Best USA Baseball Bats For 2018 | Live Q&A

Alright, I think we’re live. Are we live on IG? Alright, how’s it going? As you know, my name is John with We’ve been getting a ton of questions about
the USA bat standard and which bats are the best. So, we’re gonna go through the top 7 best
USA bats and then we’re going to throw in a couple at the end. We’re going to give a quick overview of each
and then if you have any questions throughout the whole broadcast, please throw them our
way. We have a couple of people here that are going
to feed me questions along the way and I’ll pause for those as we go through. Just to confirm, we are live on both? We’re good? Do we have anybody watching yet? Eight watching? Excellent! We have three on Facebook. Hello! I’m just going to jump right into it and start
with, without a doubt, the most popular bat for 2018 so far. The Louisville Slugger Solo 618. This bat has been going like hot cakes. This is selling out in a matter of seconds
when we get them in stock. This bat is a one-piece alloy design. So, for those people looking for composite
bats, we have different options for you. But, the Solo 618 is definitely voted the
most popular as of right now based on feedback and reviews. This bat right now, let me check it out real
quick, the Solo 618, is available for $179.95. Currently, we only have 31 and 32 in stock. But, we are going to get 28 through 30 inch
models available. Make sure you sign up for our back in stock
emails if you’re looking for one of those sizes. But, again, they’re going fast. So, if you get that email, make sure you jump
at the opportunity. That is the Solo 618. Next up, for those composite lovers out there,
definitely Easton’s flagship is the Ghost X. This model is a two-piece composite design. Let me pull it up real quick for you guys. The Ghost X, this model that I have in my
hand is actually a drop 10 design. Like I said, it comes with that fully composite
construction and the barrel has Easton’s X-tended barrel design. So, there’s a huge sweet spot. It comes pre-wrapped with a thin HYPERSKIN
grip to help reduce that sting. Again, that’s the Easton Ghost X. You can see it there. The Ghost X. This is also available in other drops. We just grabbed the drop 10 because it seems
to be the most popular model. Again, we’re doing a quick overview of the
top 7 USA bats. I started with the Solo 618 from Slugger,
moved on to the Easton Ghost X. If you want to rewind at the end, these are
going to be talked about from left to right. Third on the list, we have the Rawlings Quatro. This bat is also a fully composite design
like that Ghost X. It comes with that sweet highlighter yellow
color that the people seem to love. This model right here is a drop 10. The Quatro, I believe, is only available in
a drop 10 for USA. Is that correct? Yes it is. We also have it in a tee ball bat. But, for USA baseball, this is a drop 10,
two-piece composite design that comes with that Quatro collar. It’s going to help you eliminate sting in
the hands on mis-hits. This is a very popular model for 2018. Again, I started with the Solo 618. That’s by far the most popular design. We’ve moved on to the Easton Ghost X. Third on the list was the Rawlings Quatro. And then, next up, is the DeMarini Voodoo. This model is different from the other bats
in that it’s a two-piece hybrid design. So, it comes with that, it comes with that
composite handle and an alloy barrel. It’s going to give you great pop on contact
and the newest feature for 2018, DeMarini has labeled it the 3-fusion system. They’ve applied a new connection piece, you
can see it there, for both IG and Facebook. That connection piece is going to help redirect
energy back into the barrel on mis-hits to give you a little bit of added power. Then, the 3-fusion system is also composed
of that new end cap which is going to help give it a better overall balance. So, that’s the DeMarini Voodoo. For those of you just joining us, this is
the best USA baseball bats for 2018. We started with the Solo 618, easily one of
the most popular models so far based on feedback from you guys and customer reviews. Moved on to the ghost X. Excellent option
for those composite lovers. The Rawlings Quatro, the DeMarini Voodoo,
and then next up on the list is the Select 718. This is a part of the 2018 Slugger lineup. The Solo, like I said is easily the most popular
but the Select is also another great option. It’s a different construction, it’s a two-piece
hybrid design similar to that DeMarini Voodoo. But, where this differs from the Voodoo is
that it comes with a slightly end loaded swing weight. This one is recommended for those more powerful
players out there who have faster bat speeds. It’s going to give you a little bit of added
power. Again, this is a two-piece hybrid design so
it comes with that composite handle and an alloy barrel. And, another great feature about the Slugger
lineup is that each one of their bats comes pre-wrapped with a custom Lizard Skin grip. So, you’ll see here, it comes with that black,
blue, and red Lizard Skin. It’s very comfortable. How many people we got on IG? Ah, 17! 17, it looks like we have six on Facebook. Do we have any questions yet? Yes, no, maybe so? I don’t think we’ve had any. Alright, cool. If you guys have any questions, just ask. Excellent. And if you guys do have any questions, I’ll
make sure to stop and answer them as we go through. Again, if you’re on Facebook, we have a couple
of links in the description for you guys. So, we’ve included our best USA bats blog
post for ya. We’ve also included the about that is going
to answer all of the frequently asked questions about the new USA bat standard. For those who haven’t heard about it, the
USA bat standard. Basically, the new rule change that’s been
