Bowling a Perfect Game

bowling on September 9th 1895 the modern
standardized rules for tenpin bowling were established in New York City by the
new American bowling Congress the ABC the scoring system capped out at 300
points per game and bowlers were allowed a maximum of a 16 pound ball during play
since then the great game of bowling has transformed dramatically with the
introduction of new technology when it comes to the composition of bowling
balls they went from the Caribbean hardwood to rubber in 1905 plastic balls
were introduced in 1960 and in 1980 urethane shell bowling balls were
introduced by ebonite in 1992 reactive resin bowling balls were introduced
causing perfect 300 games scores to increase by 20%
despite the radical changes in bowling balls over the years the lanes and pins
have remained the same you have to throw your ball 60 feet to knock down ten pins
that way three pounds six ounces each if you do this 12 times in a row in a given
game you will have achieved perfection bowling a 300 game is a rush that is
difficult to describe I have only done it once and it was achieved in a very
difficult environment the year was 2003 and I was in a Bud Light sponsored
cosmic bowling league in Michigan this means that there is little to no
lighting other than black lights and strobe lights there is a live DJ and
everybody’s drinking after bowling the first nine strikes I stepped up in the
tenth frame and my heart was racing I could not slow it down my heart knew the
extreme importance of this moment by word of mouth the rest of the league
knew I was three strikes away from perfection
the whole league stopped bowling to watch the DJ put on Eminem’s
lose yourself a popular hit at I can still remember modeling the words
as I threw strike number 10 the league cheered but I knew I had to stay focused
the 11th shot I pulled slightly and it came up high on
the head pin I thought I was going to leave a split but by an act of God all
10 pins fell knees weak arms heavy I threw much wall shot and as soon as it
left my hand I knew it perfect spin perfect speed perfect angle
to the pocket I turned around and threw my arms up in celebration as my team
rushed the lane to hug me and give me numerous high-fives Kelly Clarkson
immediately came on and the song was a moment like this well played DJ well
played as a side note in the pre league day one meeting bowlers voted on if they
wanted this to be a sanctioned league this would mean that everybody would be
responsible for a one-time $10 fee to make it official and players could win
awards for high games in high series etc since most of the bowlers were true
recreational they voted against making the Bud Light cosmic bowling league
sanctioned this means that my 300 game did not officially count and I did not
get a 300 ring I am now in to sanction bowling leagues in Las Vegas I
maintained a 205 average in both of them it is just a matter of time before I
achieve that level of euphoria again this time I will have it on video and I
will get my ring

100 thoughts on “Bowling a Perfect Game

  1. I say yes, u will achieve bowling Nirvana and throw a 300 in a sanctioned event. I have faith in U, my good friend. Hope to see u next summer.

  2. You’ll get it Boski! I just had two in the last month Oct 22 and Nov 1. Before that had been 7 years since my last one. My first one was post bowling so no ring either for that, finally get the hardware for the achievement!

  3. Great story Jeff. Many don’t realize how popular bowing was/is in Michigan. I spent many a night at the Redford Lanes on Grand River. Mixed leagues and men’s leagues, never approached your skill levels but everyone always had a great time. Thanks again for rekindling great Michigan memories. 🏆🏆🏆🎳🎳🎳

  4. I bet Mike Postle could find a way to Bowl a 300 game. He could have his own radio controlled pins installed one night, when bowling alley is closed. Then put an app on his phone. He would hit 12 miracle shots in a row and act so suprised after ea strike. Bowling GOD Lol

  5. I wish my bowling score was my golf score and my golf score was my bowling score. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. My dad is a league bowler and has bowled a few 300s before. He bowls with Storm and goes to the military bowling events each year at Vegas.

  7. “Build It and They Will Come!!!”….wait….”Say Hello to My Little Friend!!!”hold on…..”Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy!!!”…. lol Strike!!! 😎♥️Zro♠️Strikes♦️Gvn♣️

  8. Another great video Jeff….Nothing to do with poker but, I thought you did a great job, all the way around..
    Not what I was expecting but, glad I saw it..
    Keep grinding..

  9. Jeff did your teammates stop talking to you as to not jinx you as you got closer like in baseball when the pitcher is close to a no hitter?

