Bowling Basics : How to Pick Up a Spare in Bowling

I am Jim DeYoung. I’m here in Salt Lake City,
Utah with Fat Cats Family Bowling Center. You can see us on the web at
I’m also here on behalf of As you can see down the lane we have a couple
of pins left. I’m going to teach you how to pick up a spare. Basically you’re going to
throw the ball exactly how I taught you in the other video. You’re just going to come
back, follow through, aim for your mark, follow through and hopefully pick it up. There is
a good way of doing it. For every pin that’s left of the head pin, so there’s two pins.
So you want to count out for every pin that is up there to the left of the head pin. You
want to count those by three and move, adjust on the lane three boards to the right. So
anything to the left of the head pin, you want to adjust to the right. So right now
the head pin is missing and the two pin is missing. So there’s two pins that are missing.
So you want to count those up. That’s six total boards. So if I was lining up to the
middle dot I would count six boards to the right, grab my bowling ball and I would throw
at my usual mark that I have out there. My mark that I have been playing on is the ten
board. So roughly I’m going to stay at that but I’m going to adjust my feet to pick it
up. And that will be a good way to pick up your spare.

3 thoughts on “Bowling Basics : How to Pick Up a Spare in Bowling

  1. good lesson…accept, you best be tossing a strong hooking ball like he tosses. some of us roll low-rev ball. The board is correct….BUT, low-rev'ers will have to hit the second arrow to the right of center….else wise your ball will hit the pocket location and miss the 4-7 spare by a mile
    Using the board count is good…KNOW YOUR BALLS….literally

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