Borsk XC Paragliding 38km [Eng Sub]

Ready? 3m/s, Go! We have 3m/s headwind, go, go, go! To Tow: “Mr. Czesiu we can add a bit more to the tow” 😀 Uh.. So white in here! 😀 WHAT A RIDE!!! Nothing…? Thought the hot village rooftops would release thermal… but nope. have to land… electricity lines there… landing here then – pitty. perfect landing… 😀 Right… no need to be greedy (for distance). shame I didn’t make it further… 100% my fault been looking for a lift where I shouldn’t. so… I didn’t find any. Been on the descent for quite a long time… The final glide was made from 1600m down to the ground With the back wind, you got to be unlucky to not find any lift – for that long little dogy has been watching me making sure I’ve been packing up firmly 🙂 We are not far from “Bytów” town. got to work out a lift back home now… so… they say: “Hike & Fly” or… “Fly & Hike” in this case. After landing village sign name selfie – obviously 🙂 Haven’t realised that deer can be pastured – there is an obvious fence around that field. What a beautiful weather! 30 celcius degrees. Beautiful cumulus clouds. cloudbase at 2200m Here is a lift back home Mariusz why didn’t you fly further??? We will ask Kasia in a moment, see what she says haha Only 38km but what a fun!

3 thoughts on “Borsk XC Paragliding 38km [Eng Sub]

  1. No fajny locik wydaję mi się że już z chmurek uciekałeś bo cię ciągnęło do góry i speeda zaciągałeś

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