48 thoughts on “Billy Crudup Is the Tom Brady of Celebrity Bowling

  1. i love how Alec was really interested in everything Billy was saying and intrigued not even noticing that he started interviewing him himself😂

  2. Nobody is laughing at all with this entire bit of how they're rubbing in how famous they are compared to Jimmy and how good of a bowler Billy is compared to the other two absolutely no one is laughing to this stupid bit

  3. ahahahah)) Alec))need go traine and WIN this Bowling champion))) like good times)) AA BOOK how play bowl))3 finger)?^_^ WTF-ka MTF-ka toilet paper)) I will back after 10-30 min)) reed) you wot think?

  4. Almost Famous was one of my least favorite of his. Without Limits, Waking The Dead, those are my favorite of his.

  5. Thought jimmy Fallon what funny until I began watching other late night hosts. Still like the guy and would watch him, he’s just last place for me

  6. I like Billy Crudup but he's really struggling to get his words out what's going on? He performs for a living.

  7. Billy Crudup, a fine actor who's done nothing notable since Almost Famous. He did abandon a seven months pregnant Mary Louis Parker for Claire Danes. Claim to fame is that his romantic partners are more interesting than he is.

  8. Wow that audience could not give a shit about that story.

    I'm half expecting someone to say "We're bored! Someone lip sync something!"

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