100 thoughts on “Bob Costas explains the intricate system Houston Astros used to steal signs

  1. Just killed American Pastime. DESPICABLE..fire more CHEATERS. Stop buying tickets and jerseys etc. Its all been a lie..watch some 5 yr olds play Tball at least it's real. Horrible

  2. You can't compare the steroid era cheating to the #Trashtros cheating.  When guys were roided out, they still had to square up the bat and hit the ball.  Multiple MLB pitchers (old and current) have come out and said they would 100% rather face a roided out player, than ANYONE that knew what pitch was coming.#Trashtros cheated, and won a World Series doing it.  This is the worst case of cheating in American Sports history.  And the MLB gave the Astros a slap on the wrist.  They need to vacate the title.

  3. Players, on a cheating team, what to do? Suspend for 2 months each of the following, Home Run Leader, RBI Leader, Highest Batting Average, On Base Leader, Stolen Bases Leader. Strip ALL Local or National Televised Games and Revenue Sharing including the Players. Every player on team Losses 5% of their Gross Pay for this year.

  4. They stole what could have been an epic West Coast vs East Coast World Series. They cheated the Yankees and barely beat them in 7, they cheated the Dodgers and barely beat them in 7. What a disgraceful organization, if they did not cheat they would have been swept like sorry ass bitches they are. Houston Asterisks * for ever your name will be.

  5. HOUSTON CHEATERS™ | World Series Champions of Scammers, Scoundrels & Swindlers 🖕🖕🖕 #MLB #HoustonAstros a.k.a. #HoustonCheaters

  6. I give Jim Crane credit for the swift, decisive, accountable response. The general manager and manager are the salaries that owners pay to assure the operations of the team are as productive as possible. It's fair to hold those roles accountable for the breakdown as part of an overall revamping of the organization's core culture. Plus, Crane has handled minor controversies in the same direct, open, and decisive manner in the past, think his public apology to the reporter the team had unfairly derided. In this day and age where the clearly criminal and guilty go to great lengths to escape responsibility for their actions, this kind of show of integrity is meaningful to me.

  7. I feel bad for L.A., NY fans and Houston fans too. They are now the Houston Asterisks, tainted forever. I hope that the Astros get booed mercilessly on the road in 2020

  8. Bregman, Altuve, Springer, Correa, Guriel, all of the Astros, we know
    you are cheaters, all of you. You guys are a fraud. You have shamed
    your team, your city and all of baseball. How dare you ever show your
    face in any stadium. You don't even have the integrity to return what
    you stole. You are thieves and cowards. Kids should burn your jerseys.

  9. not just fans from America…im from the Republic of Palau and im a proud NY Yankees fan and we were cheated out of the last three world series because of these cheaters and MLB should do a Pete Rose kind of punishment…this is sick…

  10. Cheaters win and a gang mentality of "we're all family" means you don't rat out the cheaters if they are in your gang. Sports has become a cesspool just like much of everything in this nation. We are teaching our kids that cheating is ok as long as you win. Hell, you can even become the leader of the free world.

  11. This is not 1919! Ever since the black socks, that has been the excuse and im SICK OF IT! Strip these cheating SCUM OF A TITLE THEY DIDNT EARN! 🤮
    At first I was listening to Bob‘s argument with Content but then he Started comparing this to other cheaters when we arent dealing with that, we are talking about this🤮💯

  12. the only message i got from mlb that already knew . Is if you cheat you'll get rewarded just like (STEROID USERS) none of those players feelings were hurt when people were bashing them while they were making millions of those ROIDS lol . 5 MILLION fine for the ASStro's owners is like 5 bucks for a billionaire lol


  13. how is this a deterrent to cheating if the players don't get penalized???? you think the players care if the team is fined and loses draft picks??? Its a joke, players need to be held responsible PERIOD!!!!

  14. Does anyone know how the information got from the replay booth to the dugout? Like you only have like 10-20 seconds between the catcher giving the sign and the pitcher throwing the ball. Was there someone in the dugout on the phone with the replay booth for the entirety of every other half inning?

  15. Houston Astros used to steal signs just like Donald J. Trump are using to steal votes. That's permissive culture right in front of our faces.

