Bloopers? & Yoon speaking portuguese?!

I don’t have bateryyyyy He’s on the ground! No! Bruna made all… Perfect rice? Hiii! Part 2 What’s this name? Ah! Why are you pretendinggg?! Really… The video is already really… The video is already… I passed behind in the video! haha What? I appeared behind! Say “hi” here. The video is already really big, so… Again!? Can you say? “The video is already”? The video is already what? Yoon. What are we going to do today? Hmm?? What are we going to do today? Santa Catarina. And then? And then… Santa Catarina! And after Santa Catarina?? and after… Santa Catarina! and then… …Douro River. Douro river? Are we going to Douro river? Ahhh… yes! To swim? To walk. Swim. – Swim?
– To swim or to walk? Rafael Nadal… Tennis? Swim? Ah! Walk! Yes yes yes. And after that? And then you… …you speak! I speak? Finish! Arrival(?) You finished? (?!) “I finished” You speak what then… Honey, where are we going? I don’t know. I don’t know! You don’t know? Why don’t you know? Where are we going? Let me know please. I don’t knowwww Are you angry right now? No! Then what? Just… we are going in front. Ah ok, forward? We are going forward? Yeah. Wow, better than Rome. Better than Rome? Where is here? It’s Évora! Ah, it’s Évora? Where is Évora? Why did we came here? I… What is this? “Groselha”. Gooseberry juice. And what is “groselha”? Gooseberry. Really?! I think it’s good! Good, good! “Herro”! Speak portuguese! One more. “Uno más”! One more… speak… …something.

10 thoughts on “Bloopers? & Yoon speaking portuguese?!

  1. Hello guys, my girl frined is from portugal as well, your video really makes us happy, hahahah my girlfriend don’t know any korean culture, so while i just tried to makes her know korean culture , i found your video, hahaha plz make more!!

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