Boker Plus Marlowe Squail Junior Knife Review. Spine whacks, stump throwing, Etc.

The Boker Plus Marlowe Squail Junior Liner
Lock Knife G-10 tactical bushcraft AR-15 better SEO folder- I think thats a the official product
name… is a scaled down version of the Boker squail Marlowe by scaled down I mean it drops
almost 3 ounces and over half an inch of blade length but lets check out the dimensions of
this gentlemans folder- youre no gentleman. Like the overall length and weight, that blade
size and cutting edge- when I say scaled down I dont mean small I mean reasonable- reasonable
like owning 50 knives, the handle size and the grip area, the spine thickness and handle
thickness. And the tallness closed. So i decided to pick up this blade because
it was new and seeing as my last Boker video has almost 3k views in 2 months I figured
thatd be a nice waste of time for a few clicks. Lets look at the blade. Which has a similar shape to my Lil Lionspy
ok I was basically interested in this because it looked like a Spyderco. You’re like why didn’t you buy a Spyderco. The spear point blade features a hollow grind,
a slight recurve, a satin finish and its made out of VG-10. You know the same stuff found in the Boker
slack or Spyderco Endura 4. It came sharp out the box. The thumb ramp has some thick jimping- not
sharp but a tad edgy. It extends far, so it’s a good place for your
thumb to rest when doing swishing motions in your office chair. Blade centering is eh? The deployment ain’t bad… it’s fairly smooth,
but you do have to work your finger in there just right. My middle finger works best for it…which
is a very feminine way to deploy a knife according to that one person who pops occasionally on
my videos that feature a knife with middle finger deployment. Sounds they have a few things to work through. The thumb works ok … but I guess that all
depends on your hand size or if its your second or 5th beer. The lock up is handled by a liner lock. When it locks there’s a boooing.. ok just
a click… not a loud click, but it’s there. Which brings me to the lockup. This is actually the 2nd squail Ive been sent. The first one didn’t want to lock up after
some time- and they switched it out for me. I think it was either the spine whacks on
my work desk or adjusting the pivot to fix blade centering. I found adjusting the pivot can make it more
or less likely to have a strong lockup. This one sort of does the same thing. The handle. The handle is part G10 scales with titanium
bolsters over a stainless steel liner. It has a backspacer so it’s not fully open
backed… a small portion is. The handle is a good size for my hand, and
it feels nice and comfortable. It’s a little edgy up toward the thumb groove…
not bad but the titanium has a right edge. The blade can be flicked open when closed…
but it’s a hard, hard throw, to get it to deploy. Detent is fairly strong, and I don’t see it
coming open in your pocket. Although to be fair I can’t see inside of
your pocket. The clip is reversible to tip up or tip down
on the right side of the knife only. It’s deepish- not fully deep about a 3rd of
an inch peeks out. And Im fairly certain its stainless steel
and not titanium. Ok so let’s do a quick comparison with a few
spydercos. The Spyderco Para Military 2 has a larger
handle, and a more comfortable thumb ramp, and an easier middle and thumb finger deployment-
due to its slightly larger proportions. This is literally one of the best every day
carry knives you can buy with a mid 3 inch blades… so it’s a hard one to beat. The lockup and deployment is solid on that
one. The Spyderco Lil Lion Spy isn’t as lovely
a knife as the PM2… it’s fairly light and has a strong lockup- but the handle and blade
are smaller… I like the size of the Sqails blade and handle
a bit better. Not much though. Ok let’s wrap it up. I wish the lockup was a little more reliable…
it did fold on a few stump throws- which is a tad unusual. I had not adjusted the pivot at this point. You know I like my stump throws Sometimes
I wish my stump was bigger- but its my stump. It’s a nice looking knife, I guess… It’s a light use knife, like you see here
on this cardboard that I needed to break down. So I recently hit 14k subscribers… with
the biggest subscriber jump in a month everand I have over 3 million channel views… so
a big thanks to the guys who show up commenting on every video… and to all the new ones. Subscribing, clicking the bell below the video,
commenting, and giving the video a thumbs up helps my channel grow, and so does dranking. Oh and pray to the camera gods that the slightly
better than terrible customer service at Panasonic fixes my G7 camera- and that my other camera
doesnt also break. Boker provided a discounted model for this
review. Thanks for watching.

