Bester Volleyball-Schuh kommt von kybun

The sports hall in Nidau in Biel, Switzerland
is where amateur volleyball players come to train. Some of them play wearing
the Swiss air-cushion shoe from kybun. They think that there is no better
volleyball shoe available anywhere. The properties of the kybun shoes and
the comfort they promote won them over. It’s like walking
on springs. The springiness is quite intense at first,
but you get used to it. I don’t find it so
extreme anymore. I’ve never had a volleyball shoe
that is as good as this one. The special thing is
that it cushions jolts like no other indoor shoe
I’ve ever had. Other people have also
said to me that the way it absorbs shocks
is truly unique. I am thrilled with the shoes. I weighed up whether
I should splash out on them for quite a while and it has definitely been worth it. They were a great purchase. Firstly, they’re good on this type of floor,
you don’t slip. And secondly, they’re very soft. The kybun sole cushions jumps
and is springy. It is a legal product
that allows you to play for longer and
above all without pain. So, it is an investment
that is definitely worth it. I have to say,
I’ve tried other shoes and I thought there are definitely
volleyball shoes out there that are also cheaper. But the others didn’t impress me
and that’s why I chose this model. I have the feeling
it’s certainly doing good and and I’m jumping maybe 5 cm
higher at my age. I think you can play volleyball for up to 10 years longer
with a pair of these shoes. Thanks to the protection they provide. You relieve the strain on your joints, back,
feet, knees and hips. There are significantly fewer
jolts than with other volleyball shoes
I’ve worn throughout my 40-year
volleyball career. The kybun shoe,
a Swiss invention that that provides comfort,
prevents complaints and relives pain in a natural way
thanks to the elastic springy air-cushion soles –
all without the need for painkillers. This makes the kybun shoe
the best volleyball shoe. Relieves strain on joints Relaxes the muscles Legs are less tired

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