in baseball now that if they get hurt or the guy that runs into them get
bergsten all the stance is that when pose the endangered uh… in c thousand eleven when he got
out of the best at carlson’s baseball lost out because posey is one
of the best most impactful players in the game so there’s no reasons but entry address
if you still have an exciting plate to plate you don’t need to block the plane
the canada’s needs to be young chillin away a but that’s the way
i see it now there’s there’s no reason to try and put players at least in that
situation you can still have a meaningful impactful play if the
catcher tax matters the bitterness towards angry with u and be one thing
that i would want factual evidence you know we talk about
cigarettes at all the time the percentage of railroading that’s
successful that’s what i would want to mail and i i
don’t know that offhand i’m not sure if you do but that is the
one thing that i want to take it if it’s if it’s a less than like thirty percent then it shouldn’t even be in argument
i’m not sure it should be an argument at thirty percent but i’m sure it’s less
than thirty of one at the when it has happened and acted well enough to solidify iran
over out that’s by the one thing that i would
want to know that we’re going to my question civil recently without the comments from

70 thoughts on “Best Trick Pick-Off Play in Baseball History??

  1. Ugh…….Rick…..just no. Hahaha this is my high schools rival. We are both in the same town, Southaven high and DeSoto Central high. For that, i must dislike hahaha

  2. I'm confused as to how that isn't a balk. Was he not standing on the rubber when he did the fake throw?

  3. I tried to watch a baseball game the other day, its possibly the worst sport ive ever watched – only slightly bettered by basketball.

  4. you can stand on the rubber when you are throwing to second, but if you are throwing to first or third you need to be off the rubber

  5. That Ben Hiesler guy is so stupid! The 3rd to 1st pick off is not necessarily to trick the runners. Its for the runners to know that pitcher is watching. Its for the pitchers to keep them close. He probably doesnt even watch or know baseball.

  6. And the trucking the catchers thing. Its part of baseball!! You should be able to railroad the catcher if he is just standing in front of the plate. If it was banned the game would be ruined! The runner might as well be out automaticly if they made that a rule.

  7. You answered your own question. If he wasn't on the rubber when he did the fake throw, then he wasn't a pitcher … he was just another fielder. Only a pitcher can commit a balk.

    A pitcher can feint a throw to 2nd and 3rd (in NFHS and NCAA). A pitcher cannot feint a throw to 1st. From the rubber, a throw must be made. If the pitcher steps off the back of the rubber, a feint can be made. Why? Because he's no longer a pitcher when he steps off the rubber.

  8. actually this play isnt fully illegal its just that the pitcher is not allowed onto the mound without possession of the ball

  9. Ben Heisler does not know anything about baseball just listen to him he does not no baseball so he should not be talking about it

  10. Yes. Much ado was made this year (2013) when OBR changed the rule to disallow a feint to 3rd from the pitching position. OBR governs MLB.

    As you'll note from the distinct metal bats, NCAA does not follow OBR. Read Rule 9, section 3-a of the NCAA rule book. Enjoy.

    It's likely that, at some point in the future, NCAA and others will follow OBR. But, as of today (2013), feinting to 3rd is still legal in NFHS and NCAA, among others.

  11. Thank you for informing me, I am Canadian and I umpire Peewee / Bantam (12-17 y/os) and uses a variation of MLB Rules, I figured NCAA Would use something along the same lines

  12. that was not a balk. he stepped off of the mound with his right foot, turned and faked the throw to second. Had he not stepped off, it would've been a balk.

  13. This is not a balk. Regardless of what these morons say as of 2013, you can fake to second all day every day while on the rubber and twice on Sunday.

  14. I umped a game when this happened in San Diego. They guy who got picked was the biggest jerk on the team. It was hard not to laugh.

  15. This is illegal because if you step in front of the rubber, you have to throw it which he didn't. You don't have to if you step behind it

  16. The pitcher CLEARLY balked.  He Turned toward the batter after the windup instead of away, he was on the rubber, and he did not throw it.   Umpires blew it.

  17. It's a balk. You must throw the ball to the base if you do a jump turn when picking someone off, can't believe in college coaches and umpires still don't know what the rules are for baseball.

  18. Trick plays are retarded, this just humiliates a player and it requires no skill. If my pro team did this, I'd stop watching them.

  19. The guy in the video said that the Short Stop had the ball !!! The Pitcher had the ball …. He faked the throw !! Then he threw to the guy covering second… The Azle Hornets baseball team have been doing that play on occasion for the past 20 years…

  20. We had two base runners on first and second and we did this same play and got them both!! We had a better play i would say and it was little league

  21. People who are saying you must step off the rubber are wrong.  There are 3 things a pitcher can do from the set position:

    1. Deliver the pitch.
    2. Step back off the rubber with the pivot foot.
    3. Step and throw to a base to make a play.

    In number 3, he must not make a move toward the plate and must step toward the base and ahead of the throw.  And he does not have to pause before picking to a base, only when delivering a pitch.

    And you can fake a throw to second from the rubber. You do not have to disengage first.
    This play is completely legal.

  22. Durocher said it, "Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand."

    My opinion on "railroading" the catcher? If the catcher chooses to block the plate then he takes the chance of getting injured. It's part of the game. Making it illegal for the catcher to block the plate, or for the runner to railroad him (which I believe IS illegal if the catcher isn't on the baseline. somebody correct me if I'm wrong) diminishes the game.

  23. That's cheating by the pitcher. A fake throw is called a "balk," and the runner would actually advance 1 base.

  24. Hidden ball trick not banned, not illegal. As long as the ball is in play, teams can do the hidden ball play. The pitcher can't stand on or astride the rubber without the ball, so he stands away from it, then runner leads off and fielder tags the runner.

  25. That was perfectly legal, the pitcher can fake too only 2nd base in high school baseball level and above. But as of now if you are in little league the rules say you can fake too all bases except 1st base. The only time you can fake to 1st or 3rd in high school and above levels is when you step off the rubber, making you a fielder.

  26. The caption under this video starts out with, "While the hidden ball trick is now banned in baseball…" That's not true. As long as the ball remains live and the pitcher is not on or astride the rubber, the hidden ball trick is perfectly legal. Under high school rules, the pitcher cannot be within 5-feet of the rubber without possession of the ball. The penalty is a balk if it's not done correctly.

    The fake-to-3rd-and-throw-to-1st play was eliminated from MLB in the interestof moving the game along. There would be times, during critical moments in the game (usually late in the game), when the runner on 1st represents the tying or winning runner. Plus, he's a base stealer. So, the pitcher would do this fake to 3rd maneuver in hopes that the runner on 1st would take off and get hung up between 1st and 2nd. They would do this over and over again during the same at-bat. The crowd groans. The game slows down. It seldom works. So, MLB outlawed it.

    Fake throws to 1st have always been illegal. Now fake throws to 3rd are illegal. It seems kind of silly that only fake throws to 2nd are legal. They might as well make those illegal, too – in my opinion. It seems so arbitrary.

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