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And now it is time for Magic Moments the part of the video where I give you tips so you can look better than Becky and accounting We’re just gonna jump right into it because I have so much to cover if you’ve been doing a ton of arm exercises But you’re just not seeing any changes in your arms. Those bingo wings are not doing what you want them to do They’re still out there. Just just dulling your shine. I got you. I have so much information to share with you Don’t give up. Don’t quit. You’re not doing anything wrong Unless you’re doing some of the things that ought to talk about, but let’s let’s talk about it Let’s talk about some of these mistakes some of these tips that you may not know these magic moment Nuggets that are gonna step up your game to the next level number one mistake. You’re doing too many arm Exercises let me explain. I know I know you just did arm exercises And now I’m telling you girl you’re doing too many of those. Let me explain what I’m saying If all you’re doing is arm exercises because you want to turn up your arms You’re not going to see changes why this is particularly true If you’re struggling with your arms being a bit Softer than you want them to be if they’re sagging a little bit There’s a bit of bra fat in the sides when you wear your your sports bras and other types of underwear and all those things Are not going to go away just from doing arm Exercises specifically you can do all the tricep extensions in the world You can do all the bicep curls all the Arnold presses all the snow angels if that’s all you’re doing It’s not going to get you to your goal. Even if you add weights It’s not going to get you to your goal Getting those toned strong healthy arms is a combination of burning off You know it the excess fat in addition to working your muscles It’s both and you don’t get both just from doing isolated arm exercises. What does this mean? It means you have to move your whole body Move it all of it work it shake it twist it do what you got to do But don’t train only your arms trying to tone just your arms you have to do more So if you did just this 5 minute workout, and you’re not going to do anything else today Let me encourage you in a very loving way to find more videos on my channel Or sign up for my app or on my website and find more exercises You can do that are going to move your whole body. So you’re working your whole body and your arms This is just how the human body works. Okay. Okay, number two you are Avoiding weights or or or you’re using weights, but you’re using weights that are not Challenging you. I know I know I know I know revolutionary this is brand new news a Lot of times we ladies get marketed to with these tiny little dumbbells Which if that is the level you are at there is no shame in your game little dumbbells matter What I am saying is that if you can lift slightly heavier dumbbells in your arm workouts incorporate them don’t be afraid to add them in as Always I said this ad nauseum if you’ve been watching my channel for a while You can probably say this with me. You always start your training with Bodyweight and when you advance enough when you have good form when you understand the movement Then you can add weight and once you add weight, don’t be afraid to Increase your weight over time and I mean increase the weight of the dumbbell. Not your bodyweight you feel me? You know what I’m talking about? Don’t be afraid of the weights now I’m not one of those trainers that’s gonna tell you you can never get bulky from weights because it’s not true Okay you anywhere on the internet people say, oh, no as a woman You’re gonna have to work really hard for you to get muscular. Not true It depends on how you’re built the way my body is built It doesn’t really take a whole lot for my arms to start getting a bit too bulky. So I do have to watch that So I’m not gonna play you. I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you oh, it’s not possible It is possible. You just pay attention to your body. But at the same time don’t be afraid I just made you terrified of weights with what I just said and at the same time I’m telling you Don’t be afraid I guess that’s what we personal trainers. Do. We just freak you guys out. It’s what we do for a living Number three. I hope that’s number three. I lost count of my count But the next thing I’m gonna tell you is that you may be training the same muscle back-to-back You may be training your arms too. Frequently. You may be trying to do arm exercises every day this is something that’s very easy to fall into if you have a vacation coming up a special event coming up and you’re like oh My god arms not looking right Becky’s gonna be there. Let’s go and your training arms every single day. This is not healthy most of the time You want to give your arms time to what? That’s right time to recover. I heard you say that and that was really good. So just give yourself some time Don’t let that muscle just constantly be fatigued give yourself some time If you’re doing my programs if you’re doing my workouts I programmed this into your schedule for you if you’re doing any of my workout programs I take this into account for you So it’s not something you have to think about if you’re doing my app or my website But if you’re piecing together my YouTube workouts don’t train arms every day Do other stuff train booty booty is always good to train too another reason You may not be seeing the results that you deserve From your arm workouts and just from trying to reach your goals in general is that your form is not correct? It’s not correct for most arm exercises If you notice yourself hunching your back or arching your back if you notice yourself With your stomach being too relaxed doing the exercise If you notice that your toes are pointing towards the ceiling instead of holding your body firm to the ground These are all things that typically don’t go. Well with most arm exercises This is why during my workouts I give you so many cues. So many tips do this do that suck Listen pull that hair do this do that just to help you get your posture down and get your form down Because my goodness if you see some people Tossing their arms and their weights around you would think that they were doing some karate movements, but they’re not they’re just trying to train their arms and they don’t know better because nobody has told them so I don’t want You to be that person. I don’t want people to talk about you. Okay, I want you to get your form so my point here is Listen to the cues during the workout. I know you do already you guys are really good about that actually listening to the cues that I’m giving you SEO during your workout so that you can get Massive results without her yourself because there’s always that that risk of injury Especially when you start adding in weights and barbells and dumbbells and things like that. So Pay attention to that posture and form is key have