Black Ball – The Players of the Negro Baseball Leagues

My name is William Blair Jr. Father’s name was William [glass] [senior]. My mother name was cool Ross Started playing baseball on us 10 [years] old at the YMCA on floor and [bo] Well at the why I’m said he had a league down and I was playing with Boys older than me when [I] was 12 years old woody couldn’t punish a real Barn sorel is the one they went to get when they signed Jackie Hello a ball player Played second base Would he played [on] the same team with Jackie? Can’t sit [at] my house What’d he say about Jackie? Well, I saw him one time saw him in 1946 where he went to Mexico [always] no doubt about James in a great ball prohibited whole lot of noodle better ballplayer robbers. [oh]? No one to walk with them all by myself No one to talk with that. I’m happy on the show [I] would like to thank all of you for being being here this evening Baseball is a game for the young and old and it is good to see a mix of young and old here tonight For the younger generation you need to know that your elders here this evening are all young at heart [I] Would like to thank Some special guests for being here, and we’re going to start with Dr. William Blair who pitched in the negro leagues in the late 1940s [in] the late 1950s He was the founder [and] publisher of the elite news in Dallas in the 1980s He was the force behind the Martin Luther king Jr.. Parade in Dallas. He is known as [the] legend Dr. Blair thank you very much for coming and being here to support me tonight in 2010 when I believe God had a plan for me to write and speak about the [blackball], era Which is segregated or negro League [baseball] [I]? Needed the blessing from two groups of people one baseball historians, and two former players from the black ball, Era enjoy 2010 I attended my first Lester Molloy Negro League baseball Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, [which] is where Dr.. Blair used to play ball? There were about a hundred baseball historians in attendance there were about a dozen Academic presentations on the history of the negro Leagues with the focus being on negro League baseball in the state of Indiana My primary objective for the conference was to determine if these baseball historians thought my historical fiction book the best season the first 90 games Which at that time was still in the process of being written? Would have a positive impact in showing, how good these players were and the response was very favorable [I]? Have now had the opportunity to talk to five or six former players from the negro league. I met dr.. Blair in the fall of 2011 It was definitely a divine appointment about three weeks before I met dr.. Blair a friend of mine at Church Asked me if I saw on the local news channel that [a] former player from the negro leagues had a [ballpark] in South Dallas named after him. I said no, what is his name? Well my parishioner friend could not remember and for a local jazz station. I found out the person [I] was looking for was Mr.. William Blair the founder and publisher of the elite news So I made an appointment to meet him now Dr.. Blair does not know me my [two] biggest assets I had to share with him were one my passion for [baseball] which now included the negro leagues [in] to a Brochure I had my son-in-law produce for the negro League baseball conference After I introduced myself and review my brochure with him Dr. Blair looks me [straight] in the [eye], and I mean straight in the eye and asked me point-Blank Bob who is one of the greatest players in history? And I knew this was my test If I fail this test it’s strike three and the game is over I Looked Dr.. Blair Straight in the eye and with no hesitation I say Oscar Charleston According to Bill James baseball historian there were only three players better, babe, [ruth] Honus Wagner and Willie Mays Dr.. Blair smiles, [and] I knew I’d hit the ball out of the park Meeting Dr.. Blair and hearing his story one on one Just really inspired me [here’s] a guy that owns his own newspaper He’s an entrepreneur. He’s a businessman. [I] think I could aspire to to to to just Understand and admire a lot of those players back then but to actually meet one So if you [asked] me about a player dr.. Blair would be someone that I would I would highly respect well We were in Birmingham, Alabama You know when you go to it when you go to them when you went to the nato Lee You had to make good on a contract yes, you did inside me so We’re playing the cleveland buckeyes just one who were a championship to you. Oh So they’re going to get rid of me. You know by my side So I started the game [walter] for about four five innings so thomas Samson who the manager to build [on] great Play take him that thinking finish it up. I saw you [here’s] a man named Winfield will ch who owned everything for the Harlem Globetrotters in Chicago American [John] [Philippe] Southwest and Some he gave me a hundred dollar bill on Miller’s shelf. He said me know [2p]. Hotel and new Orlean to them That’s [how] I got [a] [negro] D Okay again the definition of blackballed 1887 to 1946 segregated baseball was the black ball, Era in 1947 Jackie Robinson reintegrated baseball but in 1872 bud fowler broke the color line in professional baseball Fleetwood walker was playing for toledo in the American association in 1887 When the Unwritten agreement By the white owners banned black ballplayers for the next 60 years in Major league baseball this period from 