Bhakharwadi – Ep 228 – Full Episode – 25th December 2019

Look at this glass.. Is it your children’s toy?
– Sorry? Stop this nonsense. Do you want us to act
like we’re having tea? Give him a jug
full of tea. Come on. Why do you make an issue
out of everything? That’s certain. Look at the size of glass
and amount of tea. And besides, they’ve changed
the name. I am feeling so angry.. I am very angry right now. Then my Misal Pav
will settle your anger. And this plate full of onions. So much of onion? Do you know the price
of onions? Sir, do I ever give onions
to anyone when it’s cheap? Well said.. Mr. Mahendra talks nonsense. Do you know what he was saying
about onions just now? He said that he is going
to gift onion earrings in his daughter’s wedding. Wedding! M-Mr. Mahendra.
– Yes. Let’s make it fast. We also need to get them
married again. Eat quickly..
Come on.. You just have it peacefully,
Mr. Balkrishna. There won’t be any issue
in the marriage now. Y-Yes, I am peaceful now. This vendor came out to be nice,
so I am peaceful now. There won’t be any issue now.
– There! Stop.. They both are here.. Here, take it. Just keep the change. Mahendra.
– Mr. Balkrishna. There.
Two troubles have arrived. One forgets names
and another is stupid. Mahendra, Gayatri and Abhishek
have eloped. Krishna, it’s wrong. You shouldn’t leave the house
without informing like this. Wow! That’s a wonderful tie. Where did you buy it from?
– What! And even this watch is awesome. Brother Keshav.
Look here. It’s in working condition.
It’s 2 p.m., you know? Sir, it’s 3 p.m., not 2 p.m.
– Yes. That’s why I said
it’s 2 p.m. How will it be 3 p.m.,
if it doesn’t cross 2 p.m.? He’s right.
– Sorry. Amol. B-By the way, hi..
I am Keshav Gokhale. I am.. One moment.
– Yes. Onset? Onset.
Oh. Yes, Daftari, tell me. Yes, I found him. Yes, I told you, right? Why are you asking
again and again? Yes.. Daftari, we’re coming home. Stop. Put the phone down. Yes.
– Oh, God.. W-What happened?
Have I made a mistake? No..
It’s me who made a mistake. I put the pressure cooker
on the flame. Oh, God!
Father-in-law will kill me. What!
– J-Just leave it. This is pretty normal here. I was saying that I
am Keshav Gokhale. And I was saying that.. One moment. My phone is ringing now. Hello, Keshav?
– Yes, tell me. I have written a new song.
Please listen. – No. Please listen.. The fish lives in water,
that’s why it’s wet. When we drink water,
our tongue becomes wet. Then are fish and tongue same? Are Italy and Japan same?
– Stop it! He’s my elder brother. You just take a vow
of silence, Brother Prabhakar. Keshav.. Listen to me.
– Coming. Excuse me. Yes, tell me. Yes.. Thank you.
We’ll also make a move. Thank you so much..
– Why? I didn’t do anything. You took care of my son.
Thank you for that. Come on, dear, let’s go.
Come on. No, Dad..
I came here to search mom. My mom lives here. Dear, mom is not here. I’ll explain later.
Okay? Let’s go, dear.
– Why? Has her mom eloped? W-What.. No..
It’s not like that. Actually.. – My mom passed away
after giving me birth. Really? Bandya’s and Menaka’s mom went to someone else
after giving them birth. Same pinch. No. But I don’t pinch kids. Do you know what I do? I tickle.. Same pinch.. Try to recall, ma’am. Whom did you get
the fake documents issued from? That’s what I am doing?
Please be quiet for a moment. Think properly. How was his skin tone?
Fair or dark.. I-It was a maroon color. Y-Yes, maroon color is right. The man was maroon colored. N-Not maroon color. Sky blue color is correct. Please call sky blue
colored man here. Mahendra, final color
is dark green. She means to say.. That man was green colored! It means, he was a alien! Did any worker came from
space in your office? She is talking about
color of clothes. Not about skin color. Mr. Mahendra, please
maintain silence. You are talking too much today. Your wife is responsible
for all this. Hey! Let’s dance! Listen, do you have
lungi or mustache available here in your office? Abhijeet has come as a obstacle
between your son Abhishek and my daughter Gayatri’s life. Shall we get solution
for that first? Daddy, this uncle is so good. You know, he always says
‘You know’. Oh, wow! You know, he said just like me. You know.. , Krish..
– We are here. Uncle Amol, we have school
holiday tomorrow. We are done with
the homework too. Now we’ll play the cricket
all day long. Yes. How is that possible? Look, my bat has got broken.