  10. I once had 11 strikes in a game, but had a 9-miss in the 3rd frame. It really takes the pressure off when you've already blown it!

  11. Speaking from someone who has bowled 15 300’s…it can be done at the most unexpected moment. A much respected bowler told me when you do bowl the 300 for 45 minutes in your life you are perfect and nothing or nobody can take that away from you..
    Good luck Jeff.
    Best quote from king pin……what is it about good sex that makes have to crap!

  12. For the record, cosmic bowling can not actually be sanctioned. Buy yourself a GB3 Black and Blue. It will increase your chances quite a bit!

  13. The Big Lebowski clips….AMAZING!! Also your perfect game with Lose Yourself in the background “….Mom's spaghetti…” then Kelly Clarkson! Much respect Boski!!!

  14. the first mechanical pinsetter was invented by Fred Schmidt who sold the patent in 1941 to AMF … prior to that time Pin Boys had been employed to manually set the pins and to return the ball to the bowler on rails

  15. I bowled a 300 in Las Vegas last year at Sam's towns during the qubicaamf world cup tournament. Good luck.. keep it up in poker and bowling

  16. Back in 1999 I bowled two 299s and a 290 within a few months of each other. The first 299 I got so nervous I almost missed the headpin and the pins fell about leaving just a lone survivor who denied me of my glory. I did however get the ABC blue stone 299 ring for that one. The second 299 I wasn't very nervous as I figured it was just a matter of time and I buried the 12th ball but left a ringing 10 pin.

    Shortly thereafter, I had another chance at it. However, I pulled the 11th ball high and somehow managed to carry a strike. I then slipped on the 12th shot but didn't foul and despite this had a perfect release on it and buried it in the pocket……and finally struck pay-dirt with my one and only PERFECT game. I ended up buying the upgraded gold & diamond ABC 300 ring that I don't think that I've ever actually worn for more than 5 minutes.

    It's kind of funny that I only bowled one more year after that and have probably only bowled about 3 games in the last 18 years. I pretty much lost all incentive to bowl after shooting a 300 game and getting the ring. I topped out with a 216 average.

    It also didn't help that most of the guys stopped playing the brackets and pots after they figured out that only 3 guys were winning all of them week after week. A guy with a 175-190 average had almost no chance to win a bracket as me and 2 other guys would get in EVERY bracket. So that meant that they had to shoot 2 or 3 games over 200 to even have a chance to win. I had nights where I would go home with $400-500 after winning a dozen brackets ($5 entry per bracket of 8 guys with $35 to the winner) and 1 or 2 high game pots and high series pot good for another $75 per game and $150 for series. Those were some fun times and I actually miss bowling in a league. I'm not even sure if there are any men's scratch leagues in my area anymore.

    By the way, if you want a bunch of gaudy bowling trophies from the mid-1970s, you can pick them up at my father's house. He's been bugging me to come pick them up for years now. 🙂

  17. Dam nice story. My fist 300 I show up a little late and have time for 1 practice shot throw it in the gutter. League bowling starts and boom 12 in a row. I had so much adrenaline still flowing and threw the fist shot of the 2nd game into the gutter. Ha. Gutter 12 in a row gutter. Series was 300, 213 213 726.

  18. I used to come to vegas for the high roller/mini eliminator. I would listen to lose yourself before every match of the high roller lol. Go get that ring Boski! Love the vlogs man.

  19. when i bowled my first 300 i also got an 800 series that night. It was crazy, all sanctioned and i got 2 rings. it was sweet.

  20. Wow, you got Munson'd dude !! How can a witnessed 300 game not count?

    " OVER THE LINE!!!! Smokey, this is not Nam, this is bowling; there are rules. " -Walter

  21. Bowled my first and only 300 game in February of 2017. Prior to that, 4x 299s. At the time I was holding a 218 avg across two sanctioned leagues. Im happy it was in a sanctioned league in my hometown around friends and that I got the ring. Sad to say since, ive been in a massive slump and average declined to 201 last year. Had to give up bowling for work, but will be spinning it back up in 2020. Keep going man, its going to happen and it is such an awesome experience and euphoria.