1887 to 1947 Was 60 years when the great black ballplayers? the owners of those teams the managers the black press and the fans had to play Watch and write in the shadows It was great exciting [baseball] which most of the country missed out on the Era of 1900 1919 was mostly independent black baseball teams Smokey Joe Williams who was a pitcher [and] pop lloyd Shortstop our early stars of the black ball, era in 1920 Led by Rube foster Former great player the negro National League was formed with teams primarily from the midwest the Chicago American Giants Indianapolis Abc’s St.. Louis Giants that white stars in the Kansas City Monarchs The Eastern colored league was formed in 1923 with a hilldale [Daisy’s] Atlantic City Backer Acts Baltimore black Sox the New York Lincoln Giants the Brooklyn Royals and the Harrisburg giants in 1924 the first negro League World Series was played with the monarchs defeating the daisies in [ten] games one was tied 1926 [Satchel] [Paige], Began his career Bill James baseball historian ranks paige as the second best pitcher in baseball behind Walter big [Train] Johnson of the Washington Senators Paige was also considered [to] be the first free agent in baseball You know supposedly that happened in the 1970s Well Satchel did not mind at all if somebody offered him [$500] to pitch for a weekend He’d leave his team the monarchs or the [graves] whatever and go pitch somewhere else, and then come back and hit always be welcome back And we Lana Hey, Little fellow about Brooks’s I [led] over a [trooper] on set you When he got the third, base he’s pulling up his britches and everything Such as a young man say you know one things. I want to go over three tonight He said [what] I’m gonna. Go nine because I’m going to teach you some table boy for shame he told Such it to do anything such a woman Such as ego struck. He’s Gonna strike. Yeah That’s what he did Meaning we want anybody in history baseball. [yeah] [happily] [with] nobody [else] didn’t have You know today that it julie Had a shot with him named you baby. Wasn’t this wired all the way up [here] [he’d] want you to get you such and you couldn’t get to But such it was a true man, fred in cape, Girardeau, Missouri You could the in warm in a baby boom boom boom I Bet they want of it. Yes that you [thought] his glove. I didn’t beat them because I got a little pity and didn’t walk nobody Didn’t walk [ticker] messaging through the all day long pulled it all tonight Had it kind of control Did such a pig? Hilton Smith did carnage on that big [Jackie] Magic thought though hand [a] Boy named whatever did love in morning anyway and become back Daniel sixer Everyday descent summer I had thrown the ball hard and cathode the day before Never sell for yet in time. He was talking about you know there was talk about you know the speed on the ball, so [sachet] was got him warming up him and popcorn [he’ll] He said, what would he thought? What was he doing? He’s throwing over hundred. He said me I? Didn’t know that’s what they do he flicked it on fire for real who [touches] Looking like dance [to] harder. He Do you think Hilton Smith might have been a better picture than Sachin [odell] [horn]? [oh] [dude] [an] [intercept] on doing him and sat just guilt on the light and [Satchel] dog Your [submit] [though] curb all go around this room come back Wouldn’t go still if they liked it like brooke trauma stand up that doesn’t stay up there couldn’t stay [up] there Yet to get away from There’s a picture of leroy from his uh negro league days There’s a that’s a picture of satchel page in his Indians uniform as he helped the Indians win their last world series in Nineteen forty eight Page was introduced into the national baseball Inducted into the National baseball Hall of fame in 1971 Here’s a quote from Satchel page Quote [Belle] was so fast that he could shut the light off in the hotel room [and] be in bed Before the light was out [that] [was] a quote about James cool Papa Bell well I got to tell you a funny story one time They were sharing a hotel and when Belle went into the room he noticed that when he shut the light off There was a delay, so when Satchel came in and he says hey Satchel watch this Flips the switch he’s actually in bed before the light went out There’s a picture of cool Papa bell doing what he did very well sliding into third base sliding into home I mean he and this was a game against a major League team I forget when it was it was probably sometime in the 40s one of the things that negro league Were expert at and I’ve never seen it done in the major leagues [when] they had cool Papa Bell on first base They’d lay down a bunt and the objective was not to get bell to second the objective was get bell to third And that worked all the time, but when they played the major leaguers and did that bell ran right past? Well those the catcher saw that nobody was covering third So he runs to third what bell runs right by him and scores from first base on a bunt no, [Geir] little story about Crude Papa bear We [plan] [a] little town called Keokuk, Iowa on a Saturday night All the money you take on [Saturday] [night] [you] experiment on the ballplayers So we had them two to one think about the [Civil] [dinner] and Welch Team to top of the dog who lead North of 70 He said who was got to have another on You got to get on Who hit the ball bounce [poor] [Pupkin] Air force [big]? If he’s playing [bowling] are they near would throw him out? I’m continuing kitchen