You know. We’ve this washing
paddle with us. We can play cricket with this. Yes, that’s a good idea. I’ve a complete cricket kit. Is it? Dad, let’s go to bring
our cricket kit. Please, Dad.. Hey, Krishna..
– Please, Dad.. , Come on, take her wicket.
– Come on! , Come on, fast.
– Get her out quickly. No, Ujwala, go back.. Dad, throw the ball. Dad, it’s a chance
for the run out. Oh my God.. Why did you throw ball out? Bandya has said it. He was telling me to
throw the ball out. That’s why I threw
the ball out of the house. Thank you, Uncle.
I completed my century. Hold on! Ujjwala, why did you rip so many
paper from school notebook? Actually.. , I was..
– Speak up! Aunt, you can ask her later. Ask her once she gets out. Yes. – We’re not getting
a chance to bat. Because of her. Menaka, why did you called
your mother as aunt? Because she is our aunt. We don’t have mother. Who said this to you? Both of you have three
mother’s, right? Sister-in-law Bharti
and sister-in-law Nirmiti and I’m also your mother. , Come here.
– Yes. Aunty. May I join you? Even I don’t have mother. Of course my child, come. Wow! That’s good! Consider Gayatri as your mother. You know, she is just like
mother to everyone. Aunty. You are
Ms. Gayatri Gokhale, right? , Yes.
– And I’m Mr. Abhishek Gokhale. I hope, you would have
been other Gayatri. What do you mean? It means..
– Hey, Champ! Are you okay? Dad! Dad! How are you? Dad, I’m enjoying here a lot. Can I play here for some time? Dad, don’t take
me out from here. Krishna, we..
– Please, Dad.. Please! , Yes, arrived.
– What? Mahendra, now it’s arrived. Really? Yes, the worker
has arrived. Look, the worker
has arrived here. Look at him.
Was he there on that day? He was not there. Sorry, you can go. I said, thought has arrived
in my mind about that worker. Who was he? Look, it’s not possible to give
you marriage certificate. Hey, Mister.. Why it is not possible? As I told you now groom and bride got busy
due to marriage function. So, they couldn’t come here. That’s why, I’ve come here.
I’m bride’s mother. The groom and bride
needs to be present here for marriage certificate. Then only it is possible. Mr. Jayram.. …listen to me. It’s is my request
and I beg you. Please give me
marriage certificate. I’m giving my words to you. It’s my promise to you. I’ll come here with the bride
and groom here afterwards. If you’ll not give me
marriage certificate then Anna will land
me in trouble. Please give it to me. , Okay, seat down.
– Very good. , What is their names?
– The bride’s name is Ms. Gayatri Thakkar. Daughter of Mahendra and Urmila.
Myself Urmila. What is the groom’s name? Just a moment.. T-The groom’s name is.. , Avinash.
– Alright! No, his name is not Avinash. Yes, I remembered.
This is final name. Now I remembered his real name. The groom’s name is Abhijeet. Yes, my son-in-law. Write it down,
Mr. Abhijeet Annasaheb Ogale. Hail Lord Rama..
Praise Lord Rama.. Hail Lord Rama..
Praise Lord Rama.. Yes, now I remembered. That worker’s name
was Mr. Jayram. Did you hear that? His name was Jairam.
Call him. Jairam? Dear.. Wow!
Hey! What happened? I had told you
bring two sets of loin cloth. What is the status?
My wife wants to dance. Dear, look over there. ‘Late Jairam Naik’. He is gone.
– Wow! He was the one. He was the one.
Where is he? Call him.
Call him. Please. – Hey! ‘Call him?’ You can go. Please visit him. And you can send him back. But you should stay there. You must not come, okay? Hear that..
– What are you saying? He is right. His portrait is hung here
with a galand on it. Don’t you understand
that Mr. Jairam is no more. How can he die? No. I mean, he was.. Absolutely fine
the other day. – Right. It must be a sudden death. He should cross
the road carefully, right? Hear that. He wasn’t aware that you
are going to make a blunder. Perhaps, he must be
tensed while crossing the road. And he must have
met with an accident. Dear.. She is telling me
to dance. Naik! – Yes. What is the status? Sir, you had asked
for the loin cloth. Did you take it seriously? Then they will get
the drums shortly. Later.
I will take it later. I was joking.
I was kidding. I wanted it for myself. I see. Are you allowed
to wear it in the office? Forget about that. What will we do,
Mr. Naik? Mr. Jairam is gone
after making this blunder. Careless. Sir, shall I say something? Please have a seat.
– Thank you. Hi! I am Abhishek Gokhale. I am Abhijeet Ogle. Hi! I am
Gayatri Abhishek Gokhale. – Hi! Dad.. – Yes.
– She is my mother. Dear, you have started again. I am really sorry about him.