  22. I made into the 10th frame 3x before closing my first and only perfect game out. I had a friend who also threw a perfect game in an unsanctioned league we were in same as you. If you’re in 2 leagues and sporting a 205 average it’s mathematically just a matter of time.

    I appreciated the work on splicing together those movie clips!

  23. Pretty fucking dope. This reminds me to get my ass back to the lanes, which I do have 2 brand new bowling balls drilled out already for over a year, only used a few times. I remembered back in High School, during Gym class. Yes, we walked to the Bowling Alley, down the block haha. I bowled a 289! Everyone walked down to watch me but unfortunately I didn't have that DJ you had, spinning Lose Yourself. Damn you!!! Haha I chocked, of course. Congrats on the three hundo!!!

  24. Good job Boski – closest I've ever come was hitting the first 9 – and even then I was feeling it. I can't even imagine how wobbly my knees would be if I had to finish off a 12th strike.

  25. You will get that Sanctioned 300 Sir!! I have 5 from back when you got 1 ring per season, now it's just one lifetime so that sucks. Since 2010, have not had a 300 but did shoot 299 two seasons ago. Still chasing that 800 and if or when I get that, I may just retire from the sport!

  26. I have 17 300 games, 12 sanctioned. Zero 800 series and Zero holes in one and one Royal Flush (home game). I would trade 16 of my 300 games for ONE FREAKING HOLE IN ONE or ONE ROYAL FLUSH for a high hand jackpot. Hang in Jeff.

  27. 3OOWSKI !!!!
    Ha, TOP Thumbnail !!! 😂
    ..9-Ball back in the day n Poker were/are my passions. Tenpin n Poker very similar in the Degen stakes !!! Hope you win that ring someday, that would be some vlog for your fans !!!!!!!!!! 😎

  28. I thought you said in that one interview you have thrown 300 many times? I could be wrong and don't feel like searching for it lol. I only average 198 and have gone front 8 five times this season, front nine once…it still alludes me. Been into the tenth 4 times now in my life and haven't got over 289. I have a feeling this year will be the year. Nerves become less of an issue each time for me….we'll see how that goes when number 12 is in the hand lol. Did go 278 with my sticks last night to win blind draw doubles. 5 bucks per card, took down 475 each with my partner who shot 289. You guys do brackets and sidepots in you leagues out there?

  29. Nice job telling the story–the spoken word is more powerful to me than any video. I can picture the scene, and I hope you have other stories to tell!

  30. Keep up the amazing videos Jeff!

    Absolutely love your content and I found you off of RDP’s videos of all places but have grown to love you more

  31. Oof that conclusion big f, so it was on a pair but only not sanctioned because players didn't pay for it? You will get your ring eventually anyway, nice to have some experience when you are facing down that 12th set of pins some day in league play.

  32. Ishmael: Okay, you want to bowl for some big money, eh? But I'll lose my entire bonus check because I'm so bombed.
    – McKnight Bowl Bartender: You get that way from ginger ale?
    – Roy: Nah, he was sniffing glue in the parking lot.”

  33. In 1982 there were 8.5 million sanctioned bowlers.
    In 2002 there were 2.5 million.
    Bowling lost 300,000 bowers per year for 20 years.
    A 300 doesn't mean what it once did.
    A 300 thrown with a rubber ball on heavy oil with old pins was hard to do.
    Really, really, really hard.
    Now an exotic surface ball thrown on a blocked oil pattern at bouncy pins gets high scores without too much skill needed.
    My bowling league had turkey night at thanksgiving and christmas.
    The league was split in half, a high average half and a low average half.
    In 1988 the split between the two was at 151.
    In 2004 it was 181.
    The average bowler didn't get 30 pins better. The equipment did.

  34. So I heard of a variation of bowling that combines poker. You play 10 frames of bowling with every player starting with 0 cards. Every time someone gets a strike they get two cards and every time they get a spare they get 1 card. They have to discard down to 5 whenever they have more than 5. Best hand at the end of the bowling game gets the pot, built in whatever way the players prefer (a flat ante, limit bets at the end of certain frames, pot limit bets, etc).

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