Beti Episode 5 – 25th December 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Mother my daughter is gone. She left because I did not care for her. What kind of mother am I? I left her in the hands of those murderers. Oh my dear, we will find our Shajia. If God is willing we will surely find her. Just have faith in God. Don’t cry my dear Grandmother. You are my dearest Grandmother aren’t you? Please forgive me, I beg you, please give me back my Shajia. Please give me back my daughter Aazhar, control your wife. We have been searching everywhere. What else can we do Marium please control yourself. This is not the time for behaving like this Look Father and Grandmother are getting so worried Why don’t you see? She was our daughter. She is lost because of them. Why can’t you see this Grandmother listen to me. I will leave from your house. I will take my daughter and just leave. I promise I will not live in this home. Please forgive me. I beg you for forgiveness. Oh what has happened to her? Please move her from here. Why is she after me? My daughter. My dear daughter Hey, listen, come here. What are you doing here? Did you finish the job I told you to do? You have not put a single penny in my hand. How can you ask me about the job? You shameless woman, don’t play tricks with me. Tell me straight, what did you do? I couldn’t even go outside because of all the racket your daughter-in-law has created. Haven’t you seen how television reporters are roaming around You shameless woman. Back then you were bragging so much, now what happened? Stop scolding me. Why do you care whether the baby is dead or alive? You just wanted to get rid of her right? Okay at least tell me. What did you do with the baby girl? where is the baby girl? I left her in a pile of trash Really? Where is that trash? Is it inside this hospital? What else could i do with all the tantrums your daughter-in-law was throwing You listen to me. If they find the body and you take my name I will kill you No need to worry. The garbage truck will be arriving soon. We are out of danger Where is Hashmat? What happened son? You look a bit worried. Your father has not even returned from the shop yet. Everything alright? Yes, father and grandmother have gone to the hospital. Aazhar’s daughter is lost. Looks like she has been kidnapped from the hospital She will be lost like my daughter. She will not come to this house You found your excuse to weep and cry? You can cry all you want once we know she’s dead. For now don’t spread your nuisance Son please take me to the hospital. I am feeling very worried Does any one in this house even see me? I have returned after spending the entire day outside, atleast ask me for food? But no, your child is only Aazhar. I am just a servant at father’s shop It is not like this son. I am bringing you food. You go and wash your face. I’m bringing it Mother, these people will not leave this girl She is so little Have patience my child. God might have mercy on us and save that girl. Have patience! But mother, what if grandmother herself … Do not say anything bad. O God, put mercy in the hearts of those cruel people and keep that girl safe and keep her away from all evils Your dramas are still not ended? Won’t you learn? No son, I was about to bring food for you These shameless people have killed my grand-daughter. What torture has happened to us. Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Sir listen to me, don’t create such noise here. We are trying our best. We will find your child by the grace of God How will you find? You could find her if she was here but you people might have sold her or killed her. Is there anyone here? Any media channel, police, anyone? Give us justice! Give us justice! Someone please find me my grand-daughter, please. Oh my Lord! Humanity is seen being killed in a hospital in Karachi. Yes, a baby girl got kidnapped from her mother’s room. Our respresentative Ahmed is present in the hospital, lets ask him. Yes Ahmed, what is the story? Lets go live and find out Yes sir, what happened to your child? Give us justice. Our child is lost and these people are not telling us anything At first, these people tried to ruin the case of my loving daughter-in-law. Then, they tried to risk mine and my grand-daughter’s life. God forbid, they might have killed my grand-daughter You cruel people, don’t you have kids? What have you done to us? Yes viewers, as you can see these people are suffering badly here. And this is not the first incident that happened in this hospital. Few days before, a boy also got kidnapped from this hospital Please, go outside and get your reporting done. Patients and their relatives are being disturbed here, please! Please don’t create a scene here. We are trying our best. Please take them to their son and daughter-in-law Of my God! You people are doing nothing but talking. Our child ! Our Child ! Don’t stop us please Where is Taimoor? Has he gone back to the shop? No, he’s sleeping in the room. He was saying father asked to shut down the shop due to Aazhar’s daughter atleast I’m relaxed I don’t know how would Marium be. She is facing such difficulty in this situation Mother I really want to go to Marium. She needs us now and grand-mother and father must be making her more tensed with their bad words You are right! Even I don’t want to stay home. Let me go wake up Taimoor and ask him to take