applied to youth baseball. It’s affecting AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken,
Dixie, Little League, and Pony. So, if your player plays in any one of those
leagues, he will be required to swing a USA baseball bat for 2018. So, again, those links are in the description
if you’re on Facebook. If you’re on Instagram, head over to Facebook
and give us a thumbs up. Check out the description. But, I’m going to move on. Do you have a question? Yeah, will you be doing softball bats? Yeah! The plan is to do a best post for all categories. So, we’re starting with USA bats just because
we’ve been getting a ton of questions about the USA baseball bats. We will absolutely do best softball bats,
whether it be fastpitch or slow pitch. We’ll also probably do one for the best BBCOR
bats. We’ll do one for the best USSSA bats. And if you guys ever want a certain category
done, let us know and we’ll get it done for you guys. We good? Excellent. Alright, so for those of you just joining,
this is the best USA baseball bats live. We started with the Solo 618, easily the most
popular bat for 2018 thus far. Moved on to the Easton Ghost X for those composite
lovers. The Quatro from Rawlings. The DeMarini Voodoo. The Select 718 from Louisville Slugger. And then next up on the list. It’s kind of flown under the radar but it
is extremely popular and has been getting a ton of positive reviews is the Axe Element. So, for those unaware, the Axe has that Axe
handle. It’s been scientifically proven to help reduce
injury umm and increase your bat speed. The Element is a one-piece design, so it’s
all alloy. This model right here features a drop 8 length
to weight ratio so it’s for a little bit older players who have faster bat speed. It comes with that engineered hitting zone
for one-sided hitting. On the end, they’ve applied what’s called
their Hyperwhip composite end cap. So, it’s going to eliminate unnecessary weight
and improve the overall strength of this model. Again, this is the Axe Element and it comes
with that patented Axe handle. This has been, without a doubt, the most popular
USA Axe bat that we have. So, if you have any other questions about
Axe bats in general, we do have a blog post that outlines what makes Axe bats different
and we can include that in the description at a later time. Do we have any other questions? Should I move on? Yeah, we’ve got some questions. John, so number one from Kevin, what is the
best drop 5 USA bat and what is the best drop 8? So, the Ghost X from Easton is available in
a drop 5. I would say that’s probably the top drop 5
right now based on popularity. But, again, it’s always based on personal
preference and what you’re looking for. The Beast X is Easton’s other flagship bat. So, the Ghost X is their two-piece composite. The Beast X is their one-piece alloy. Both of those are available in a drop 5 and
drop 8 USA. Definitely check out those. And Easton has been leading the charge as
far as their USA baseball bats go. And then the drop 8, the Axe Element. Yeah, absolutely. So, the bat I just mentioned, the Axe Element
is a drop 8 if you’re looking for one of those. If you like that Axe handle. If you’ve never tried the Axe handle, the
great thing about Axe is that they offer their 30-day money-back guarantee. So, basically, you can purchase an Axe bat,
try it out, whether that be in a game or in a batting cage, for up to 30 days from purchase
date. And, if for any reason you’re not satisfied,
you can actually return it back to us for a full refund or exchange of a different model. No questions asked. Cool? Do we have any other questions? There are some questions on prices on each. Prices on each? So, I can go through those. I’ll just start with the ones I’ve already
talked about. The Solo 618 is $179.95. The Ghost X is $349.99. The Quatro – same price $349.99. The DeMarini Voodoo, let me check on that
one really quick for you guys. The DeMarini Voodoo is going to be let’s see
$249.95. The Axe Element that I was just talking about
is $199.99. So, those are the bats that I’ve covered so
far. Moving forward, I’ll make sure to include
the price as I’m talking about the bat. If you guys can provide that for me. Cool? Excellent. Do we have any other questions or should I
move on? What are you doing again? Now? What are you explaining right now? So, for those of you just joining us, this
is the best USA baseball bats for 2018 live session. I’ve chosen the top 7 based on customer reviews
and other feedback that we’ve received. And then I’ve also grabbed a few others that
I’d like to mention at the end. I’m going through each model individually
giving a brief overview and stopping in between if you guys have any questions throughout. So, again, this is the best USA bats live
session. This is the Solo 618. The Easton Ghost. The Rawlings Quatro. The Voodoo from DeMarini. The Select 718 also from Louisville Slugger. And then the Axe Element. The last one that is in the top 7 is what’s
called the Easton Beast X Hyperlite. This is the only small barrel USA bat that’s
made our list. It comes with that 2 1/4-inch barrel that
most are used to on those youth bats. This is a one-piece alloy design. It comes with that Easton X-tended barrel
to give you a little bit of extra plate coverage and of course Easton’s HYPERSKIN bat grip
which is extremely comfortable and helps eliminate sting that’s typically associated with a one-piece
bat. So, that’s the top 7 USA bats for those of
you just joining us. We have the Beast X Hyperlite, the Axe Element,
the Select 718, the Voodoo from DeMarini, the Quatro from Rawlings, the Easton Ghost
X, and the Solo 618. Do we have any other questions? Yeah, there’s one from Whitney. What about small barrel 2 1/4 USA bats? So, the bat that I was just talking about,
