Bowling Basics : How to Grip a Bowling Ball

Hi my name is Jim DeYoung. I’m with Fat Cats
Family Bowling Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can reach us on the web at
I’m also here on behalf of We are going to be talking about fitting for
gloves, the reason to get gloves, and the equipment that you use. Right now I’ve just
got a little forearm band on. It keeps my forearm tight so end up trying to grip the
ball too hard and causing me to tug the ball. We’ll talk about tugging in a little bit.
Gloves, people use gloves mostly to have more of a grip on the bowling ball. Some gloves
come with a wrist guard so it keeps your wrist straight so when you come through the ball
it keeps your wrist straight the entire time. But me, I’ve learned how to overcome that
so I don’t use any gloves. Some people use the gloves because the bowling ball actually
will cause calluses? to your hands and make your skin nice and rough. So they wear the
glove so the glove is all rough on the ball instead of their hands. Like I was just saying
about this forearm guard, it keeps my grip from getting too strong. So if you end up
gripping the ball too hard it caused you to follow through awkwardly so you won’t get
the correct follow through the ball. I’m going to throw one really quick to show you what
I mean about that. I’m going to grip the ball really really hard and I’ll show you what
happens when that happens. I ended up going to the left side of the head pin instead of
staying on the right side. For right handers the pocket is the right side of the head pin.
For left hander?s it?s the left side of the head pin. So basically what ended up happening
is I actually ended up missing my mark out here by two or three boards to the left which
caused it to hook over to the left side.

28 thoughts on “Bowling Basics : How to Grip a Bowling Ball

  1. Stupid guy here "the true religion" you have nothing to prouve it but you hate people who are don't agree with you…

  2. This video should be called "What happens when you grip the ball hard", as it at no point explains various grips.

  3. Thats the best you can do to debate? Pityful. well, i hope you're happy with your -6 votes, fot that valuable comment of yours..

  4. Expert village got some of the WORST instructional videos I've ever seen. I love the Ed Kramarcik one where he's demonstrating one approach, but actually does another, taking too many steps, counting them off, then ignoring the fact he just screwed up.


  5. he's thinking.. *i gripped it wrong and i got a strike aaah, what do i say, what do i say errrmmm* i ended up going to the left side of the head pin…………

  6. Dude, you muscle and 'throw' your ball with muscled armswing. Pro, college and even our good junior bowlers do not do that. Loose, free armswing will always be better and easier on the body.

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