Bowling Basics : How to Pick Bowling Shoes

Hi my name is Jim DeYoung I’m here in Salt
Lake City, Utah with Fat Cats Family Entertainment Center. You can see us on the web,
I’m also here on behalf of In the last clip we talked about the approach
and warming up a little bit. So I’m going to talk to you about the shoes, about your
bowling shoes. I talked about how getting used to the approach so your shoes won’t slide
too much or won’t stick. Right now basically for a starter bowler you just want to go to
a basic pair of shoes that’s roughly around $40. You don’t want to go with the expensive
ones yet. Unless you really want to. But the $30 one hold together for awhile and they
are really good for starter bowlers. So it’s basically like a bowling alley shoe rental
but they’re your own. So I just grabbed a pair out of the pro shop, McHenry’s Pro Shop
here in Salt Lake. Basically a good starter shoe would be one of these. It’s just a Retro
and it just has a sole on it, no heel, it’s got a rubber heel. But for starter bowlers
you want to start learning how to bowl on your toes so when you slide you’re just on
your toes and you don’t put your heel down. Some people do put their heel down but they
end up sticking and falling towards the pins and everything like that. This is a men’s
shoe right here. This one would be the woman’s. Usually the women’s are nicer for some reason.
But the same thing for the women, you want to learn to slide on your toes first and get
you going on that. With these shoes, these are probably only about $40. The same with
the women’s, the women’s are probably about $30. They’re good and reliable. They’ll last
you a couple of years.

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