totally lost track of the numbering at this point but something else that you need to keep in mind is the Variations you’re doing you’ll notice that with a lot of my workouts. I have variations of variations Do you know how many different types of squats we do at kabocha fitness? Every squat under the Sun is included because I never know squats don’t work the arms That’s just my favorite example to use but the thing is variations are very important not only to avoid getting bored but also so you can work different angles of the same muscle if you do exactly the same exercise in exactly the same way all the time it’s Better than not doing anything and it’s better Than just chilling and eating sneakers everyday, but if you really want to challenge yourself take things to the next level It’s generally a good idea to try to incorporate some variations just so you can hit your muscles from different angles and again So you can avoid getting bored because sometimes you don’t even see it coming. You think you’re being consistent you’re doing everything great And then boom boredom just like slaps you in the face and you fall down on your bed And you don’t want to get up you’d like help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up so that’s why variations are important the whole thing of working muscles from different angles is also helpful, but You know what? I’m just proud of you if you’re doing anything Okay I’m not gonna hold that one over your head and the last maybe nothing lasts but something else I’m gonna mention too is You may be doing exercises that are just too advanced for you There is something to be said for powering through a difficult workout. That’s a good thing. Okay, that’s a good thing But there’s also a time on place to say, you know what girl this one is not for me So it push-ups is a very typical example A lot of people are not able to do a full pushup But I’ve been seeing comments from you guys saying that you have pushed Yourselves and you are now able to do push-ups with me in my workouts and that just makes my day That makes me so happy So if you are somebody that used to not be able to do push-up so now can do them. Leave a comment I want to I just want to see I just want to see you say I can do it now Cola I can see clearly Now the rain is gone It’s gonna be your breath back bright bright and sunshiny day Excuse me. Sorry I had a moment there. But so with push ups a lot of people can’t do push-ups It’s just too hard beside what what activity in life requires that push-up movement Generally, don’t well Maybe you do but moving on moving on. My point is Push-ups are difficult Okay And if you’re unable to do a full proper push-up do it on your knees and if you’re unable to do it on your knees Stand up and do a wall push Don’t do exercises that are so hard that you literally cannot do them and then you end up hurting yourself It’s so much better to do something that you can do and do it well and then progress In your strength and watch yourself grow Shout out so Trisha just shout out to Trisha. She is the perfect example of a person that Understood where she was and she’s kept working and working and working till now she’s doing some amazing stuff if you’re in the Facebook group You’ve seen her posts. You’ve seen her progress. So shout out to you. Perfect example of making progress over time So to summarize this particular point don’t kill yourself trying to do something That’s way too advanced find a level of variation that fits your level Master it and then make progress towards those harder things I keep using squats because it’s my favourite example So you are out here trying to do jump squats when you can’t even squat just a normal regular squat with good form Why why my momma bear just jumped out last point last point is regarding a diet? You already know no discussion about fitness health Any of that stuff is complete without talking about your diet A lot of trainers will tell you it is 80% diet 20% exercise something but we’ll tell you you don’t even need to exercise It’s all diet. I am here to tell you always have always will forever tell you it is 100% diet 100% exercise this is like saying it’s 80% this 20% that is like saying Do you need air or water to survive? You need both you need both? Okay, so you need both give your 100% Effort to your diet give you 100% effort to your exercise and don’t kill yourself do your best Leave the rest, but I have to call your attention to your diet if you’re killing it with your workouts But you’re not seeing any improvements. You’re not feeling any better. Your numbers aren’t changing you may need to reevaluate what’s happening in the kitchen and this one is tricky because a lot of us work, so Hard to eat clean and you think you’re doing good, but there’s like little minions in your kitchen cabinet That’s just sabotaging everything. It could be something little like putting too much olive oil on your food and not realizing how Calorie-dense olive oil is it could be something like that. So pay attention to that also Keep in mind that with arms Your body fat percentage is very very important to pay attention to you don’t have to know the number You don’t have to know the number. It could just be off of photos You take off yourself yourself in the mirror going by your intuition going by your feeling It could be anything just be aware that your body fat percentage is Something that’s good to have your pulse on and I have a video on my channel talking about how to measure your body fat Percentage and I actually measured mine in that videos to go watch that if you’re working out But your diet isn’t dialed in you will get stronger You will be fitter, but you will not get the aesthetic result that you may be looking for So keep your eye on that make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet This is what helps your body to repair your muscles. It’s what helps you to be leaner It’s what helps your body synthesize your DNA properly it’s critical you guys it’s not as delicious as carbs or As carbs and fat to mix together because my goodness, is there anything better than french fries? So, you know it’s a sacrifice but it’s worth it, so make sure Make sure you’re getting your protein in make sure you’re getting those vegetables in make sure you’re getting your healthy fats You know avocados really popular on the ground these days get your avocado in don’t eat fries too much even though I just said they’re delicious because they are and I’m here to say the truth and Nothing, but the truth and of course watch the sugar cakes cookies cupcakes, all those happiness inducing foods It’s just yeah, sacrifice sacrifice is the name of the game. That’s all I have for you for today’s magic moment Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already Totally free for you and it means the world to me check out my website download my app Be a good person and show me some love. I love you so much I’ll see you in my next workout video You

