Blind Cricket – Part 3 – Metro Blind Sport

[Music] I have always loved cricket and to be honest after I started losing my vision never thought I’d get to play it again, so
being able to get involved you know with the team and just play cricket
I love the game! Cricket has been the forefront of my mind from the age of
three when I lost my sight, but I was always told as a blind person living in
our society that I’d never pick up a bat, because of my sight!
So now playing cricket at a competitive level, It means the world to me, that’s
all I can really say! It’s the team spirit, it’s the personal challenge, you’re always gonna be on the cusp of getting a catch or helping the team to
succeed. It’s different in some sports in that it’s a team sport so there’s 11 of us on the field we support each other we good friends we friends off the field as
well as on the field we work hard you really can feel yourself working you
work hard for each other it’s just a lot of fun all around
I’ve been in it for 22 years I’ve been privileged to play for three different
clubs and England as well. I think one of the funniest moment I can remember was fielding and catching the ball on the fall and I was so shocked that I couldn’t actually, I didn’t even appeal! I think the best it would be just to get
out and enjoy it not to be afraid of it but just to get involved you know you
make mistakes that’s all that’s all part of it. You’re gonna get something out of
it whatever level you want to play at. If it wasn’t for cricket I would not be living
independently. I would not be standing here. Cricket , Metro changed my life from
the age of 17, whether you want to play at a competitive level, whether you want
to play at a development level come along because it’s more than just
cricket we have great camaraderie, we have jokes, but above all actually
cricket enables you, it’s a vehicle to achieve greater things in life! I would
urge you to make a call because when I made that call at the age of 17, it’s the
best call I ever made in my entire life!

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