Bowling Basics : How to Repair the Surface of a Bowling Ball

Hi my name is Jim DeYoug I am here in Salt
Lake City, Utah with Fat Cat’s Family Bowling Center. You can see us on the Web
I am also here on behalf of One thing I am going to talk to you about
is the bowling ball’s surface. What ball to buy and what surface is on that bowling ball.
As you can see on the house balls that we have here in the bowling alley, those are
actual plastic bowling balls, and plastic on the lanes will just slide. There is nothing
inside of it and the surface of the ball is so slick, that it won’t slide whatsoever.
Son as I’ve shown you in clips before, I?ve got my six bowling balls here and there is
a cover stock different on each one. This one is just a regular basic cover stock of
reactive resin. There is nothing on the inside, no weight block or anything. This one is the
same thing, has a reactive resin cover stock but it has a weight block on the inside of
it, about yea big, about the size of a golf ball, so that will help it cause revolutions
and react a little bit sooner. This one is my most aggressive ball, it has the weight
block on the inside of it, it is about the size of the bowling ball itself and the cover
stock on it is attraction reactive .39 reactive resin. Now if you want to learn a little more
about that I would suggest go into their Website to learn about their cover stock. Now with
my trifecta, this one is actually,
my mind just went blank, but its got a different cover stock on it which will actually help
it grip the lane and cause it to hook more. On these two bowling balls, I can’t remember
what it is called. But, this one as well as the rest, just a basic resin with a weight
block on the inside of it. The reactive resin is made for the lanes to react to so when
you throw the ball, it helps it to hook and react towards the lanes and the oil patterns.

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  1. Exactly!… He's worse than Billy Mays:
    "Plastic balls will just slide; there's nothing inside of it, and the surface of the ball is so slick that it won't slide whatsoever…"

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