BOILER BYTES: Purdue Baseball & Softball Diamonds

Hi I’m Josefina Estrada welcoming you
to another addition of Boiler Bytes. In recent years Purdue’s athletic
department has been focused on improving and upgrading all the university’s athletic facilities.
Two years ago the first pitch was thrown out the new
baseball stadium, Alexander Field. This past March saw the
opening of the new softball stadium. If you’re a collegiate baseball fan or just a
baseball or softball fan, can’t imagine a better place to
watch a game. When you drive up to it, with the brick facade and
everything — it’s got the wow factor. Purdue did a phenomonal job
building the stadium. With our field now, people will be excited to come play here. It’s just exciting to be able to call it home. Our excitement is just so above and
beyond. Look at what we get to play on. Well the old baseball field was Lambert,
and I actually I really really enjoyed it. Lambert field, I mean it is near and dear
to our hearts because it was great playing surface. It just didn’t have a
lot of the amenities you know for fans and the players. We didn’t have a locker room. Obviously some of the things that were lacking were stadium feel. It was kinda just some bleachers and a
lot of fans standing along the side. My freshman year we actually packed it
pretty much every game. We set like a new attendance record. The last season to played at Lambert field
wound up being the season we won the Big Ten championship. Which was the first time for Purdue since 1909. Lambert field in its day was very nice, but
it was outdated certainly. We got approval in May of 2010. So
shortly thereafter we broke ground on that, moved into it
in the fall of 2012, played our first game there in the spring of 2013. So currently in year three. The new stadium is a little bit more off campus then the old stadium. It’s a beautifully area out there with four facilities out there, plus the cross country course. So it’s kinda become a second hub of Purdue Athletics. Alexander field is the name of our new
stadium, and Dave Alexander was the former coach
here at Purdue. And it’s got an awe factor. I think with the concourse and the brick press box — it’s big. and so it does have a little bit of awe factor I
think when you walk in. I mean we’re really just humbled by
being able to play in that stadium; really want the best playing surfaces
that I’ve ever been involved with. Its’a sand base field so
it plays very smooth. The locker room is awesome. Everything
there was state-of-the-art. They got a huge TVs in there for us, couple couches, chairs. We have the Madia Training Facility that
has hitting cages, in an indoor mound for our players to work out right there on site. The dugouts are much bigger than Lambert. Lambert’s
dugouts were probably the smallest in the Big Ten. time It’s had a huge impact in recruiting. The fact that you have a nice stadium I think shows your school is supportive of your sport. There is an investment in your program. We didn’t set out to have the biggest. We wanted it to be Purdue contemporary — that’s a kinda of the term we use throughout. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better facility, certainly in the midwest, for collegiate baseball. In comparing it to the Big Ten we were needing a new field and
a new complex. There were no bathrooms, concession stands, locker rooms. That type of stuff. It didn’t have the atmosphere — the stands, or the stadium, or the locker rooms. The softball press box was down the third base line. You had to look out two windows to see if a ball hit to left field was was fair or foul. It was time time, and thankfully the right
people here at Purdue were able to get We got approval on softball in April of 2013. Broke ground soon after and by this past
March we’d moved in. The new stadium is out by the baseball
and soccer fields. We’re all one little cluster out there
together and it’s beautiful. It’s going to be the nicest
field we play at and we play at a lot of nice fields, big
stadiums. We’re all very excited for the locker rooms, obviously. Before, we’d have to go to practice, and drive to our
locker room. And so it can be really nice and convenient to have the locker room right next to the field. And then that indoor hitting facility. That’s a huge bonus for us. Here at Purdue they haven’t had that before. To have that right next to your field is wonderful. This stadium has a punctuation mark we
can take it to the next level and that’s helping us with recruiting. You see a beautiful campus, great academic
school, great athletic program, and a beautiful stadium. It really seems like the whole package. Like baseball, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any
collegiate softball stadium, in this region, perhaps even the country
that’s any finer. The fans love it. It’s certainly a great place to watch a game. You got great concession stands. If you’re a suite holder, you got the suites — all the amenities you’d want from a
fan standpoint. I think people felt, pardon the expression, hit a home run with both of them. Congratulations to pitching ace Lily
Fecho who broke the single-season strikeout record this past season. And to former Boilermaker catcher Kevin
Plawecki, a member the 2012 Big Ten Championship
team, who made his major league debut with the
New York Mets this past April. For more information about Purdue’s
baseball and softball teams please visit the web address below.

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