15 thoughts on “Bowling ball in vertical loop | Centripetal force and gravitation | Physics | Khan Academy

  1. Isnt it true, that instead of just removing Fn in the second case when the ball is on "9 o`clock", you could just multiply it with cosinus of that angle what`s created between those forces? angle between those vectors is 90 degrees then and cos(90) is 0 and then it works for ball being on any place on loop?

  2. Hi

    I have two questions

    1.if they ask the force acting on the object at the top of the loop should we calculate both Fn and mg or just Fn. Why?

    2. You said the Fn force has a reaction force which acts upward but is there a reaction force for weight of the object?

    Thank You

  3. wont d ball just fall off d surface cus theres literally no force acting in d direction of d surface at least in d diagram above

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