26 thoughts on “Bingo Wings? Bat Wings? Jiggly Arms? ⚠️ GET IN HERE!! \\ Arms Workout Mistakes

  1. Hey Kola, me personally I like remaining what my friends say "thicc", however I love doing your workouts cause they're fun. I don't really need to workout just because I'm 13 but I soon want a flat stomach again. Which I got after 5 days! I just want to get back there. Love ya Kola!💖

  2. That’s so true, lifting heavier weights is a game changer! Also, doing “arm day” twice a week is perfection! 💪

  3. I build muscle but… honestly I am good with it. I LIKE being able to be stronger (but doing it in a totally natural and not over the top way). As I increased my weights, my arms have THINNED out. No lie.

    Started 0-5s. Am on 8s to 15s and I don't look like the Hulk (or don't think that I do 🤔🤣).

    LOVE that you included to increase weights. If I stuck with 3s I would have Flappy Bird arms

  4. Also, I started wall pushups and barely doing half-pushups. Now I can even do 2 mins of full pushups with Bring Sally Up.

    Also…. OMG… you gave me a shoutout 🙊🙊🙊❤❤❤❤

    Gah!!!! I seriously…. I love you SO much!! You are totally there for people 100% ALL the way through their journeys. You understand that people are at different places and you encourage REALISTIC goals. Some other places and people… it can get people into a scary head-space.

  5. 100% Diet. 100% Exercise. Yes, yes, yes, yes! I've never heard a trainer say that, so thank you! After losing and keeping off 80 pounds that worked for me. I did/do the very best with both. Keep up the great work!

  6. Currently pregnant with my first and all my weight is growing on my arms and thighs…. ughhhhhhh. My bat wings are stronger than ever and they continue to grow.

  7. Yes! Couldn’t agree more with 100% diet AND 100% exercise. I have never gotten good results only focusing on diet. My body needs both. Thought it was only me!

  8. Kolaaaaa you r soooo cute 😭😭😭 I’ve been binge watching all your videos tonight. So many good tips and I love how you explain things with your humour ❤️

  9. Personally my problems is not that they are saggy but there is fat on the back and it also shows on the side and it doesnt look nice to me. The past months I'm only taking classes were we train abs, hips & legs mainly not arms at all. But the arms are being also trained from these workouts. I'm not doing anything else and I think I kinda see a bit of difference but not really. In the summer time it really annoys me especially if I see pictures of my back and I see this arm fat there.

  10. I swear, one week going to the gym and my quads get HUGE without much effort (and they're about the only muscle group that do that lol)

  11. I just discovered your channel, and it's amazing! I used to be a gym rat and got out of it a few years ago. It's amazing how lost I feel now. It's so great that your channel doesnt just do workouts, and that you actually offer advice!! I know the exercises but I need the tips and tricks! So thank you for that!!

  12. I just came across your site, and just wanted to say, Koboko…you are AWESOME! You're REAL, you don't waste time, you are informative, you're down to earth and my new fav video to watch. GREAT JOB. Thanks so much!

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