BIR অসমীয়া | Episode 04 | Explanation, why I did what I did | Vlogging with basic setup

So people, the reason I came here… Asia’s third best paragliding spot Asia’s second… Asia’s number one, world’s second So according to the pilot, Asia’s number one and world’s second paragliding spot Where I brought a gamusa It is evening time and I am going out Its freezing even holding the phone is making my hand freeze Come, lets see how Bir Billing is at night Technically its not night yet Its still evening. I just wanted to catch up with you guys Today I went paragliding I am so happy for that Something I wanted to do for so long Today finally I did Lets see what else to do now Its unbelievably cold here Which way to go now First I saw Dr. Vikramjit Kakati He is someone I know What he did is that in Andaman Under the sea He showed the gamusa, There was a photo that got published also. I got really inspired by that. Why we cannot do more stuff like that And in sometime someone put the gamusa… on top of mount Everest as well like a flag. That was even more inspiring. I felt like I should also contribute In Andaman, our gamusa went under water to… and in everest it went to the top of the world. It is not like Assamese people never went to Andaman before… Not sure about Mount Everest but who knows… So I thought If I do something like that It should be the best, here it is the highest from where you jump for gliding. and if I can take a gamusa there then it will be great. If we do a top ten.. If we do a top ten list… of extremes our gamusa has been to… this will be one of them. That was my only intention by I feel good. My footages can be shaky Because I do not have a gimble. Please bare with me…..ooohhhh beautiful… People still doing paragliding. I forgot to get gloves actually… So my hands are freezing.. So I am buying a pair of gloves here… No one is here in the shop… Not good… Ok.. Will go somewhere else… This is the market..Bir Billing… Main market Do you have gloves? Do you different colors? No sir…this is the last piece Thank you brother! Gloves… Now… Will have tea…somewhere.. I have gloves now…so will just chill… If anybody thinking of doing vlogging.. Just start doing…it feel good.. Though I have gloves now… But I forgot that I cannot operate the phone wearing gloves. I do vlogging on my phone itself. I need to keep removing my gloves for that…but whatever… I ordered pasta as well…

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