  16. If 8 other teams where caught, why are we only hearing about the Astros and Red Sox. Is it because they won and actually hit the pitches and the other teams couldn’t? Game 7 was in LA and did the Astros have cameras up in LA stadium? Is the player that snitch gonna give back his ring?

  17. I think almost everything said by Bill Costas said in this interview can be applied to the United States political system of today.

  18. I knew the MLB would give a dog shit punishment. What a fuckin crock of shit. Cheating will continue because no one quivered over this wuss ass punishment.

  19. Players cheat using and profit from stolen goods (signs) = nothing.
    "Adults in the room" steal the signs = Suspended for 1 season.
    Pete Rose betting on baseball = Banned for life.

    Um… a little bassakwards?

  20. ooohhhh Bob.. fucking horrible face lift,fuck, and you sound different because your face doesn't move the same, terribly sad.

  21. The Owner should lose his franchise, and be criminally prosecuted.
    This is Fraud.
    The championships are tainted and should have an asterisk , or just be deleted.

  22. Baseball is known for cheaters. They've always cheated. The pitchers of old used to rub pine tar, Vaseline, and whatever else they can think of to make baseballs harder to hit or easier to grip.

    If the MLB was serious, the managers and GM should have been banned for life. The players should be suspended without pay for at least a year and the teams should be forced to vacate all wins and Championships. However, we know that's not going to happen because then they'll have to punish at least 10% of the league.

  23. So they used the regular tv shot to decode signs. Who gives a shit. Really? They banged against a damn trash can with a bat. Gtfoh. I grew up playing baseball and this isn’t something I couldn’t care less about. It’s still pitcher vs hitter who’s better. You know what I’m throwing so let’s see if you can hit it

  24. Bill Belichick and NE Patriots have done filming their opponents for years and nothing happened to them so why a big deal about the Astros?

  25. A J. Hinch and Alex Cora are two talented baseball managers. It wouldn't shock me if both were hired in 2021. Why not? They both have the capability to turn a losing team into a playoff contender.

  26. Yet somehow when NFL teams use cameras to photograph observable tells send them to Microsoft tablets on the sideline and then radio play changes into the helmets of the players?

    How come the umpires can use technology to better observe the game but teams can’t?

    If it is an observable tell on the field then it should be fair game to exploit.

  27. Cora needs to be sued….. the money that pple lost during those games… It's about Vegas.. i know how they work… fuck Vegas!!!!

  28. lol….How is this cheating???? Your signs should be impossible to decode unless its an inside sellout job. There will always be a pattern unless you have a totally different sign by pitch count number……Why should I be punished because I was smarter? lol. This is not cheating this is out-foxing……

  29. The reward is clearly worth the risk.. totally a slap on the wrist. All the teams are installing cameras as we speak.

    Edit: Jomboy

  30. I didn't have a "wow" response at all. While I understand it is more difficult to punish players, something had to be meted out beyond suspensions for the GM and Manager and removing draft picks. While I would prefer that Houston's championship title be removed (but didn't expect it), I was hoping at least that Manfred would disallow the Astros from participating in the 2020 post season.

  31. Yet CNN cheats on kids like Nick Sandman, they need to resign. Fake news! Costa's is not legendary, hes a loser lefty with no credibility in baseball.

  32. Cheating needs to be stopped across all sports. Especially the patriots in the nfl. Tom brady has always been a decent qb but thats it and the cheating that bumicheck did made them "great". What this does is teach our kids that its ok to cheat.

    When he said "we might as well be watching WWE" i laughed because ive been saying that for years about the nfl and the patriots. We all seen how good brady really is without deflated balls and video of opposing team to prepare with. Their superbowl wins will always have a dark cloud over them.

  33. I don’t understand , you find out they’ve cheated ,but you let them keep the title.. then why make such a big deal about it, rehire those you let go of , due to this .. in fact give them raises., some of the players who were involve and others they’re still there.. WOW .. come on it’s time to do the right thing .. stop using the .. it didn’t control the out come on the game .. hello they cheated to get there .. so buddies it did !!

  34. First pitch of the 2020 season to the Houston lead off hitter. Catcher puts down one finger, sets up with his glove behind the batters head, and the pitcher throws a fastball right at his head. Then move on with the season

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