Bowling Basics : How to Focus Your Eyes When Bowling

Hi, my name is Jim Deyoung. I am here in Salt
Lake City, Utah with Fat Cats Family Bowling Center. You can see us on the web
I’m also here on behalf of Right now, we’re going to talk about where
you are looking after you throw the ball. You always want to stay focused on your mark,
the whole entire time. So I actually will not even look at my bowling ball, until after
it passes my mark. It the same thing in golf, you want to keep your eye on the golf ball
as you follow through it, and not look up until your shoulder forces you to look up.
So with Bowling it’s the same kind of thing. You’re actually just staring at your mark
the whole entire time until your bowling ball passes the mark. Right now I’m going to line
up my shot around the ten-board, like I talked to you before…in a few videos before. Every
arrow stands for five boards. So I’m going to line up to the ten board and I’m going
throw my shot, but I’m going to stay focused on my mark the whole entire time.

26 thoughts on “Bowling Basics : How to Focus Your Eyes When Bowling

  1. this is a mistake that a lot of people make. Just because you throw a bad shot don't simply turn around and walk away. Look to see what the ball does on the part of the lane it's rolling. You might find a better look to the pocket this way if the ball ends up rolling well, or you might find out that you should completely steer clear of that spot if you see that the ball doesn't respond well to it. Never give up on the ball my friend 😀

  2. Nice tip, but you completely kill the video effort. The camera should be on a profile shot or out on the lanes, so we can see what he is talking about. Pity. I think it needs a remake to be visually effective.

  3. LOL, as soon as he shot the ball and had the killer split the camera shut off and the video ends HAHAHA, tutorial fails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. having a certain dominant eye also cause some people to be looking at their mark and miss it either left or right. if this occurs just focus either a board or 2 to the left or right depending on which way ur ball misses. and u'll find out ur hitting ur mark more consistantly than before. i have to look 3 boards left of where i want to throw the ball. so i aim for the 5 board but look at the 8.

  5. Nice video angle guys. We cant see anything….Is it so difficult to figure out that the camera needs to be on the right side, or opposite the player if possible?

    Another video that has nothing to do with the tip given…

  6. lol i dont look at my bowlin till after just like when u look at the ball the whole time good comparison

  7. Nice crooked backswing going around your body. Did you practice that too? Not to mention the late timing at the foul line, only power players do that.and your ball has a weak roll for late timing buddy.

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