Blind Cricket Part 1 – Metro Blind Sport

[Music] So the main adaptation is the ball so
domestically we use a size three foot ball with ball bearings which makes it
much easier to see and also to hear these stumps are larger and they’re
freestanding they’re not dug into the ground somebody like myself with no
vision is able to compete using hearing alone there are slightly different rules for
the different sight categories I’m a B-1 which basically means no useful vision
as a result I’m blindfolded for me when someone’s bowling to me is gotta bounce
twice before the crease. You bowl this overarm to B2 and B3 and high
partials they’ve got to bounce once or no bounce. You also have to ask the batsman
if they’re ready, you have to wait for them to say that they are and actually
release the ball you then have to say Play [Music] and then in fielding the only difference
is that the totally blind fielders are allowed to catch on one bounce. A totally
blind person can catch the ball in the bounce their runs are also double and
additionally, they can’t be stumped. The other major rule changes that the blind or the B2 batmen are also allowed to have a run they’ve adapted it and kept in mind the
need for it to be as close to conventional cricket as it can be, but
also to make sure it is competitive if you’re going to travel the length and
breadth of the land there’s got to be a proper game at the end of it!

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