the Easton Beast X Hyperlite. That features a 2 1/4 inch barrel. But, we don’t have a lot of USA bats with
that quote unquote skinny barrel. With the new USA bat standard, they are allowing
big barrel bats. So, they’ve started to go away from the skinny
barrel bats. But, if you still want that 2 1/4 inch barrel,
definitely check out the Beast X Hyperlite from Easton. And we’ll include a link. Do we have a price for that? I can mention that. I can look really… $160. The Beast X Hyperlite is $159.99. Excellent. Any other questions? One guy asked, “Are any of these BBCOR?” No, so, none of these are BBCOR bats. This is the best USA bat live session. But, we are going to be doing a best BBCOR
baseball bat live session in the future. So, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram,
like us on Snapchat. We’ll make sure to give you guys a heads up
when we do the BBCOR one. We’ve also got a Twitter, so follow us on
Twitter. Pinterest. If you are on Pinterest. Basically, we’re on all social platforms. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ve got it all. Any other questions or should I move on? Chipper Chuck asked what is the best bat? Chipper Chuck? Chuck? Ah, okay. So, again, the best bat is really going to
be a personal preference, but as far as popularity and five star reviews go, the Louisville Slugger
Solo 618, without a doubt is the most popular model for 2018 so far. We’re having a hard time keeping this thing
in stock because it’s selling out so fast. People love it. But, it is a one-piece alloy design so if
you’re looking for a composite bat, you might want to go in a different route. But, again, the Solo 618 without a doubt is
probably the most popular 2018 USA bat so far. And like I mentioned earlier, all of the 2018
Slugger lineup comes pre-wrapped with that custom Lizard Skin grip and the Solo 618 comes
with that black, grey, and blue design which is pretty sleek. Cool? We have any other questions? No? So, again for those of you just joining us
this is the best USA bats live session. I talked about the top 7 bats that we’ve had
based on feedback from you guys. But, I’d also like to point out what’s called
the Easton Speed Brigade series. So, since these are 2018 models, there aren’t
any closeout options. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable
option definitely check out the Easton Speed Brigade. So, we have the S250, the 350, the 450, and
the 550. Those are all one-piece alloy designs. They are all going to feature that USA baseball
certification and they’re all going to be under $100 dollars or just over $100 dollars. So, for a more affordable USA bat option,
definitely check out what’s called the Easton Speed Brigade. I know we’ve had a few people ask questions
about 2 1/4-inch barrels, there are a couple 2 1/4-inch barrels available in the speed
brigade. I also brought up with me the Rawlings VELO. This is the honorable mention from the top
7 USA bats. Again, this bats got the USA baseball certification. One-piece alloy design and it’s made up of
Rawlings acoustic alloy. So, as they say, the proof is in the ping. It is extremely loud on contact so you know
you hit it in the sweet spot. Do we have any other questions? Just some comments John. Basically, can you confirm the difference
between the DeMarini Voodoo drop 10 and the CF Zen drop 10. And basically the Voodoo is a composite/alloy
hybrid and the Zen is all composite. Correct. So, if you’re comparing the DeMarini CF Zen,
which is also an extremely popular bat. It didn’t make our list because it was actually
just recently came out, so we don’t have a lot of feedback on it yet. But, I guarantee that will be in the top five
by the end of 2018. But, as far as comparing it to the Voodoo,
you are correct. The CF Zen is a two-piece composite design
and we’ll include a link to that below if you’re looking for the CF Zen. While, on the other hand, the Voodoo is a
two-piece hybrid design. So, what that means is that it comes with
that composite handle and then an alloy barrel. Whereas the Zen is fully composite. Both bats, very balanced. Both bats, great performance and great pop. And then in terms of an affordable bat, the
Louisville Slugger Omaha drop 10 is under $100 dollars. That doesn’t come in drop 11 or drop 12, right? No, the Omaha is only available in a drop
10. Please correct me if I’m wrong. No, correct. Yes, the Omaha 518 is under $100 dollars. It’s a great option if you’re looking for
a more affordable USA bat. So, it didn’t make out list of top 7, but
like I said I’ve also included the Easton Speed Brigade and then as somebody mentioned,
the Omaha 518. Those are great options if you’re looking
to stay under $100 bucks. We can include a post as well is the best
bats for 2018 under $100 dollars. And then Omaha actually made that list. Good? Anymore questions from IG? Nope. How about our Facebook friends? Those were the questions comments. Great. So, that’s about it. We’ll wrap it up. Um, for those of you just joining us, you
can always rewind and watch it from the beginning. Thanks for joining us. Again, this was the best USA baseball bats
for 2018. I’ll just give you a quick overview, we have
the Solo 618, the Easton Ghost, the Rawlings Quatro, the DeMarini Voodoo, the Select 718,
the Axe Element, the Ghost X err the Beast X Hyperlite. And then I’ve included the speed brigade,
the Rawlings VELO, and the Omaha 518 as our honorable mentions. Again, check out the comments, we’ll also
include a description with some links for you guys for some additional information. Or, our Customer Coaches are available twenty
four seven. You can give them a call at 866-321-2287. Again, have a great day and thanks for watching. Bye, guys!

