Bishop Baseball Bi-District Game

This segment is brought to you by
Turcotte Piper Mortuary. We’re looking out to come out here go
through our pregame routine as if we we’re playing any opponent, any opponent
in the past or any opponent that we’re gonna see. We really try to master the
fundamentals we really…we play against the game, ourselves and the baseball
because the game of baseball is unpredictable and you really have to
stay grounded and into your fundamentals. Not really…not really think about who you’re playing but really stay…stay to who you are as a team. Our pitcher Nic Hernandez had gave up no hits and he gave up one one walk so he
threw a no-hitter but the perfect game was spoiled by that walk. Every game I go into the same line so just go throw strikes and let my defense make plays and that’s all it is. Our mentality is to come in and just beat whoever’s in front of us.

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