Blueberry quest (Vol-biv paragliding)

The plan is to maybe go for Vol-Biv Its already 10:40, so technically already too late Today we have east wind, so only few take-off options That’s why I plan to use the two east-launches I know about So I’m headed for Bischling… .. this edge needs to work … … yes, a circle…. … there’s the lift! Pinzgau people are savages.. I asked the way to the next summit .. .. and what do I get? .. cross-country, straight… … barbed wire.. Well, not precisely a hiking trail… Brilliant – a trail! I could cry… I just hope it goes uphill at some point… … because right now I’m walking down Today’s forecast is great Towards Tirol the first cumuli are forming.. .. so it’s about to start The problem is the wind .. … it’s coming down from the summit, so it’s North wind which is not so nice, I hope it changes… .. or at least weakens… such that I can safely launch in a thermic cycle To my right is the summit further right, I think I’ll launch wind from the thermals is uphill there That’s my thermal source a nice east face I think it’s already on but I wait for higher cloudbase

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