Better Balance = No more ankle benders! // Off-Ice Hockey Training

Hey guys, Jeff Lovecchio here. Owner of RIPT
Hockey Training. And I’m Derek with Total Hockey. Today, we’re in the gym working on your balance
so we have no ankle benders out there. (Pallardy moving in, shoots, scores!) (Lovecchio with his second of the game!) First, as you will notice, Derek does not
have shoes on. What shoes do, is take away your ability to work on your proprioception.
It’s much easier to find that balance when your footing is flat. Your feet have a natural
arch which is why we’re having him do this without shoes. So, the first one. All you’re going to do
is you’re going to close your eyes, lift one leg, and try to count to thirty. Let’s observe. I would really like you guys to count how
many times you touch. The more you do this, every day/every other day, your numbers should
go down. And that means you’re getting more and more balanced, your proprioception is
getting better. What we’re doing here is working on ankles, knees, tendons, ligaments, working
on your body’s control. The second drill in this sequence is the Partner
Med Ball Toss. All you need is a Med Ball. We’re gonna have your partner standing, this
time with his eyes open. We don’t want to hit him in the face with a heavy ball. He’s
gonna be on one foot. You want to start out giving it to him nice and easy. Tossing in
the middle. Now, to make it more challenging, toss it to the side. Guy catching the ball,
catch with two hands. This is gonna make it tougher for you. There we go. You’re gonna
keep your core tight. Throw in some tricks here. Maybe one low. Maybe one high. Maybe
one back in the middle. Partner, great job keeping his balance. That’s why he played
pro hockey folks. The third exercise, and the most difficult,
we’re gonna be using an Airex pad. You can also use a Bosu ball. The guy training, again,
is gonna stand eyes open. Now, what I want him to do is… Derek, you can face the camera here. Yep,
figure it out. So, he’s gonna have his eyes up, one foot balancing again. Now this time,
just like in a game, I want your head on a swivel. Looking around the room. I know you’re
not gonna do this unless your scoring or really upset looking at the penalty box. I want you
looking up, that’s really gonna take the balance to another level. Turn your shoulders, look
behind you, look around the room. As you can notice, it’s a lot harder. Also, what you
can do is practice shooting from this position. Work on your stick handling, really work on
your balance. So, when your beating that defenseman, you’re getting around him on one leg, you’re
gonna be able to get the most powerful shot off you can. And that’s where the goals come
boys. A few key tips for this one. Make sure your
knees, ankles, and hips are facing forward. Keep your core tight, chest up. Also, like
I said, I like doing balancing exercises with no shoes on. It’s going to work those proprioception
in your brain, muscles, ligaments, tendons, a lot harder. You get more out of it. Hey fellas! Ladies too. If you liked that
video, give us a thumbs up. And to keep training, click the box down there. We’re here on the ice with Jeff. We’re gonna
show you some drills to improve your balance.

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