Blind Cricket – Part 2 – Metro Blind Sport

This video has been put together by
Metro blind sport to raise awareness of cricket for the blind and visually
impaired. Well the thing I love about blind cricket most of all is that it
obviously is still a competitive sport you’ve got people traveling up and down
the country to play in the different competitions we have more broadly I’d
like the fact that it’s extremely inclusive you’d be hard-pressed to find
an adapted sport that is as inclusive so different levels of vision and people
in different sight categories as we term it, are actually able to play together
and that perhaps makes it for me we can go out there and someone like myself
might feel very close to the batsman but around me I’ve got something going on
which feels absolutely like a game of cricket People running around, chasing
after the ball running between the wickets, It absolutely feels like a conventional game of Cricket. [Music] Cricketing wise I’ve been given a lot
of tips. I think their best tip I’ve had is to be yourself, be the best version of
yourself but whether that’s on the field or off the field you know I’m very
vivacious when it comes to being on the field I don’t think I’m the best
cricketer but what I have is my knowledge and my love of the game! For more information please visit

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