never throw in You got on based on the time exterior hundred faces [son] face. He’s 42 years old first time. I ever saw [on] in my life Could I run a deal I? Run a deer I wrote anything you put in front and [any] [expert] in his particular. I was telling you about He’s standing on the first base Rustic who’s I fitting to put the hit-and-run on he got [to] harley this out? Fitting to put the hit-and-run on so I want you to scroll and a hit Remembered a pope [was] Cleveland Indians Hit a line drive to Boston about writing writing the leftfielder they throw the complete demanding even slide as I fade People in that time not bleeding he cut through the pitchers box he wrote He could run Gibson was inducted into the baseball hall if I’m talking Josh, Josh gibson was inducted in the baseball hall of fame 1972 Bill James ranks Gibson is the greatest Catcher in baseball history number nine overall of all players and Yogi, Berra, and I think on there it says he was twenty first yogi Berra actually is 41st, so of Koecher’s [Gibson] was way ahead of everybody Gibson was a right-handed power hitter hit over 900 home runs in his career some say it might have been a thousand He’s the only player and this is documented to hit a ball out of the Yankee stadium [there’s] Josh it’s quote from dizzy Dean and To see one thing I want you to know the great players in Major league baseball recognized the talents of the black ballplayers Dizzy Dean quote on Oscar Charleston Charleston could hit the ball a mile He didn’t have a weakness at the plate now in this picture Oscar Charleston is actually behind the umpire in the on-deck circle by the way these photos I got from Larry lester who is heads up the negro League committee for the society for American baseball research which I am part of 1933 Major League baseball and negro League baseball had their inaugural All-Star baseball games The East-West negro league all-star game was played annually at comiskey park and sometimes they had forty-five to sixty thousand [people] in attendance mostly Black fans The East-West all-star game was what really led to integrated baseball and in the period from 1933 to 1946 the three dominant negro League teams with the Kansas City monarchs the Pittsburgh Crawford’s and the homestead grays Here’s a quote from honus wagner [now], honus wagner Played a hundred years ago more than a hundred years ago great shortstop for the pirates and He’s probably the second-best player in baseball history. Maybe babe ruth. The only one better [and] he says the Number-two guy in baseball history, Honus Wagner says I am honored to have John Pop lloyd called the black Wagner it is a privilege to have been compared to him I Tell you [ballplayer] [olsen] antibodies didn’t go bad in 1970 probably [wonder] baseball the devil [deal] mechanically junior yellow Junior Gilliam could play with the dodgers Played with the dodgers. [that’s] right. Please second base That’s what Jackie would play when the first one to the [door]. Yes so the second years and 47 are [44] yourself he turns. We got to find another spot to play cause we got a second please In Edward Jr.. He only moved in the first piece called [evil] [heart] died and when shield always played first paper Put Jackie over there Goose Taylor was the funny Fella today live Everything he did it tickled him wasn’t it better – did you because he really enjoyed what he was my roommate? your roommate yeah well, I Wanted a few could get along with the same thing. I [would] say I wanted to turn do anything I want to turn he never get angry with me and Why did he leave baseball and go to the harlem globetrotters what he made more money? That’s easy see losing a hotel at the Ferguson [hotel] on 22nd a mistake in after Sandiana A man named Beaver McKinney until $10,000 In [DB] See who’s Gonna make a million dollars in [priceless]? Wow, and all the little towns like that, bit me not human taking We’re not I don’t I know he he was just a funny fella the other Aid, Arkansas I Should be [pissing] [him] on that rock radio On that rock yes, I said to me all that good fellow Turkey stearns another great player stearns was inducted into the baseball Hall of fame in 2002 He won four batting titles in the 1920s He was a left-handed power hitter he was also an excellent outfielder with a great arm Great range Bill James rank stearns is number 25 of the top 100 players As a picture of turkey in his marching uniform he was also played quite a bit for the troit stars Okay, I want to go over that. [I’m] going to do some things here to focus a bit about how the book was Written Why it was written the purpose was to honor these 21? Negro League stars on the field between the foul lines for a full season of baseball 165 Plus games plus playoffs against 375 are the greatest players in baseball history from the 1880s to the 1980s and When satchel paige was facing these great players. It was going to be best on their base season best season that’s why [the] book was called the best season for example when Satchel Paige faces [Walter] [Johnson] of the Washington Senators the best pitcher in baseball history three times in a nine [game] series he’s facing the 1913 Walter Johnson who won 37 lost six with a one point one four earned run average Now as far as my background. I’m going to go over that in the last slide the list of [Malloy] Negro League baseball Conference Indianapolis 2011 as I was writing my book I was encouraged by Dr. Ray doswell the executive