Beyhadh 2 – Ep 68 – Full Episode – 4th March, 2020

Take this, Ms. Nandini. No, child, I don’t want
to eat. Please have it. Ms. Nandini,
it’s very simple. If you don’t eat
then I won’t eat as well. And if I don’t eat then
my hotness might reduce If my hotness reduces
then guess what will happen? Nobody will marry me. And if nobody marries me
then I will be lonely forever. If I live alone all my life
then guess what will happen? I wouldn’t be able to share
my sad story with anybody. Have it, Ms. Nandini. Had
someone scared me off like that I would’ve eaten all the food
in the house. No, child, I don’t feel
like eating food. Okay, but you want to hear
his sad stories? How are you? I heard that
you aren’t doing well. And on top of that if you don’t
eat then you’ll fall more sick. Look how worried everybody
is for you. So that’s why have a little bit of food..
– No.. – Little bit. Come on.
Well done! The Parathas are delicious. Finish it properly. And if you need any help
let me know. Take care. Help. Isn’t he a great guy? Come on.
Let’s have Paratha. Ms. Manvi, your daughter
keeps everybody worried and you on the other hand
keep worrying. What are you worried about? Rudra and Maya..
– They were together. They’re together
and they’ll be together always. Even a devil can’t
separate them. You aren’t scared
of me now, right? Now it seems like you’ve gained
the courage to fight with me. You’re forgetting one thing. Fear gives you courage and courage gives you
the passion to do something. But if the fear ends completely then the courage will end
as well. And with that passion. What will you do after
that, Manvi? – Manvi is dead. Now there is merely Maya. If a cat assumes
that it’s a tiger by just looking at its shadow it doesn’t mean
that the cat can roar. It’s still going to meow. Rudra. Maya! Maya!
Maya.. Dad, what happened to Maya? I don’t know, Rudra. Suddenly
I don’t know what happened. Maya. Maya, nothing will happen
to you. Maya. Maya.. Open your eyes. Dad, what happened
to Maya’s hand? Maya..
– What happened? Maya..
– Maya. What happened?
– Get some water. What happened, Rudra?
– Bring water. Rudra, what happened
to Maya? Mother-in-law, Maya is okay.
Don’t worry. Maya.. Are you okay? I am all right.
– No, you’re not. I am fine.
– Have you seen this? Is this fine? Rudra, I had a cut on my hand.
– This is not because of a cut. This has happened because
of you. I asked you to remove this ring. Your finger has turned blue
because of the ring. Maya, it has stopped
the blood flow. Please take the ring out. No. Child, everybody is right. Take the ring out.
It has turned blue. Maya, take the ring out.
– No! I won’t take it out. Yes, you will.
– No, I won’t. This is the token
of your love. I will never
take it out. Love is expressed
from the heart not by the rings. And our love is from
the soul. It doesn’t need
any token to prove. Rudra, please.
Rudra, don’t.. Rudra.. Rudra, no. Anything in excess
is not good. Not even love. If love breaks the boundary
of peace and starts hurting then it should be destroyed. Your love will
take away all my pain. Mrityunjay, the matter
has gone beyond our limit. Manvi tried to burn me
with hot water in the bathroom. She made Rudra
break the ring. What!
– It was like a shackle to her. And your son broke it. How many times
should I tell you both? Have you both become
forgetful with growing age? Manvi is dead. And in front of you
is Maya Rudra Roy. You will play one game
and she will win two. She will never get
tired of winning. What are you going
to do? What I am going to do.. Only I know it. I want to give you
an advice. Spend as much as time
with your son. You may run out of time
anytime. You won’t do anything
to Rudra. I can do anything. Right? Rudra.. Good night. ‘Rudra’s love
won’t let me lose.’ ‘And my hatred..
