Boom. Boom. Pow! UTRGV Volleyball Team uses unique warm-ups

I was on the team with the players that did decide to do it. And we all came up with one thing to put into the dance. I’d definitely say it’s a lot more fun than other teams. And even though it’s the same dance we’re doing all the time, it’s definitely out of routine. It started off when we would come into practice, we would do what other teams do. It’s just running, agilities and we’d be like… it’s the same old thing. It’s routine. And even though the dance routine is literally a routine, it’s a different song. So, it’s just kind of exciting. And since I’m in the front watching everybody else – it’s fun. I mean I think we’ve seen a little bit of it emerging in other places. I’m not saying that we’re trendsetters, but there are some other places we’re seen trying to do some fun things with warm-ups. Because it’s something you have to every single day, so it’s gets kind of old. So, the girls just try to change it up from day to day. Honestly, I think it brings us together a little bit more. We’re all laughing while we’re dancing. It’s not like a regular warm-up where we’re all just kind of in our lane, not paying attention. We’re all dancing, jumping. And together, we’re laughing together. Because now we’re starting to get a little bored of the new one. So, we might just switch it up a little bit.

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