director of the negro League baseball Museum in Kansas City and Dr.. Leslie Heaphy the detail editor of black Ball on knee leagues journal to attend this conference attended by about a hundred or so baseball historians members like myself of the Society for American Baseball research I could get some excellent feedback on my writing as well as learn about the negro leagues from about a Dozen historical academic presentations My honoring black ball brochure was designed specifically for this audience So in july 2011 [I] attended the four-day conference in Indianapolis. It was wonderful being with all the baseball historians Even though their focus is historical research. They knew that there was a place for what-if Scenarios of historical fiction based on sophisticated game simulation Let me give you a couple of brief stories from meetings with Monte Irvin and Dr.. Blair Monte Irvin one of the things I asked him to share with my grandson Caleb when we met him a couple years ago was Tell Caleb [about] the bus rides So money says you know we used to play three games in a day in the three games would be played in three different cities and [they’d] ride from one place to [the] other in fact sometimes in those hot days [and] the uniforms were very warm uniform So the old flannel uniforms he says they used to hang them [outside] the window and [that] [sit] [there] [in] their shorts Just to keep cool But he also told Caleb. He says you know Caleb [I] can sleep better on a bus than in a hotel and why is that they slept mostly in a bus not a hotel? well, let me just Briefly here Bill James put out a wonderful book for you for baseball stat guys like myself on wind chairs it basically Tells you the value of all the players in baseball History it’s a it’s a great book [for] saying gee who really is the greatest player but using that book of Bill James [mark] [armor] wrote an article called Major League baseball integration 1940 seven 1986 he was able to use that [win] shared Data and in the first 15 years of integration let’s say from 47 to 62 as he did the Comparisons he noticed that the national league was way better than the American league over that period And why was that? They did a much better job of bringing up negro League stars the Great New York Yankees waited nine years Before they brought up, Elston Howard The Boston Red sox, and I’m from Boston [they] were the last team to integrate they waited 12 [years] to 1959 what happened in the All-star games during that 16 year period 12 wins for the National league [four] for the American league because the national league did the job of going and getting these great players? This this is important to me. I want to I want to honor These guys, and I want to honor them like they’d be honored if they were at the ballpark so bear with me Who are these Forgotten men? cool Papa Bell Oscar Charleston Turkey stearns Cristobal toriente Monte Irvin Outfielders Pop Lloyd Willie Wells Shortstop Judy Johnson Ray Dandridge third-base Frankie Warfield new [Dallin] second base mule [Subtles] buck leonard first base Bismack [e], Josh Gibson [Catchers] Pitchers Martin de hey go Bullet Joe Rogan Leon [Day] Bill foster Hilton Smith and Satchel page 19 of these 21 players have already been inducted into the national baseball Hall of fame and Bill James ranks 11 of these players on the top 100 list of the best players ever These these players are a part of history, and they’ve done so much For the game of baseball that it needs to be recognized

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  1. Great historical overview of some prominent Negro Leaguers. While Bill James research is consistent and reputable, even he admits that providing ratings for many Negro League players was a challenge due to the paucity of statistics available for them. Much of the rating placement for Negro League players is attributed to the recollections of those who saw them play and provided their opinions.

  2. There is still stigma towards black players,that's why people still holding on to Ruths,DiMaggio's,Williams' etc even tho any objective baseball fan knows Willie Mays is clearly better then all of them..

  3. Louis Santop, Christobel Torriente and Spotswood poles, Jimmie llyons, Pete hill, Grant Johnson, Pop lloyd, Oscar Charleston, Cyclone William's, Biz Mackey, Bruce petway, Clint Thomas, Jelly Gardner, Mule Suttles, Josh Gibson, Buck, Oliver Marcelle, John Donaldson, String Bean.., Nip Winter's Chet brewer, Theodore Trent, Slim Jones, Satchel Paige, Bingo DeMoss, Newt Allen, Sammy T Hudges, Double Duty Radcliffe, Ted Strong, Cool Papa Bell, Jud Wilson, Andrew and Willie Foster, Dave Brown, Frank Wickware, Martin Dihigo, Frank Ducan, Wiliie Wells etc and etc…..etc and Canonbal Redding, Willis Jones, Frank Johnson, Jose Mendez, Binga Pelayo, Abe Jones, Horacio Martinez maybe.., Sam Bankhead, Leon Day, Joe…Rogan.., Phil Cockrell, Ray Brown, Willard Brown, Buck.., Ben Taylor, Rafael Almeida,Gervsio.., Emilio Sabourin, Alfredo Cabrera, Julian.., Heliodoro, Bernardo Baro, Carlos "Chino", Rogelio, Manuel.., Rafael Figarola G…,Bienviedo, Jose "Josieto", Lazaro, Moises Quintero, Juan Viola, Ramon "El professor", Armando "Chino", Tomas de la Cruz, Oreste "minnie" minoso and Esteban (steve) Bellan.

  4. NO white player before 1947 should ever be compared to a Negro League player. The white players only played against other racist white players.

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