BHS Football

It kind of hyped us up in the 1st half and
then you know we lost, we lost momentum coming into the second half but we’ll work on that. We just need to stay positive and then going
into next week we want to win and we will. It’s hard for us with all the injuries we
got so many kids gong both ways. We done that pretty much all year and we’ll
fight and play the first half pretty well and eventually we’ll wear down and you know
it’s the number of snaps our kids are going verses theirs. The numbers we have and all the injuries we
will have to have a good week of practice but probably going 2 huddles to prepare for
their quickness. Hopefully, we’ll be able to control the ball. Keep them off the field which will give our
guys some more rest but…like I said with our numbers and injuries you know we are going
to have to buckle down and play hard. Now we have the younger kids playing for the
first time and they’re learning and playing hard and I’m proud of our team. They never quit they just play till the end
and they just eventually wear down.

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