So.. No.. No..
That’s okay. Actually, I had told him
that he can call me mom. Gosh! You have again started
talking like the oldies. Will anybody bowl or not?
– Exactly. Ujwala.. Give me the ball.
I will out her. Come on.
– Let’s go. Come on.. Hey.. All the best.
– Ready? Abhishek, bowl fast. Don’t run..
– Hey! Bandya, run.
– Run.. Mom, you are out.
Stupid! My team is so weak. Mr. Abhijeet, you saw
that uncle made Aunt Bharti out. So, you should
play from my team. Please. Their team is very strong.
– Yes.. That’s right.
You will get snacks. Are you serious?
Promise? – Yes. I hope, you will not
charge for it. Oh, my God! I was just kidding. All right.
I will play for your team. Hurray! Very nice. Tell me something.
What would you like to have? ‘Moong dal Bhaji’
or ‘Samosa’? Well..
– Abhijeet, don’t answer this. Trust me. It’s okay.
– Gayatri is right. Let’s play cricket.
– Oh, no.. What are you saying?
She is so sweet. She is giving me
so many options. I have to answer. Okay.
As you wish. All the best. Okay.
Give me two days’ time. Tell you what? Publish a notice
in the newspaper to find
Abhijeet Annasaheb Ogle. And if such a man exists and if he gives us in written that he has no problem
with this change and he has no objection
and he is not Gayatri’s husband. Then we will prepare a new
certificate for you, okay? Say yes. He is asking this. ‘Say yes!’ All right.
Fine. Let’s go. Let’s go now. Let’s find him. I wonder if there’s
anyone by this name or not. Abhijeet Annasaheb Ogle. I will have ‘Batata Vada’
and ‘Chutney’. That’s final. All right. But, Mr. Abhijeet..
– Yes. We are running short
of coriander leaves. – Gosh! Shall I make dates
and tamarind ‘Chutney’? Mind blowing. I love dates
and tamarind ‘Chutney’. I can give it in written. Dates.. ‘Chutney’..
I-I can drink anything. This one is final. All right. But, Mr. Abhijeet.. ‘Batata Vada’ won’t go with
dates and tamarind ‘Chutney’. ‘Sabudana Vada’ will be great. Shall I make that? I’m ready to tell in the court
that I like ‘Sabudana Vada’ and I won’t have anything else. That’s final!
– Fine. He throws a lot of tantrums
like father-in-law. – Seriously! Keshav, Dhaniya,
Mangya, Prabhakar.. Where is Prabhakar? I ousted him. – What!
– What! You were not around. So, he was going on reciting
poems after poems! He was bombarding me with poems. So, I ousted him.
– Come on! We are left out. You are very lucky, Keshav. Lucky!
Is he lucky? L-Look at poor Keshav, his face
has turned red with anger. My poor son, Keshav! Not red, it’s maroon..
His face has turned maroon. Oh, yes!
S-She’s right. Keshav’s face has turned maroon
with anger. No.. It’s not maroon.
It’s chocolaty, Mr. Balkrishna. His faced has turned chocolaty. Oh, yes!
I-I just noticed it. Yes! Prabhakar’s poems have made him
so wild that his face has turned chocolaty. No..
It’s not chocolaty. It’s dark-blue..
This is final. No, it’s not blue. Let’s finalise chocolaty. I hope you got it.
– Fine. Come on, Mr. Mahendra, let’s
have the ad published soon in order to trace Abhijit Ogle. If such a person really exists,
we’ll be able to find him. Sir, if you are done discussing,
please do the bowling. And get Uncle Abhishek out. I can get anybody out. This option is quite better. Here you go. Come on. Abhijit..
Abhijit! Abhijit..
– Abhijit! Abhijit..
Abhijit! Brother Amol, I am
about to score a century. Cheer for me.
– Fine. Abhishek..
– Abhishek.. – Yes! Abhishek..
– Abhishek! Abhishek..
– Abhishek! Mr. Amol, I’m going to get
Abhishek out at 99 runs. So, you should be cheering
for me. – Seriously! We’ll see that. I’ll cheer for both. Abhishek! Abhijit!
Abhijit! Abhijit! Abhishek!
– Abhishek! Come on..
Get Uncle Abhishek out. Abhishek, watch out! Here comes a googly. Out.. Together, Mr. Abhijit
and Aunt Gayatri got Uncle Abhishek out! Are you fine?
– Yes.. I am.. She’s absolutely fine.
Thank you. Abhishek, I bumped into her
accidentally. Please don’t mind..
– Abhishek, that was very rude. He was helping me
like a gentleman and you.. Apologise to him right now. I-It’s okay. Abhishek, apologise to him! Come on!

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