46 thoughts on “Best USA Baseball Bats For 2018 | Live Q&A

  1. Here is a list of the models that made the cut for best USA bat. Which one is your favorite?

    Louisville Slugger Solo 618:–11-usa-baseball-bat–wtlubs618b11/28041/

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  2. What bat would you recommend for my power hitting son. He is 11 and is 5'10 190 pounds. Used a 32" drop 9 Techzilla 2.0 last year and was hitting shots 300'. I'm looking at going with a drop 5 to help compensate for loss of pop.

  3. Mizuno didn't make the cut? Appreciating the videos and overviews. Was surprised there was no mention of the drop 12/13 bats in the USA Bats overview. Would be super useful if you reviewed the best USA bats for age 5/6 Coach Pitch and Age 4 Tee Ball probably. Learning bats for the first time is proving to be the hardest obstacle, but they have to start somewhere. What do you recommend for a 5 year old 45" 50lbs, that seems to have his work cut out for him controlling a 24" 12oz. Thinking he'll need at least a 25" to learn on since the 24" seem too small for a pitched ball. Yet the height weight guide points more towards a 26"-28" bat. So much to learn.

  4. Hi, I have a question and would appreciate your time and answer……. if there’s a deep chip on the barrel of the bat, will that effect the bat or it’s ‘pop’? …. My son accidentally hit a rock that was laying on the ground and chipped his new USA bat.

  5. To be honest I don't like the Easton Ghost X. It deadens the ball, so not much distance or pop. Its also a HORRIBLE stinger. In my experience I would not recommend spending 270-350$ on a Ghost X. A 60-40$ Easton Speed brigade (S150 S250 S350 S450 S550) Is a good bat with great pop for distance.

    please keep in mind that these are my experiences with the bats. I respect other opinions on the topic

  6. Man my son really loves the Quattro he said it matches his team color perfect. But I couldn’t throw down that much for a bat.

  7. The biggest bat manufacturer can't make a good bat (?)….Ghost X? We bought one. It was horrible. Little dinkers. No pop……except your bank account being zeroed. We are waiting for the 2019 bats…..because the 2018 bats all suck.

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  9. We have a tournament coming up with the following rules just wondering how USA stamped plays a part with these rules.
    The rules are:14U – Bats must be -5 or less differential and 2-5/8” maximum barrel size. Bats must have a non-composite barrel, be

    BBCOR certified, OR have a USSSA 1.15 BPF (composite barrel plus USSSA sticker = legal; no certification or sticker =

    must be non-composite barrel). 15U – Only BBCOR bats may be used with a -3 or less differential and 2-5/8” maximum

    barrel size

  10. if you hit the on the sweet spot with the beast x , would it go farther than the solo if you hit it on the sweet spot?

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