Hi this is Darren’s Toys and we’re bowling! [music] Ok, now it’s your turn. Okay? Here we go. Wooo! [laughter] [laughter] [indistinct talking] Whoa! And the balls back. [pins falling over] -Wow!! Game system: Here we go! Game System: We have a winner! Oh no! The ferris wheel! -Turn right! Turn right! Turn left. …braking… [vroom] I hope we go passed Big Ben because that’s my favorite. Watch where your goin. Gotta steer it. [crash] Game: better try next time [laughter] What happened? -We missed em This game is too hard. Hold this. Hold it! Hold it! [boing] Game: over here! Game: anchors away Game: Yikes! Game: oops [music] -Ready? Look up there. Look at your destination. Ready? Whoa! Ahhh [balls clashing] -Why don’t you guys take turns? [ball sounds] [indistinct] Thank you for watching Darren’s Toys! Please like and subscribe. Bye!!!!!! Yeah that was fun. It was a lot of fun! I know…

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