Boiler Bytes: Purdue Ice Hockey Club

>>The Purdue ice hockey
club got their start in the early 1960s. Since then they’ve had
spectacular success on the ice. This season they’ve
managed to skate their way into a first place
in their division.>>Actually the season
was pretty successful. We finished first
in our division, so we’re the first seed
in the league tournament. Unfortunately we lost in the
championship game by one goal. It was a tough game. But I think overall,
you know, the — the — the guys were upbeat, and
looking forward to next year. You know, it’s a great way
to continue playing hockey in college if — if you’re,
you know, going to school for something other than obviously playing
division one hockey. You know, it’s just a great
way to continue to play, and a great way to, you
know, stick with it.>>So what’s it like
being on the team? What are the guys like?>>Well the guys are
great, obviously. Being on the team,
obviously a huge commitment, ’cause you’re already, you
know, hankered down with a lot of schoolwork, and, you know, all of your other
extracurriculars. But, you know, these
guys, they’re — they’re here to play hockey, and
they treat it just like that. I mean they put as just
much as effort as, you know, division one guys put in. Plus most have been playing
hockey all our lives, and it’s something that
we’ve always enjoyed doing. And it is a lot of
work to balance it and get your schedule all
worked out, but it enables us to keep doing something
we really love to do. It’s a great opportunity
to be able to represent our
school playing hockey. You know, every time we put on
that P, it means a lot to us to be on the ice and
representing Purdue University. It’s a great school
educationally, it’s a great school
in athletics. And every time we step
on the ice we think that we’re the better school.>>It has been a
great experience for anyone who’s ever been
involved with this organization. It’s a lot of fun, both
for members and spectators. I think we put on a pretty
good show for people.>>The fans, when they
come to a Purdue game, it’s awesome having people
support us in the stands. Just seeing people in the
crowd is just incredible. It’s having that
support behind us. And then my family
was able to make it to every single game
this year and last year. So it’s just awesome having them
be there and seeing the family. They were since I
was three years old, and they were there all the way
’til I was a senior in college, which is just awesome.>>We have a 36-game
season as far as games. Half of those games are
home, half of them are away, and we play here in Fishers. We practice on Wednesday
nights at about 9:30 for a couple hours, and we have
off ice on Mondays and Tuesdays. Unfortunately we do not
have a rink on campus. So we travel to Fishers,
Indiana and play at the Ice Forum [phonetic]. We also go to Kankakee
[phonetic], Illinois, and play at the Ice
Arena located up there, which is about an
hour north of here.>>The campus recognition feels
great, people finally knowing that there’s a hockey
team on campus. Although we are a club,
we’re not associated, we’re not a varsity sport,
it’s great people that know. It can also draw students to try out that aren’t interested right
away, but they see the success that we’re doing, they see
the recognition that we get on campus, so students will
definitely become interested, which is great.>>My best friends
are on this team. I’ve been playing since
I was a freshman, and — and, you know, I — I have
never regretted it, all the time and money I’ve put
into this sport. I think anybody that
knows hockey players know that that group of guys on
the team, it becomes more of not just friendship, I
mean it’s like a brotherhood. You guys are a family.>>Purdue’s ice hockey club
is just another example of why club sports can
be so fun and rewarding. For Boiler Bytes [phonetic],
I’m Ari Schwartz [phonetic].

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