Biggest Fans of Cricket Game I Fans who are Same Popular as Players I Meet Some Biggest Fans

As salam o alaikum friends i hope u all are fine the world cup is still in process and very interesting matches are been played today i will talk about cricket and especially about those fans of cricket who in every match of their team come to support their team in every part of the world where their team are playing they come to support the way people make pictures with cricketers in the same way people feel honour to make pictures with these biggest fans of cricket so at first number comes sufi abdul jalil from pakistan who is famous as chacha cricketer it is said that from 1968 when england cricket team for the first time came to lahore since then he is present in ground to support pakistani team but he got famous in 1997 from cricket grounds of sharjah and in one hand he used to carry bag of apples and in other the bananas and his slogans were very famous where ever you see there is only pakistan then he made some changes in it then it was jab pyar kiya to darna kiya and pakistan zindabad so in this world cup he is also present in england and supporting pakistani cricket team at second number there is sudheer kumar from india who is famous with the name of sachin for the last fifteen years he is supporting indian cricket team and he comes in ground by painting indian flag on his whole body number ten of sachin tendulkars shirt is been painted on his body and after retirement of tendulkar he has painted i miss u sachin on his shirt and he says after covering distance of three weeks he came to mumbai on bicycle from bihar to meet sachin tendulkar and in 2011 world cup when indian team won the world cup final sachin send zaheer khan to call sudheer to dressing room and he himself and other players make photos with him and trophy he is also present in this world cup and his travelling expenses are covered by sachin tendulkar and other players by contribution on third number comes shoaib ali from bangladesh who is famous as lion and bengali tiger he also comes in ground by painting bangladeshi flag on his body in this world cup he was not able to come due to visa problems in the beginning when he use to come in ground by painting the flag on his body his parents even dont know that who was he he use to work as denter and painter but after watching chacha cricketer and sudheer h came to this side and for the last some time he is coming to support bangladeshi team at fourth number is gyan sananaike who is from srilanka not only srilankan players but players from other teams also support him he is also present in grounds for the last fifteen years to support srilankan team anushka sharma and virat kohli in their wedding ceremony gyan sananaike was invited as special guest in that ceremony so these are the asian fans who who are more famous as compared to other countries supporters and these four people are suporting their team for the last many years in every part of the world they come to support their team where they are playing now there is addition in many other fans in last few time chacha chicago has also become famous who is provided ticket by dhoni in pakistan india match he also got famous recently and some other people also so it is a good thing that from many countries people are coming to support their team so for today its almost done in next video i will come with new topic and if you like the video please share it and subscribe my youtube channel reviews by palwa

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