us to hospital Yes! Taimoor, get up! it’s already evening What is your problem? Why are you waking me up? I told your loving daughter-in-law not to wake me up but no. When will you both leave me alone? Son, your brother is in hospital. He’s very tensed. He might be needing you at this time. You should go and help him Why? Am I some inspector who helps him finding his daughter? Or am I some spy who go and investigate there? It’s his daughter. Why would I go to hospital to exhaust myself? Okay, if you don’t want to go then its fine. Take me and Sonia to the hospital. We don’t want to stay back home. Atleast we’ll go sit with Marium Oh so you told this mother, right? As soon as grand-mother got busy somewhere, you want to go for outing? Taimoor? Who do you want to go meet in the name of hospital? Tell me? Taimoor, Sonia didn’t say anything. Leave her, leave her. Have you gone mad? I know what everyone in this house wants. When my daughter died in the hospital, nobody cared. Now when Aazhar is in problem, everyone is rushing towards the hospital. I know everything! Today, when I came home early to rest, everyone has a problem with me. Father first calls me to the shop and then … You all are driving me crazy So you are the grand-father of the lost child Yes, he is the grand-father and I am his mother. Inspector, instead of finding our child you are interrogating us Old lady, we have to interrogate everyone this is how we solve a case By the way, you daughter-in-law blamed you people She blamed us? This poor girl herself is not in her proper senses. She has no idea what she is saying. I know, this all is done by these doctors and nurses. Infact there was one doctor who looked exactly like a witch, I completely doubt her Hey old lady, stop judging a doctor’s face and talk about your own self What are you talking about inspector? We are so poor. You should take our prayers and find our child. How can we kidnap our daughter? Yes, we are investigating. Soon you will come to know that who kidnapped her and who didn’t for now I’m leaving You come home, I’ll see you and your wife Mother you come here Mother, you called this police? I wonder if they come to know about our plan Hey, why don’t you go and accept it yourself? What kind of coward I gave birth to? All I’m saying that be need to be careful. You exaggerate things without knowing anything Okay okay! I know how brave you are. Let me think what I need to do Let me think. Let me think Marium, I understand what you are going through. I’m also worried about our child’s kidnapping. But how could you blame grand-mother and father. This is wrong For grand-mother, she was a curse. Why won’t she want to get rid of Shajiya Marium, it’s not like this. Try to understand me Neither I want to understand someone nor think about it I have left everything on God now and no one is better judge than He Marium try to understand me. Marium! Listen Aazhar son, we are done with this police and media drama. You couldn’t find your daughter so what can we do now? No one knows what happened to her. Now get ready to go home. The staff of this hospital has looked everywhere in the hospital, but they couldn’t find you daughter Make your wife understand. We can’t stay here like beggars Where is she gone? Hey, what are you doing? Do it quickly. Is there any treasure in this garbage? It is stinking here Hey, pick it up quickly. You are looking at it as if you will find some treasure in this pile of garbage. It stinks so much. Pick it up quickly. There are patients here. They will catch germs. Do it quickly and get lost from here My Lord! Have mercy on me. Have mercy on me. Return me my child, please Listen to the prayers of this mother, my Lord She is crying. My daughter is crying. She’s calling me. Oh Lord, have mercy on me Have mercy on me. Return me my daughter Lets take a test of bravery of mother and daughter Lets see how strong is your Shajiya Aazhar I was telling you, didn’t I? Look, they threw my beautiful daughter in a pile of garbage I don’t know since how long she’d be crying and calling her mother. My Shajiya I don’t know since how long she was inside that rubbish Please talk to the doctors. Ask them to save my daughter Tell me, my daughter will survive. Will she or not? Mother, we have to accept the fact that this girl is very clever. Now you just pray that her child stays safe Why would I pray for her. I don’t care if she lives or dies. Go to hell! What are you talking about? If she dies, then we will be blamed for her murder Your this cowardliness has shown us this day. Wear bangles, take veil and sit at home Where are you going? I’m going wherever I want to. You sit and pray for the long life of your grand-daughter What are you talking about mother? I’m not understanding anything What kind of father I am? I couldn’t protect my daughter If anything happens to Shajiya, I won’t be able to forgive myself Where is Shajiya? Where is Shajiya? Nothing has happened to Shajiya What have you done with Shajiya? Where is Shajiya? I’m asking where is she? Nothing has happened to Shajiya? What did you do to Shajiya? Greetings, mother From where have you ladies come this early? By the grace of God, now you have a grand-daughter, won’t we come to congratulate you? You didn’t tell us but we came to know Another thing, is your daughter-in-law and her child fine? We watched on television that the staff of