57 thoughts on “Boker Plus Marlowe Squail Junior Knife Review. Spine whacks, stump throwing, Etc.

  1. I was pretty impressed with this knife (and the other Marlowe designs from Boker). I'm not usually into a recurve blade but with all the other greatness going on with this knife I was sorely tempted. Great review. Keep up the good work!

  2. Charles Marlowe is a legendary creature. He makes some of most beautiful knives I have ever seen. That’s all I wanted to add to this Boker review.

  3. Congrats on the subs Mr.Hanlen. Who'd a thought it 😉 Still one of my mostest favourite channels on YouTube . Love watching you beat on your little stump, wait I think that's your other channel, right? Hope you got a lot of discount on this knife!!! Atb bro.

  4. You're doing it wrong man! You're not supposed to throw the knife at the stump. You're supposed to throw the STUMP at the KNAF!! Congratulations btw.

  5. You're welcome! I somehow already didn't like Böker before I learned that they really have a tight grip on the German Knife Market and artificially inflate prices. Sadly they distribute a lot of brands like Spyderco or Kizer there too. As for this knife.. Doesn't really do it for me. I have yet to see a Böker Knife that really speaks to me (literally) .. but even if it was just a great knife but mute I would still buy it but that hasn't been the case yet.

  6. Doesn't really look like a 160$ knife to me. Guess that's why i don't own a boker.

    If you should recommend a boker knife between 100 – 180 bucks. What would it be?
    I am using a zero tolerance 0450cf for light-medium work and a spyderco tenacious for my above medium work.
    I need something else than the tenacious. It dulls way to quickly. That's why i have given it a 25 degree edge. But that just make light work less efficient. (usually don't carry both knifes)
    Any recommendations?

  7. After watching the first 25 seconds, I'm thinking maybe "stabbing" would be a nice addition to the rotation batoning, arm shaving, and cardboard cutting… Totally intimidated me into a thumbs up. Just sayin'.

  8. That knife needs an axis lock. It looks good, just needs better lockup. Oh, you open a knife like a girl. Just sayin…😂

  9. Boker, the company I really want to love but can't. So many good designs, so many lock issues. It's not just here, seen a lot of reviews that say something like "it works on the second one" or "what do you expect for $60?" going all the way back to five year-old vids. The patriot, Anso zero, S2 and whale, all knives I'd own if not for lock issues.

  10. Every time you release a new video, I'm always blown away you don't have more subs. Here's to hoping on your behalf my fellow knife obsessed brethren.

  11. Boker always seems to get so close to the mark, and miss it for me. The few I've purchased have always been returned for some slight problem or another.

  12. There is a Chinese herb to help make your "stump" bigger. If you would like send me payment in the form of a knife and ill be happy to send you the ancient formula. I paid $399 on the dark web for it. So its legit 😉

  13. boker plus broke my heart too many times… i just can't buy another boker after they stomped on my heart and laughed in my face for buying 4 blades and not learning my lesson.

  14. I always enjoy a video where a folder takes at least one of the following – batoning, stump throwing, or back blade whacking. Is it because it isn't mine?

  15. Nice review, two vids in a row. I believe I saw a knife similar to this or the lionspy in Gotham season 1. Or a spydee don't know for sure..

  16. I have to say thank you to Boker for providing a discounted model for my advanced knife bro to review! I wish more manufacturers would. He has the best hands on reviews.

  17. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"?

    I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.
    He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.

  18. Middle finger flick is the quickest and most efficient method of deployment as the knife doesn't need to be rotated in the hand once open.

  19. looks like a pretty crappy knife. i wont buy any more bokers after the crap quality, crap materials, crap execution on neat designs. dont support boker China. but… tbo they put out a few and i mean very few good ones. think they have a JB Stoute that s decent, but the heat treatment on the D2 is only adequate, and leaves alot for improvement cause its very chippy. in any case, Boker cant do anything right. good for opening envelopes.

  20. I love my full size squail but Boker has some qc issues that are evident in many of their mid level knives, particularly that annoying lockup failure. If they up'd their qc game to match their style, they'd rock this price point.

  21. Have had the larger Squail for quite a while. 440c on that one. Its cool, but its a Boker plus and comes with Boker plus issues. Still love the design. 👊🏻😎🔪

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