Bowling – A ROBLOX Machinima

Bowling Alley – A ROBLOX Machinima Fave: i wanna go bowling
*phone pickup* Fave: bagel, cousin, want to go bowling?
Bagel: no *hangup*
Fave: aw *fave receives call*
RDubs: fave, cousin, want to go bowling? Fave: we’re cousins?
RDubs: uh, no Fave: then why did you say that?
RDubs: it’s a reference… Fave: yeah reference this, meet me at the
bowling alley at 2 am tonight RDubs: won’t that be trespassing?
Fave: what are you, a pussy? RDubs: yes
Fave: oh *Bowling Alley, 2AM*
Fave: okay, we gotta climb through this air vent and crawl in
*fave makes noises and stuff and falls in* *rdubs just walks through the front door*
RDubs: fave, the front door was unlocked Fave: well damn, the security here is shit!
RDubs: we need some bowling shoes! Fave: where would you find that?
*fave runs around* Fave: WHERE IS IT! WHERE IS IT!
RDubs: fave, it’s right here, right by the entrance
Fave: i knew that RDubs: suuuure you did…
Fave: ay check this out, a popcorn machine! RDubs: how long do you think that popcorn
has been there? *fave eating popcorn*
Fave: *eating* what? what do you mean? RDubs: that has probably been sitting there
for weeks Fave: *eating* i dont care
RDubs: whatever, let’s bowl, man! Fave: which alley do we choose though?
RDubs: 6 6 6 6 6 6! Fave: are you TRYING to summon satan?
RDubs: no, there’s a big light over it Fave: oh, cool!
RDubs: you ready? Fave: wait! look! somebody left a plate of
spaghetti on the table RDubs: fave i don’t have any more time for
your dumb jokes Fave: no, forreal, cmere!
RDubs: darn, there’s a note too! Fave: what does it say?
RDubs: if you’re reading this it’s too late Fave: what is that, some half-assed drake
reference RDubs: yeah
Fave: oh RDubs: let’s bowl
Fave: ladies first RDubs: that’s why you should go first
Fave: i am what i eat RDubs: that’s cannibalism dude
Fave: wha- no- ugh *fave rolls ball and misses every pin*
RDubs: you suck fave Fave: and you swallow
RDubs: yes, i have a tendency to swallow food when i eat it
Fave: oh, i usually just spit it out into another person’s mouth
RDubs: you’re not a bird, fave Fave: but i’m so fly
RDubs: you’re so gross, get out of the way, watch and learn
*rdubs gets a strike* RDubs: that’s how we do it in Canada
Fave: man, you prolly rubbed maple syrup on your ball
RDubs: it’s not cheating Fave: but it’s unethical
RDubs: go, fave, it’s your turn Fave: this is unfair
*fave runs and tries to throw ball but it’s stuck to his hand*
Fave: THE BALL IS STUCK TO MY HAND! RDubs: i must’ve applied too much syrup
Fave: THIS IS COMPLETELY UNJUST! RDubs: whatever fave, i’m outta here
Fave: you’re no fun RDubs: i’m surprised you didn’t make a single
ball pun the entire time we were here Fave: yeah, it took a lot of balls
RDubs: oh my god Fave: well almost
RDubs: i’m out Fave: i don’t feel very well… uhhhh
*uuhhh* *outro*

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  1. Srsly you really had to do the 666 joke? It's an. Urban legend and it doesn't work anymore so ur dumb #racheldubsmorelikeracheldumbs

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