the hospital created some problem. I hope everything is fine now Look mother, we are not leaving without having any sweet Enough is enough! First thing, the child is still in a critical condition. We don’t know either she will survive or not. Secondly, my daughter-in-law is hospital, we have problems at home, my son is so exhausted, my drand-son is stressed out, me poor lady can not properly walk, no one is in their proper senses and you ladies want to have sweet. Don’t you have anything to do at home? Does your husband know where you are roaming? You ladies only know to get up from beds and go out for outing. Don’t you have anything else to do? Oh mother, we came to ask about your daughter-in-law’s condition and to congratulate you on your grand-daughter’s birth I know what you came for? You came to stress me out. Get lost from here otherwise I will complain your husbands about your activities. Get out from here! These ladies have no work to do except for roaming around the whole day. Shameless women! “we’ll have sweet”, “we’ll have sweet” huh! Idiots Greetings, brother Hashmat! How are you? Greetings brother! I thought it’s a big day today. There would be dishes of food cooking at your place Dishes of food? Hey, did I win any lottery or found out any oil in my house? With the grace of God, you have been blessed with the first grand-daughter. For such good news, you should not only distribute sweets but throw a party Yes, but her condition is critical. Doctors said that it will be a miracle if she’ll survive. Now tell me, on such news do you want to have dinner or shall I take you to a sweet shop? I’m sorry Hashmat brother. I heard the news and thought to congratulate you Now don’t talk much. You heard the news so now leave “sweets”, “dinner”, “party”, stupid person! Are you Mr. Aazhar? Yes! Doctor is calling you in I.C.U Mother you agree or not, these in-laws are very rich. Not for once Aazhar talked about any hospital bills Hey, I don’t care about these rich people. If she would have given birth to a boy then I could say something. But she has given birth to a girl and now she has been in hospital for a week. What kind of treatment is going on there? By the way, I’m telling you that she will not survie No mother, don’t say like that. I don’t want to get into a problem of police and courts. You just pray that she survives. Later, you can do whatever you want to Yes, you are right! Hey Fareeda, where the hell are you, you shameless woman? Do you even know that your husband is here. Atleast bring something to eat or drink Look, madam is here. Eat, eat my son Um.. If you permit me, shall I go to hospital? Why? Are you a doctor who will treat her? It’s not like that. It has been so many days that Marium and Aazhar are there. They must be exhausted. Marium can come home and rest if I’ll go Wow how much worried are you for Marium! Go and take care of your kitchen first, you shameless woman. You are being so worried about Marium but can’t handle your kitchen. And one more thing, we didn’t send her there to get exhausted. She went there to guard that little child herself Mother is right! And how can you go there. She blamed your husband and mother-in-law for kidnapping. Do you care about our esteem or not? Go! Do your work I’m fed up of her Eat! Mr. Aazhar, I haven’t seen such case before in my 20 years career. Your daughter is out of danger even after staying in a pile of garbage for this long It’s a miracle for us as well as for you No doctor! These are her mother’s prayers. When can we take her home doctor? Few of her reports are still pending. As soon as they will come, we will decide when to discharge her Okay! thank-you doctor, thank-you Marium, I heard that prayers are very strong. But for the first time ever, I saw miracle happening due to the prayers Hows Shajiya? Marium, Shajiya is out of danger. Your prayers made impossible possible Hey, why are you home? Who will look after shop? Father, what is there to look after in the shop? Also, Majid has refused to give anything on credit. He said, pay all the previous bills first and then take anything Hmm .. This Majid is speaking too much. We will pay him someday, we are not going anywhere But money is being used in big payments and bills Which bills are you talking about? Have you gone crazy? What is he saying Don’t you think that I’m fool. I know what is happening in this house very well. I know you people are using money in the name of that girl’s treatment Using money? Hey I haven’t seen a note of thousand since long This is happening with me since childhood. Besides being elder, my younger brother is ahead than me. Nobody tells me anything important in this house This boy has gone completely mad. What money? What do you think I’ll spend my money on this little girl? Hey, I won’t even give my sweat for that girl and here you are talking about money Her grand-mother paid all the bills, that is why Marium is showing this attitude All her and her mothe’s attitude will vanish soon. You go! You go and rest. Don’t talk useless. If you would have used this much mind on shop, we could have two shops by now instead of one. Get lost from here now. Go! His wife must have asked him to talk to his father like this Your sons don’t use their brain. This is what this nuisance Fareeda has taught them Like mother like son

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