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Hi guys, this is rough in gaming and welcome back to another gaming video and today I’ll be showing you guys about a cricket game. Which is big – I think all of you know about it It’s a good game, and I think it’s better than all cricket games It has excellent graphics and power shots so in this video. I’m gonna be showing you about how to play perfectly I Think I’ll help you a lot Without talking I want to go straight to play a match and let’s see how it works Let’s go to BBL tournament let’s play a match and I’m going for two over and batting first with normal mode It’s loading Oh the first week it. It was my fault. Let’s try again And getting here for The same shirt, I’m taking the same shot It should be a six it’s this I goes another six And you can follow me in this way It wasn’t a timed well But the over was good. I have gained about 21 runs Nice short, but one man It would be tough I think it would be for ya no no Gina One run again, I’m playing well Oh Shit I was talking with My brother, and I didn’t see it And it was a super-short its powershot unless it’s time for bowling a let’s bowl and As you can see I will teach you how to swing to swing a ball you need to swipe It wasn’t a power shot, but he made it through six and boundary oh It should be Oh Let’s do it yo girl For no problem I’m again so much run so I’m not in put pressure Nice I like this ball, this is awesome No problem this better He needs 18 run from six balls so either do a ball better There’s a fielder and he will pick the ball And this is the power I have give him the full pace But he made it as a for Nice it was nice Level battle Yeah Claire is good because the ball I have Given him was really tough to handle and I have gained about About 10 wickets, but in this ball Nice and I own the match let’s play again I’m facing Brisbane Heat It should be a six And it’s for You need to understand the angle in which angle That wasn’t timed well by me Oh, did you feel them? This should be a six and is a six Six again I’m playing well this time Really I’m playing well this time What is it’s a four I’m giving him power shots oh No problem, but I have got enough run It should be for ya You need to swipe, and it’s a wicked my fault my fault my fault As you can see I should defend it And I have got 33 runs With a wicked in two overs and lesbo lesbo Yeah, I have made the creeks and he’s into the trap and got the first wicked Clever clever wedding really I should swing the ball like this Oh, there’s no man There’s no way to handle the players Nice I have given him the slower balls Let’s give him a Yorker oh Shit yes, but I don’t I didn’t make it with the wickets, but I got the catch The bowler is Josh Hazelwood Australian bowler and it’s Australian League big – They were waiting again But I will win the match really I will win the match Nice eye, I saw that there is a field and eyeballs in this direction Let’s give him Yeah But I need another wicket here This was the Powerball Let’s swing it And I only match pretty well before that and I Don’t want to play again, but as you can see this game is really good. This is insane and if you like it you can play and you can maintain these rules and If you were like my videos, please Spread the like button and subscribe me and welcome to the next video. Thank you very much

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