Boss Seola and scared Suah tries parasailing [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.26]

Meanwhile, Seola challenges herself to parasailing. (She goes to the take-off deck.) (Donggook is nervous.) I want to parasail with the man. Good luck! There’s a man behind you. Will Seola take courage and succeed as her family watches her? Let’s go, Seola! (Seola, you can do it!) (The parachute opens.) (Seola) (flies just like that!) (How unbelievable!) (Seola flies in the sky.) (Seola remains calm.) – Very good? / – Yes. Are you okay? (She nods.) (Seola bravely sees the ocean.) Seola used to drink Sian’s milk discreetly. (She’s become a reliable big sister who protects him.) She’s now a reliable and brave child who protects her younger siblings. – I can do it! / – You’re so brave! (Seola is now up for any challenge.) It’s not scary. This glass won’t break. (She bids farewell to fear.) – Bye. / – Bye. (She waves her hand with a smile.) (Her dream to fly in the sky came true.) (Donggook is stunned.) (He’s amazed by this moment.) (Seola is really flying in the sky.) (Seola is cool.) (They’re amazed.) – She’s cool. / – Sian, will you also try it? (Sian is looking forward to parasailing.) No, you can’t do that. – I am strong. / – Where is she? You’re strong? Sian is strong. Over there. Over there. (I want to parasail like Seola.) (Seola is hovering over the ocean.) (She’s still doing fine.) Seola is flying over there. – Seola. / – Call her, “Seola”. Seola. Seola. (All the siblings root for Seola) (to come back safely.) Let’s go, Seola! – Go! / – You can do it! They’re landing. (Seola’s parachute approaches the deck.) She’s coming. (She remains calm.) – Seola. / – Seola! (Sian calls Seola in a high-pitched tone.) (Hello, see you in a bit.) – Seola’s here. / – She’s here. (Her parachute appears.) – Seola. / – Seola. (We’re so proud of you, Seola.) Seola. (She must have been scared.) – Seola. / – Seola. – Good job. / – Good job. (He jumps joyously.) (He’s like a circus performer.) (They land safely.) Seola. (She waves with ease.) (She stays calm to the end.) Seola. (She’s smiling.) – Seola. / – Wasn’t it scary? Thank you. (An excited audience member intrudes.) Seola. Wasn’t it scary? Thank you. (That’s my sister.) (Donggook still can’t believe it.) – Really? / – Was it fun? Seola, did you cry? – You didn’t cry? / – No. Give her a big hand. You’re so brave. Seola, how was it? – It was fun. / – It was fun? Did you feel brave? You did a great job. You were so brave. You’re brave. Sian, she’s brave, right? – I want to try it, too. / – You’re strong, too. (I’m this strong.) (Why can’t I try?) I’m jealous. I’m jealous. (Disappointed) – I want to try, too. / – Okay. I want to try, too. Sua, do you want to try? (Of course.) You look a bit worried. – No, I’m not. / – No? Open your eyes wide, then. Open your eyes wide. They’re still small. Open them bigger. You can do this! (Sua puts on the equipment.) Seola. (Giggling) Sua, you just woke up. Are you sure you aren’t half-asleep? You can do this! (Is Sua going parasailing?) (I trust you, my girl.) You’re not the cowardly Sua anymore. You’ll become the brave Sua, okay? (Forget the past.) (Forget how afraid she was in Bangkok, too.) (Forget how she panicked.) You’ll become the brave Sua, okay? (I’m the brave Sua now.) (Sky, here I come.) I’ll have fun, too. – You can do this! / – You can do it! Is she really the cowardly girl we know? She’s so brave today. Let’s cheer her up. – Sua! One, two, three. / – Let’s go! (Let’s go, Sua.) Let’s go, Sua. – Let’s go. / – Sua will try. (Come here, cutie.) (You’ve never tried parasailing before, right?) Let’s go. (You’ve never tried parasailing before, right?) Bye, bye. (I’ll see you later. Bye, bye.) You can do this! (I’ll see you later. Bye, bye.) (Moving) (Sua goes up in the air lightly.) (Puzzled) (Is Sua really flying?) Is Sua really doing it? I’m sure she’ll cry. (Everyone is predicting Sua will cry.) – Hello. / – Hello. Bye, bye. (The parachute sways in the wind.) (She’s biting her lips.) (She’s enjoying it bravely.) (Brave Sua is hovering over the ocean.) (She even moves her feet with ease.) (Dad still can’t believe it.) This is so unexpected. My original intention was to show the kids how brave I am so that they would grow up to be brave, too. That’s why I wanted to try it. I never thought Seola and Sua would try it even before I would. I’m surprised and also moved. They can give me courage and energy already. (Sua is still fine.) Try waving. (With the man’s help,) (she managed to wave.) Sua. (The brave flight is over.) – Sian, Sua is back. / – Sua. – Sua. / – Sua. – Hi, Sua. / – Sua. – Sua. / – Sua. – She didn’t cry. / – She didn’t cry. – Dad, look at her. / – She didn’t cry. Sua didn’t cry. Sua. Hi, Sua. Sua. (I’m so proud of you, Sua.) – Didn’t you cry? / – No. Was it fun? It’s so brave of you. – You’re so brave. / – Did you cry or not? – I didn’t. / – Sua is so brave. You’re the brave Sua now. (Sua is brave.) How was it? What did you see? Sharks, fish and crabs. Did you see elephants, too? (I think so.) I saw elephants and crabs, too. Really? Should I try, too? Okay. Cheer me up. – Dad, let’s go. / – Dad, let’s go. You can do this. (He feels confident.) I’ll try it. (They cheer for their dad.) I can do this. You can do it. I’ll see you later. – You can do it. / – Good luck. (Surprised) – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (He goes up in the air.) Let’s go. See you. (The free soul, Donggook) Good luck. (Good luck!) Let’s go. Let’s go. Seola, Sua. You’ve been this high, too. That’s awesome. He’s following the camera. (This is what the camera captured.) This couldn’t have been easy for the kids. My babies did a great job. (They’re watching their dad fly.) That’s Dad. Sian, you can try this a year later. (Shocked) That’s not Dad. I can do it, too. Guys, be healthy, strong and brave this year, too, okay? Hi. Seola and Sua did this? Guys, thank you for coming to cheer me up. I’m going to win this year. I’m going to win by all means. This is awesome. You’re not going to try it, are you? Do you want to? I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I’m the best. I’ll send you up in the air. One, two, three. I’ll do this for you. One, two, three, four and five. You flew five times. – You’ll try it in a year, okay? / – No. Yes, you will. One, two.

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