My hatred won’t let you win.’ ‘Spend as much time
as you can with your son.’ ‘You never know
when it might end.’ ‘I can do anything.’ Manvi should have put you
in the boiling water. You would have been
in the hospital and I would
be sleeping peacefully. Are you concerned
about your sleep? You never know what she can do! Today, she claimed
that I’m the next target. Sometimes I’m confused if I should hate or love her. She’s gradually finishing
all the problems in my life. Sweet..
I don’t have to do anything. When all the problems
of your life will be over then Manvi will come after you. There would be no one
to save you. Sleep. Manvi turned out to be
a hanging sword. One can’t predict when it will fall and kill. ‘Tomorrow, Antara will lose.’ ‘Ms. Antara, sorry.’ ‘Maybe you were hurt
by what I said’ ‘but I didn’t mind
anything you said.’ ‘I think that your addiction
has made you this way.’ ‘When one gets addicted
to bad things’ ‘then that person
can’t understand what’s right..’ ‘You are addicted since years.’ ‘On top of that, Diya also left’ ‘so you have become lonely.’ ‘That is the reason why,
you are not stable.’ ‘But don’t pressurise
your mind.’ ‘Such things aren’t liable
at our age.’ ‘You will get well soon’ then I will take you
to veneration along with me.’ ‘You need peace.’ ‘Your sister, Nandini.’
Oh, God! This.. What nonsense is this? How dare she! In the potato vegetable,
make sure to add ghee. It’s very beneficial for health. Okay.
– Yeah, prepare it.. You made this your own house. Sister? Oh my God! What are you
and your daughter planning? Would I have to stay according
to both of you in my house? What are you saying, miss?
– Don’t you dare say that! What note did you keep
in my room? Am I an addict? Note.. What kind of note? Oh, please.. Shut up! Don’t act in front of me. Your level is similar to the
rubbish kept on the street whose place is not in a house.
Just.. – Mom! What are you doing? W-What am I doing, Rudra? You have no clue,
what she’s doing. She’s talking nonsense about
me.. – I heard you talking. Yesterday, day before
and today as well, Mom. Because you don’t know
about their plan against me. Do you know
that Nandini has kept a note in my room. She has written
that I am an addict. Am I an addict? She is provoking me.
– No. I’m not lying.
I haven’t written any note. Please don’t lie. Come with me.
I’ll show you. You’ll get to know
the true colours of this mother daughter duo. Come with me..
– Mom, please. I..
– I know. Mom, what are you doing..
– Look at this. Wait a second.
I’d kept that tray here. I mean it was right here. Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam where is the tray
containing tea? Ma’am, I haven’t served
you tea since morning. Mom. Mom. What happened? She has done this, Rudra. She has done this. She has brought her mom
to trouble me because she wants
to take revenge. Revenge for what, Mom? She wants to take revenge
against us. Now her mom is also with her..
– Revenge for what, Mom? Rudra, your dad..
– Your dad has tried to make your mom understand
that this addiction isn’t good for her. Is it sad that Ms. Nandini
was insulted because of this addiction. Please don’t feel bad. Mom, what has happened to you? What happened?
– I hate them. There’s been no peace
in my house since the time
they’ve come here. I’m sorry, Mom.
It’s my fault. I married Maya
without talking to you about it. I brought her to your house
without asking you. Mom, this is your house. And it is your decision
as to who will stay here. Sir, I’m the bride’s mother. We’ve married off our daughter. We haven’t sold
our self-respect. – Mom. Antara insulted me a lot.
I didn’t say anything to save my daughter’s family
from being shattered. But I can’t take this anymore. Dear, I’m going
to my house. I’ll become your weakness if I stay here. I’ll be your support if I stay at my house.
– No, Mom. Dear, I don’t belong here. I’m sorry..
– No. You’re carrying out the duty
of a mother. I also have to carry
out the responsibility of a daughter, Mom. I won’t stay in that house which can’t accommodate you. ‘So this was your plan.’ ‘I know you’ve understood.’ ‘But you can’t stop me now.’ ‘Just wait a watch’ ‘what happens
in the next few minutes.’

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